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1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 1
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1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 1
1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 2
1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 3
1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 4
1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 5
1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan 6

1 Set Operating Room Bed 1 Set MeCan

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Company Advantages

1. The production of MeCan Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator complies with international fire safety standards. It has met the F90 class fire resistance requirements.

2. The production of MeCan Portable Color Doppler involves several stages. This includes CAD software designing, panel profile cutting process, track making process, and dimension control process.

3. The design of MeCan Electric Surgical Drill & Saw; Medical Orthopedic Operation Instrument Drill & Saw; Portable Surgical Orthopedic Drill & Saw adopts an advanced software program. This software is able to calculate panel material quantities, manufacture measurements, and cost of the partition wall system.

4. It has the advantage of a low self-discharge rate. Its materials, including an anode, cathode, and electrolyte are all made based on a precise formula which aims to achieve maximum electricity performance.

5. A low self-discharge rate is one of its biggest selling points. Its anode and cathode materials, as well as the electrolyte types, features high purity and quality, which makes it less vulnerable to self-discharge.

6. The product is durable in use. The electrolyte used in it is made with a precise formula and features high purity, which enhances its performance.

7. This product is soft, comfortable, and its stretchy materials also allow enough flexibility for people to move and do other things.

8. The product has good proportion to the body. It stretches with wearers as they move and will not cause any movement restraint.

9. The product is extremely comfortable and cool to the skin. It fits great to the body yet not irritate wearers' skin.

10. This product will help express a lot about the wearers. Dressing this product will allow the wearer to show off their personal style.

    ICU Electric Anesthesia Medical Ventilator Machine

    The MCB-PA-700B ventilator is gas driven by medical compressed oxygen and compressed air. In the inspiratory phase, two streams of compressed gas (compressed oxygen and compressed air) flow into a high performance air-oxygen mixer to form a mix of oxygen and air with a certain pressure.
    Main Features
    Display: 10.4''LCD Display Following Parameters & Real time waveform display
    1.Operating mode and respiratory rate;
    2.Ventilator control frequency set by medical staff;
    3.Tidal volume of each breath in the patient;
    4.Occurrence of spontaneous breath in the patient and spontaneous breathing frequency;
    5.Expiratory phase and inspiratory phase and actual respiratory rate;
    6.Minute volume;
    7.Setting and adjustment of inspiration triggering pressure, PEEP, and highest airway pressure;
    8.Real-time variation in internal airway pressure.
    Ventilator Construction
    1.Environmental Protection Material construction, hardly to be broken.
    2.Trolly: Fitted with 4 nos anti-static rubber castors; two of which are lockable for braking and easy maneuverability with foot operated brake provisions.
    Air Compressor
    1.Power: AC220V + 22 v, 50 Hz + 1 Hz and 300 va has a good reserve of single-phase ac power supply
    2.FUSE :Φ 5 x 20 / F8A
    3.Output gas pressure: 0.3 ~ 0.4 MPa
    4.Output gas minimum flow: ≥50L/Min
    5.Output gas transient flow: ≥100L/Min

