3-15 Working Days Edgestar Freezer MeCan Brand 1
3-15 Working Days Edgestar Freezer MeCan Brand 2
3-15 Working Days Edgestar Freezer MeCan Brand 1
3-15 Working Days Edgestar Freezer MeCan Brand 2

3-15 Working Days Edgestar Freezer MeCan Brand

Company Advantages1. The manufacture of MeCan Morgue Equipments is based on the production technology, which is an international leading level...
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3-15 working days
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Company Advantages

1. The manufacture of MeCan Morgue Equipments is based on the production technology, which is an international leading level.

2. The design of MeCan Chemistry Stirrer; Magnetic Stirrer; Chemistry Mixer adds an overall aesthetic.

3. MeCan polyflux boasts reasonable design compared to traditional type.

4. MeCan 5 screws is known for its style, selection, and value.

5. The product has no small crack. During the production process, the machined damage is strictly under control to guarantee the product is intact.

6. The product features tensile strength. Processed by stamping, a cold deformation metal process method, the plasticity property of the product is optimized.

7. The product has no impurities, dark spots, or scratches on the surface. The polishing process has removed all of this imperfections.

8. MeCan has been developing LED Shadowless Lamp introducing advanced technology which has revolutionized LED Shadowless Lamp field.

9. In the fierce market competition, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has won the recognition of domestic and international markets with Advanced Gynecological Examination Simulator.

10. The equipment of advanced development guarantees the production of a pharmaceutical mixers blenders.

    Electrolyte Analyzer

    Model: MCL-E972
    Model A: K, Na, Cl
    Model B: K, Na, Cl, TCO2
    Model C: K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, Tca, PH (5 items 7parameters)
    Model D: K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, Tca, PH, TCO2, AG (7 items 9parameters)
    Model E: K, Na, Li
    Model F: K, Na, Cl, Li
    Model G: K, Na, Cl, Li, TCO2
    Model H: K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, PH,Li (6 items 8parameters)
    Model I: K, Na, Cl, iCa, nCa, TCa, PH, Li, TCO2, AG (8 items 10 parameters)
    Automatic conveyor panel (Optional)
    Management database software of Electrolyte
    Technical characteristics 
      The whole running process of the equipment is controlled by acomputer.Also,automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software are adopted to ensure its stable performance.
      There are only two press button(i.e YES and NO)on the equipment while the menu is completely in English. Once there is a failure,the equipment will automatically prompt and remove it. It is really convenient.
       The machine adopts innovative international patent technology such as wave theory flushing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid block and crossed contamination.
       Every time putting the specimen into the machine,the machine could simultaneously detect eight ions including K,Na,Cl,iCa,nCa,TCa,pH,Li,TCO2,AG as well as ten parameters.
       It can absorb the specimen and calibrate the ion automatically,and make analysis quickly. It only takes 25s to finish the process of absorbing the specimen to indicating the result.
       After conducting analysis to specimens,the equipment will automatically flush,keeping the electrode standby in clean status.
       It has a ultra large screen with completely English display,which is quite clear for operators . The built-in printer can print out the result , so it's very quick and convenient.
       The equipment is set with quality control correction procedure,and capable of correcting measured data automatically,as well as by the two parameters of pith and average deviation. 
       The equipment is capable of storing 1000 result, and it can be extended to be more than 10000.The equipment will automatically refresh once it reaches the store limit.
       Our services offices are distributed all over the nation. Users are regularly visited, and their problems as well worries will be removed.
    Measuring parameters
    Technical specifications

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is powerful enough to offer the most considerate service and the best anesthesia devices. MeCan specializes in designing and manufacturing anesthesia devices. MeCan brand is a reputable brand now which offers a one-stop anesthesia devices solution for clients. MeCan now has been selected as one of the most popular anesthesia devices manufacturer.

MeCan provides the highest quality anesthesia devices with high quality production technology. Based on leading-edge technology applications, anesthesia devices has achieved great success with its highest quality. Applying the best technology to the anesthesia devices has become a good idea. anesthesia devices is made by our best technology.

MeCan always sticks to the client first principle. MeCan is a brand which adheres to the customer first principle. MeCan now always holds the firm idea that customer satisfaction is in the first place. Having a great ambition, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited determines to be a top anesthesia devices manufacturer.

Product Details

With a focus on details, MeCan strives to create high-quality edgestar freezer.

Application of the Product

MeCan's edgestar freezer can be used in multiple scenes.

Guided by the actual needs of customers, MeCan provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, MeCan's edgestar freezer has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

MeCan has a group of senior research and development teams and advanced modern production equipment, which provides a strong guarantee for rapid development.

MeCan is committed to offering the best service to meet the needs of customers.

Looking forward to the future, our company will keep carrying forward the enterprise spirit of 'progressive, united and innovative', and focus on creating quality products and achieving development. With a focus on talent cultivation and technological innovation, we will strive to build a first class brand in the industry and establish a decent corporate image in society through the power of technology.

Founded in MeCan has been developing in the for year. Now we become an industry leader.

MeCan's sales network is spread all over the world.

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