3-15 Working Days Led Lamp MeCan Brand Company 1
3-15 Working Days Led Lamp MeCan Brand Company 1

3-15 Working Days Led Lamp MeCan Brand Company

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    Autorefractor, Handheld Portable Auto Refractor, Autorefractor Portable Auto Refractor

    What is the detail of our handheld autorefractor?
    The MCE-HAR-800 vision screener can check the refractive error precisely for different groups of people using the ultrasonic ranging, cross line, flashing light and sound technology and then to find out the probably potential refractive problems. 
    The MCE-HAR-800 vision screener has so many merits, such as portable, fast and accurate testing, non-contact and non-injury to your eyes. It is fit for the refractive screening of huge population since that 5 second is enough for both eyes test. We all know that the refractive status is very important for children just because that if doctor can not find the long-lasting refractive error and cure it properly, children would become amblyopia sadly someday or lose the best chance to treat the lazy eye and finally become the permanent amblyopia. The special model for children testing is the best way for child screening. So it is not only for the adult, but also for the infants and handicapped patients. 
    What is the features of our portable autorefractor?
    1. Non-contact and non-injury: Safe power source and no touching. 
    2. Fast and efficient: Five second for both eyes, auto matic test makes testing easier. 
    3. Child-frendly testing model: Flashing lights and sounds attract the children's attention. 
    4. Minimal cooperation: It is ideal checking for young children and when there is a language barrier and other hadicapped patients. 
    5. Automatic and nonintrusive: Screen with one-button touch from 14 inches(35cm)away. 
    6. Portable: Easy carrying and available printer receives results through a remote wireless link. 
    7. Complete, precise refractive information: Automatic cally screens for common vision problems, including near and farsightedness(myopia/hyperopia), astigmatism (asymmetrical focus), and anisometropia (unequal power between eyes).
    What is the parameters of our portable autorefractor?
    1. Measure range: SPH-8.00~+6.00, CYL+/-3.00D 
    2. Mode of measure: Adult, children, myopia mode. 
    3. Memory: 120 groups of eyes data. 
    4. Ultrasonic ranging: Automatic monitoring the testing distance(35cm)by the changing sound and cross line color. 
    5. Battery life: 11.1V polymer lithium battery. Hand-hold unit operates for six hours of continuous testing. 
    6. Low power tip: Prompt 15 minutes left. 
    7. Thermal printer: Available battery operated printer enables you to get printouts anywhere any time.
    8. Can connect to computer, easy to upgrade the software or transfer the data to electric documents. 
    9. Weight: Weight almost two pounds(1KG)  
    What is the teachnical data of our autorefractor?

    Infant mode
    Adult mode
    Myopia Mode (MCE-HAR-880 only)
    Sphere range
    -9.0 to +2.0D
    Sphere interval
    Sphere tolerance
    Cylinder range
    -3.0D to +3.0D
    -3.0D to +3.0D
    -3.0D to +3.0D
    Cylinder interval
    Cylinder tolerance
    Axial of astigmatism range
    Axial of astigmatism interval
    Axial of astigmatism tolerance 0.25D-1.00D, 1.25D-3.00D
    Working distance Adult/infant mode ,  Myopia mode (HAR-880 only)
    Confidence level
    Output of laser radiation
    150 to 200um
    Data acquisition time
    Battery Voltage
    d.c. 11.1V
    Battery life
    More than 6 hours of continuous usage
    Low-battery warning
    Indicates 15 minutes usage remains
    Distance measurement
    Automatic, with audible and visual hint

Company Advantages

· Made of premium quality materials, MeCan Protein Shaker Mixer; Shaker Mixer; Automatic Mixer is manufactured as per the norms of the industry.

· This product has the required functionality. The technology used exceeds the limits of manual functions. It can end more complex and complex operations.

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has a professional after-sales service department, which is responsible for offering comprehensive after-sales service and support.

Company Features

· With so many years, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been concentrating on the design and manufacture of non-mydriatic fundus camera. We have gained extensive knowledge and expertise.

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited relies on a specialized R&D team to bring new technologies to non-mydriatic fundus camera industry.

· We have established the eco-efficiency program to upgrade our business. We will cut costs associated with energy, water, and waste usage while also reducing our environmental impact.

Application of the Product

The led lamp developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields.

With Internet technology, we provide a one-stop solution for practical and effective implementation of related problems encountered in the process of purchasing products.

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