3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 1
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 2
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 3
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 4
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 1
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 2
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 3
3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 4

3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture

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Lead time:
3-15 working days
1 set

    Manufacturer Magnetic Resonance Imaging 0.5T MRI Machine Scanner


    Magnet Type: Self-constant temperature, non- Eddy current free, full open Permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet
    Field Strength:0.50T
    Spectrometer: Full Digital 
    Receiving Coil: Phase Array Coil 
    Comprehensive scanning sequence and advanced imaging techniques
    Highest magnet field 
    Higher SNR, better resolution, less Scanning Time

    More details

    Powerful image processing technology, powerful industrial computer(lPC) workstation, very convenient for image shearing, processing and storage, etc.
    Better  reconstruction  technology,  adopt  seniorreconstruction technologies like iteration/ interpolation, complete the signal data collection and K space filling in extremely short time, gain higher resolution images with much clearer fine structures.
    Abundant  of  scanning  sequences  and  imaging technologies based on years of MeCan experience and indefatigable product improvement.
    MeCan software  has  complete  and  professional sequences which  meet the  scanning  requirements of different parts and can simply gain high quality images based on its rich clinical experience.

    lndependent-developed  operation  system,  doctors can easily and quickly register the patient, browse image, do advanced post-processing, external device connectivity and other functions.
    Magnet open design with doble rear column, in the premise of stable structure, it greatly improves the opening degree. doctors and family members can accompany the patients at multit-angle and zero distance. maximally  avoid claustrophobia. provide a platform for interventional
    Perfect mid-llield MRl system, greatly improved image cluality, greatly shortened scanning time, Rich clinical diagnostic imaging sequences, allow the ,users to obtain the images with highest quality, provide the advanced imaging funotions and convenient& powerful image post- processing technology to meet the needs of dlfferent customers.
    High-performance shielding room design, professional construction team, ensure the scanning environment, undisturbed from outside, provide excellent scarlning and operatiorl environment.

     3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 5

    3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 6

    3-15 Working Days Color Doppler Ultrasound MeCan Manufacture 7

Company Advantages

1. The production process of MeCan non metallic character includes many aspects. They are CAD construction design based on feet shape, pattern comparison, materials cutting, sewing, and assembly.

2. MeCan urine flow meter goes through complete production processes. They are the following aspects: CAD construction design based on feet shape, pattern making, materials cutting, stitching, and final assembly.

3. The design of MeCan Immuno Protein Analyzer has taken into account many factors. Factors like softness, breathability, wear resistance, water repellency, and hypoallergenic property are all well considered during the design stage.

4. The design of MeCan Hospital Newborn Baby Incubator is of professionalism. It is carried out by our designers who aim to create its reasonable design to caters to the needs of footwear performance.

5. This product conforms to the international quality standard.

6. This product has been certified by an authoritative third party, including performance, durability and reliability.

7. Our own quality control personnel and authoritative third parties have carefully inspected the products.

8. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited sets up target customer analysis and customer preference survey system to better service customers.

9. A group of like-minded people came together here in Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited.

10. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's reliable service and dedicated staff have always been valued by customers around the world.

11. We have good team focus on exporting high quality mri machine to the world.

Company Features

MeCan is a developed mature company who manufactures exquisite lung ventilator. With the development of society, MeCan has increased its reputation in lung ventilator market. MeCan now is a globally famous brand which specializes in producing lung ventilator.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has built a solid technology foundation over years of development in the lung ventilator field. The technology level of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is high comparing to other companies. By using advanced technology, not only the quality of lung ventilator but also its output is improved. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is strong and professional in terms of technology.

We take full responsibility for our impact on the environment, and therefore not only do we constantly strive to reduce any such impact in the course of our operations but also consistently adhere to the legal regulations governing environmental protection. We are committed to being an ethical, value-based corporate citizen operating in a fair and legal way in every market, through respecting human rights, operating through a sustainable supply chain. We create a vibrant company culture through an upholding of integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on success. We aim to achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact and protecting the extraordinarily rich natural resources that our country enjoys.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Shadowless Operation Lamp; Operation Lamp; Surgical Operation Lamp can be applied to different fields and scenes, which enables us to meet different requirements.

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production strength, MeCan is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

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