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1 Set Syringe Pump Diy MeCan Brand Company 2
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1 Set Syringe Pump Diy MeCan Brand Company 1
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1 Set Syringe Pump Diy MeCan Brand Company 3

1 Set Syringe Pump Diy MeCan Brand Company

Company Advantages1. MeCan patient ventilator is manufactured utilizing a complete slate of necessary equipment including state-of-the-art photometric...
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Company Advantages

1. MeCan patient ventilator is manufactured utilizing a complete slate of necessary equipment including state-of-the-art photometric equipment.

2. MeCan RIC Digital Hearing Aid is designed by identifying market issues and applying lighting and engineering theory to develop practical solutions that meet our customers' needs.

3. MeCan phototherapy lamp is manufactured by upholding the highest LED quality standards and testing each product for optimal performance and safety.

4. The materials of MeCan restoration implant orthodontics are free of toxic chemicals e.g. mercury that is dangerous for the environment, which is more eco-friendly.

5. The product has passed vibration tests according to international standards, and in some cases, some even tougher standards are adopted to make sure that it is going to last.

6. The product has excellent performance and extraordinary experience.

7. The product is tested again and again ensuring long service life.

8. The outstanding performance of the product meets the specific applications.

9. This product contributes to life convenience. People will find it beneficial because it offers a solution to get to know the world.

10. The product has a very long-lasting life. Customers who bought this product 2 years ago said it still functions excellently till now.

11. People are free of radiation worry. 'I'm totally confident about this product, I love it because it is tested to be safe and less radiation,' said one of our customers.

12. Moisture weather or environment causes little influence on the product's performance. People who live in humid areas agree that it still performs well after used for years.

13. The product is energy keeping. Buyers of this product said using it didn't add much electricity bill cost monthly.

    Medical Electric Portable Syringe Pump


    1. 4.3' color segment LCD screen, backlight display, can be used in various lighting conditions
    2. Simultaneous display: Time, Battery indication, Injection state, Mode, Speed, Injection volume and time, Syringe size, Alarm sound, Block, Accuracy, Body weight, Drug dose and liquid amount
    3. Speed, time, volume and drug amount can be adjusted via remote control, easier operation, save time of doctor and nurse 
    4. Advanced technology, based on Linux system, more safe and steady
    5. Multi injection modes: Volume/Time/Body weight mode
    6. Visible and audible alarms cover all abnormal conditions

    Technical Specification
    Injection Rate Range
    50ml syringe : 0.1~999.9ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
                 1000~1800ml/h (step : 1ml/h)
    30ml syringe :0.1~900ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
    20ml syringe :0.1~600ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
    10ml syringe :0.1~300ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
    5ml syringe :0.1~150ml/h (step :0.1ml/h)
    Purge Rate
    50ml syringe: 1800ml/h  (Bolus rate:   1200ml/h)
    30ml syringe:900ml/h    (Bolus rate:   600ml/h)
    20ml syringe:600ml/h    (Bolus rate:    400ml/h)
    10ml syringe:300ml/h    (Bolus rate:    200ml/h)
    5 ml syringe:150ml/h    (Bolus rate:    100ml/h)
    Mechanical Precision
    Preset Volume Range
    Occlusion Alarm Threshold
    High: 800mmHg±200mmHg (106.7kPa± 26.7kPa)
    Medium: 500mmHg ± 100mmHg (66.7kPa± 13.3kPa)
    Low: 300mmHg ± 100mmHg (40.7kPa± 13.3kPa)
    KVO Rate
    0.1~5ml/h (step: 0.1 ml/h)
    2 pcs (installed inside pump)
    Power Supply
    100~220V, 50Hz, Built in Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 11.1V, Capacity ≥2000mAh; by charging 10 hours, it can work at 5ml/h (GB 9706.27-2005 medium rate) for 4 hours
    Environment Requirement
    Operation: a) Ambient temperature: +5℃~+40℃
    b) Relative humidity: 20%~ 90%
    c) Atmosphere Pressure: 86.0~106.0 (kPa)
    Transportation & Storage: a) Ambient temperature: -30℃~+55℃
    b) Relative humidity: ≤95%
    c) Atmosphere Pressure: 50.1~106.0 (kPa)

    Near, Injection finished, Preset dose injection finished, Occlusion, Syringe off, Syringe dislocated, Low battery, AC power off 
    Safe Class: Class I Type BF
    Size: 282mm(L)×210mm(W)×148mm(H)

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has been focused on the R&D and production of ambulance infusion pump since its establishment. Doing well in R&D and production of ambulance infusion pump, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has gained a high reputation at home and oversea market. Over the years, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has experienced a rapid development for its ambulance infusion pump by strong capability of ambulance infusion pump.

In view of the interests of customers, MeCan is able to ensure the durability of ambulance infusion pump. MeCan continues to use technology innovation to create value of ambulance infusion pump for its customers. MeCan consistently strives to improve ambulance infusion pump quality through advanced management processes, technologies and operating standards. As a major player in ambulance infusion pump business, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has continuously upgraded technologies to guarantee the safe production of products.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited insists that quality is more important than productivity. Among all same type of companies, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited provides best service for our customers. From Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited's perspective, service is of great importance for stable development. The motto of Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is ambulance infusion pump.

Product Details

MeCan will show you product's specific details below.

Application of the Product

MeCan's syringe pump diy can be widely used in various fields.

MeCan insists on providing customers with of high quality and a one-stop solution that's comprehensive and efficient.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the industry, syringe pump diy has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has formed an experienced team by gathering a group of excellent talents in management, technology and sales. Based on the bravery, courage and diligence, our team has a good performance in work. And a new blueprint for our rapid development is created through our wisdom and strength.

MeCan adheres to the principle of 'users are teachers, peers are examples'. We adopt scientific and advanced management methods and cultivates a professional and efficient service team to provide quality service for customers.

MeCan is committed to becoming a first-class enterprise with industry influence. In the near future, we hope to contribute to the improvement for life quality and create a harmonious society.

Set up in MeCan has developed in the industry for years and has mastered the advanced technology.

Our products are sold well at home and abroad.

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