    Physical specifications 
    Display 10.4'' LCD Display
    Mode pneumatically powered and electrically controlled system
    Trolley Fitted with 4 nos anti-static rubber castors; two of which are lockable for braking and easy maneuverability with foot operated brake provisions
    Technical Specifications
    Gas requirement Medical oxygen and nitrous oxide with a pressure ranging from 280~600kpa
    safety valve  <12.5 kPa
    Respiratory Rate 1 ~ 99 bpm
    Oxygen Concentration 21% ~ 100%  
    Maximum Minute ventilation ≥18L / min
    modes of ventilation A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, PEET. MANUAL, SIGH, SPONT
    Ventilator compliance ≤30 Ml/kPa
    PEEP 0 ~ 1.0 kPa
    Ptr -10 ~ 10 hPa
    IMV frequency 1~20 bpm
    I/E Ratio 4:1~1:4, Has the inverse ratio ventilation
    Tidal Volume Setting Range:  50~1500ML   Display Range: 0~2000ml ;  resolution ratio: 10ml
    Inspiratory Plateau 0~1s
    Maximum Safety  Pressure ≤ 6.0kPa
    Sigh one deep breath per 80 controlled respirations, the inspiration time is 1.5 times of the setting point
    Pressure limit range 1.0~ 6.0kPa
    Airway pressure alarm: Audible and visual and with yellow and red color indicating Lower: 0.1 kPa ~ 6.0 kPa;   Upper: 0 ~ 5.0  kPa
    ±0.2 kPa
    Ventilation Volume alarm:  ≥ 18L/ MIN 
    Power Supply Alarm Ac/dc power supply are after failing to send out alarm immediately
    Alarm Time: keep >120s
    The airway pressure continues to be higher than 15 hPa ±1 hPa for 15s±1s, then the machine will raise an audible alarm, the pressure will be displayed in red and the continuous high pressure red alarm wording is displayed on the screen of the anesthetic respirator.
    Operating conditions
    Ambient temperature:  10 ~ 40oC
    Relative humidity: no higher than 80 %
    Atmospheric pressure: 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa
    Power requirement:  100-120 Vac, 50/60 Hz;  
    Attention: the AC power supply used for the anesthesia machine must be well   grounded.
    Attention: the anesthesia machine used must be equipped with a carbon dioxide monitor complying with ISO 9918:1993, an oxygen monitor complying with ISO 7767:1997 and an expiratory gas volume monitor complying with of Medical Electrical Equipment Part II: Special Requirements for Safety and Basic Performance of Anesthesia System. 
    Ambient temperature -15℃~ +50℃
    Relative humidity no higher than 95 %
    Atmospheric pressure 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa.
      It should be stored in a room without corrosive gas and well ventilated
    packaging box comply with the requirement of GB/T 15464
      Between the packaging box and product, soft material with appropriate thickness provided to prevent loosening and mutual friction during transportation
      Moisture protection and rain protection to ensure that product is protected from natural damage. 
    Safety & Alarm
    Gas source pressure Immediate alarm; “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm.
    Airway Pressure Alarm The airway pressure exceeds 15hpa. The maximum delay is no longer than 17s. The “high level alarm” indicator flickers raising an audible alarm. 
    Tidal Volume Alarm Lower than 50ml, The alarm will be raised after one breathing cycle. 
    Ventilation Volume Alarm Lower: 0~12L/Min;   Up: 18L/ Min
    Battery Voltage Alarm It alrms when the battery voltage is lower than 10.5V.
    Power On Self Test Self test before working, assure it's working normally. 

Company Features

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has outshone most of the Operation Light manufacturers in this market. MeCan enjoys good word-of-mouth in the world. As a widely acceptable enterprise, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has always concentrated on producing Operation Light. So far MeCan has developed into a shining star in the Operation Light industry.

Continue R&D efforts are made on our Operation Light. We honour international quality system while producing Operation Light. Our technology of Operation Light production keeps ahead in the world and has bright perspective. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited invests on high-speed and automatic equipment to enhance efficiency.

Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited upholds the culture that puts people first. By evolving culture of entrepreneurship, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has sharpened its competitive edge of Operation Light. Over the years, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited insists on the management philosophy of Operation Light. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will passionately pursue high performance targets.

Product Details

We pursue perfection in every detail of the Operating Room Bed we produce. And our products represent the excellent quality.

Application of the Product

MeCan's Operating Room Bed has a wide range of applications.

MeCan is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, MeCan's Operating Room Bed is more advantageous in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our staff team is professional, with strict working style. Our members focus on innovation and actual effectiveness. And based on the wisdom, we write a new chapter for development.

MeCan adheres to the 'customer first' principle to provide quality services for customers.

Our company abides by the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, harmony and unity, cooperation and win-win'. We hold the spirit of focusing on innovation and pursuing excellence during the development. With the focus of meeting customer's needs, we improve the service management system and enhance brand awareness. By actively exploring new markets, we strive to be the industry leader.

Established in MeCan has a development history of years.

MeCan's products are not only popular in China, but also sold well overseas.

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