1 Set Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System 1 Set MeCan 1
1 Set Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System 1 Set MeCan 1

1 Set Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System 1 Set MeCan

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1 set

    Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound

    Our commitment to research and development, which builds on our solid foundation in ultrasound technology, allows us to optimize, innovate, and continue to deliver superior products. Our revolutionary RF platform, the first of its kind, offers unique processing technology high-quality ultra- sound images,and unmatched performance.
    Exclusive RF platform produces clearer images and more data. Comprehensive processing tools support a wider range of clinical applications.
    Advanced image processing technology improves image quality.
    Special 4D rendering technology producers high quality fetal images. Easy-to-use, interactive interface provides simple operation.
    Option for continued upgrades protects user's investment.
    Because of hardware limitations, traditional front-end RF platforms are unable to transmit certain useful information. VINNO’s unique platform is the first in the world to remove these limitations. Its powerful RF data collection capabilities and fast processing power ensure detailed images and accurate measurements.
        The RF platform reads a wider range of signals, resulting in clearer, higher-resolu- tion images. This endows the system with unique capabilities, including fullscreen mode and high-resolution images free of distortion, which aids in diagnosis of small lesions.
    The Xcen high-frequency wideband probe transmits at up 14 MHz and provides clearer images of subtle variations in tissue, which allows lesions to be diag- nosed earlier.
    Remote Diagnostics
    VINNO remote diagnostics solutions provide lossless data transmission, and back-office ultrasound workstation seamless operation experience
    Use wired and wireless transmission to send the image via Bluetooth, mail, etc. to the specified contact.
    A highly sensitive touch screen and simple 4D interface deliver a smoother workflow and reduce the burden of operation on clinicians.
    A full range of obstetric and gynecological functions, including comprehensive 3D/4D clinical applications, MCUT and AutoNT.
    Special rendering techniques provide enhanced details in shadows.
    A smart 3D/4D touchscreen allows users to rotate and zoom in on images at any angle. Combined with magic cut technology, these features provide simple, intuitive operation.

Company Advantages

· Thanks to the low cost of raw materials and the high efficiency of streamlined production, Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner products have the advantage of high gross profit margin.

· elisa reader machine is equipped with a high-quality and advanced heat exchanger. It is uniform in airflow distribution and excellent in heat transfer effect. Moreover, with stable chemical properties, it is not easy to get rusted and deformed and is of long service life.

· The product offered by MeCan is best suited for customers in the industry.

Company Features

· Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited specializes in medical syringe pump fabrication. We have merged our extensive capabilities to produce our range of well-crafted products.

· Our company makes use of advanced technology and also focuses on great innovation in products such as medical syringe pump. The products carry great design that actually fits seamlessly into the requirement of the customers.

· We see sustainability as our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future in all possible aspects of our business. We put special emphasis on reducing our CO2 emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and minimizing waste.

Application of the Product

Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System of MeCan can play a role in various industries.

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production strength, MeCan is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

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