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3-15 Working Days Funeral Equipment 3-15 Working Days MeCan 1
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3-15 Working Days Funeral Equipment 3-15 Working Days MeCan

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Company Advantages

1. The production of MeCan Wireless WIFI Digital Microscope For Apple IOS /Android Smart Phone strictly adheres to the latest international standards.

2. MeCan mri manufacturer is processed in conformity with the highest production standard.

3. MeCan horse anatomy model is manufactured by the first-rate materials from reliable suppliers.

4. MeCan printer ribbon cartridge is made by raw materials which meet the quality standards.

5. Treating water with this product is safe and harmless. The membrane filter, which features extreme small bore diameter, can filter nearly all harmful particles out.

6. This product helps reduce the concentration of particulate matter such as suspended particles, bacteria, fungi parasites, viruses.

7. The water treated by this product is safe to drink. The built-in filter and membrane will filter out all contaminants that are present in the water such as bacteria, algae, viruses, and heavy metals.

8. The product is completely safe and harmless. It is made by food-grade parts, hence, no chemical substances will release during the water treatment process.

9. The product can eliminate bacteria, virus, and part of the heavy metals. By exerting a certain pressure on the water to allow only the Ionic mineral elements and hydrone to go through the reverse osmosis membrane.

10. Having passed the insulation resistance test, it is free of electrical safety issues. Thus, users can be assured that there is no electric shock problem.

11. Treated by die-cast workmanship, it has a tough and robust design. Its lamp shade is strong enough to shock resistance, protecting the product from the crash.

12. The lampshade design of the product makes it perform better in heat dissipation. Its design is useful for cross-ventilation and thus accelerates the heat to disperse out, which eventually helps to prolong its service life.

13. Featuring a compact and simple design, this product is less likely to accumulate dust. Thus, it is super easy for users to maintain.

    Basic Nursing Set Ear Examination Simulator Model

    Product Description
    Model: MC-LV16 Advanced Ear Inspection SimulatorBasic Nursing Set Ear Examination Simulator Model

    1. Simulation of right ear, standard intra-aural examination site
    2. Accurate anatomical structure of auricle, external auditory canal, tympanic membrane; 
    3. Ear lesion examination via otoscope;
    4. Provide 24 kinds of ear lesion components for convenient replacing;
    5. Including:
    1) Normal tympanic membrane
    2) Retracted tympanic membrane
    3) Small tympanic membrane perforation
    4) Whole tympanic membrane perforation
    5) Traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane
    6) Dry central perforation of the posterior
    7) Myringotomy with insertion of tube
    8) Bullous myringitis
    9) Herpes blisters on the tympanic membrane
    10) Eardrum Tympanosclerosis
    11) Tympanosclerosis crescentic sclerosis plaques
    12) Serous otitis media effusion
    13) Congestive early acute otitis media
    14) Acute otitis media
    15) Purulent otitis media
    16) Chronic suppurative otitis media
    17) Pearl-tumor
    18) Foreign body in ear
    19) Ear washing and drops
    6. Earwax clean-up operation practice
    7. Ear lesions component easy to replace.

    MC-LV40 Advanced Ear Irrigation SimulatorBasic Nursing Set Ear Examination Simulator Model
    1.Practice irrigation of auditory canal to avoid the risk of direct irrigation for patient.

    MC-LV41 Advanced Ear Diagnostic SimulatorBasic Nursing Set Ear Examination Simulator Model

    Standard body position of the ear, push pull lesion to select lesions.
    1. Totally 12 kinds of normal or diseased ear drum:
    1) Acute otitis media
    2) Acute otitis media without obvious signs
    3) Abnormal secretion of middle ear
    4) Tympanosclerosis 
    5) Myringotomy 
    6) Ear wax (a little big)
    7) Acute middle ear infection 
    8) Otitis media (case 1)
    9) Otitis media (case 2)
    10) Effusion of posterior ear drum 
    11) Perforation of ear drum
    12) Normal tympanic membrane

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a leading supplier of medical center anesthesia and services. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited delivers high quality and cost effective medical center anesthesia with exceptional customer support. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is an innovative and professional medical center anesthesia company in China. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is a Chinese manufacturer of high quality medical center anesthesia. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited remains organized into focused and empowered medical center anesthesia.

Under the ISO 9001 system, the factory maintains a consistently high level of high-quality by following the same manufacturing, management, and quality control processes on all of our production lines. So far, we have established solid cooperation relationships with customers. In recent years, the average annual export amount to these customers exceeds very high. Our factory has established ourself quality management system on the basis of achieving the ISO 9001 international quality system certification. This offers a quality assurance of all products including medical center anesthesia.

Since inception, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has focused on market demand, constantly upgrading and improving our products. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is committed to creating a beat medical center anesthesia product system for customers. MeCan ​​will try to be for each product. More new projects are being developed by Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited to expand more markets.

Product Details

In the production process of funeral equipment, we carefully polish the details, so as to strive for perfect quality.

Application of the Product

Our funeral equipment meets the needs of multiple industries and fields.

MeCan has been engaged in the production of for many years and has accumulated rich industry experience. We have the ability to provide comprehensive and quality solutions according to actual situations and needs of different customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with peer products, our company's funeral equipment has the following characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

Based on the considerate team management idea, our company builds a loyal work team with high efficiency and strict style. It is the solid foundation for our rapid development.

MeCan pays great attention to customers and advocates honesty-based cooperation. We are dedicated to providing excellent and efficient services for numerous customers.

MeCan makes best effort to becoming a world-recognized first-class enterprise. We take 'producing high-quality products' as the responsibility and 'being efficient, pragmatic and innovative' as the business philosophy. Besides, we insist on the principle of 'high quality guarantees consumers' interests and honesty protects the interests of partners'.

Founded in MeCan has been developing in the for year. Now we become an industry leader.

MeCan's gain a certain position in the international market. They are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and other countries and regions.

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