1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 1
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 2
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 3
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 4
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 5
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 1
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 2
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 3
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 4
1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture 5

1 Set MeCan Brand Water Purifier Machine Manufacture

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1 set

    400W 9 Modes Electrosurgical Cautery Unit


    1.Highest output: 400W
    2.Nine working modes:
    Monopolar:  pure cut,blend1, blend2, blend3, contact coagulation, forced coagulation, soft coagulation
    Bipolar: bipolar coagulation, bipolar cut
    3.The electrosurgical generator is used to control bleeding and surgical cutting in all general and open surgical procedures.
    4.Liquid Crystal Display,with different audible and visual indication during the process of outputting.
    5.Patient return electrode monitoring system and Power Peak System that provides surgeons with improved performance at Lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage.
    6.Applicable for Prostate Vaporizing Surgical Operation(TUR), perfectly used under water. The electrosurgical generator can be cooperated with endoscope and laparoscope

    Technical Specifications
    Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz(110V±11V, 60Hz)
    Operating frequency: a)Monopolar:512KHz  b) Bipolar:1024KHz
    Power rating: 880VA±10%

    Nine working modes
    Monopolar Cut 
    a) Pure cut:1W~400W( Load 800Ω)
    b) Blend1:1W~300W(Load 800Ω)
    c) Blend2:1W~200W(Load 800Ω)
    d) Blend3:1W~150W(Load 800Ω)

    Monopolar Coag
    e) Contact Coag:1W~100W( Load 800Ω)
    f) Forced Coag:1W~120W( Load 800Ω)
    g) Soft Coag:1W~120W( Load 800Ω)

    h) Bipolar Coagulation: 1W~50W( Load 100Ω)
    i) Bipolar Cut: 1W~120W( Load 100Ω)
    Power Consumption: ≤880VA
    Configuration Sheet
    Electrosurgical Pencil : 5pcs
    Electrosurgical Pad: 10pcs
    Electrosurgical pad cable: 1pc
    Footswitch: 1set
    Bipolar Forceps and cable: 1set

Company Advantages

1. In order to avoid damage caused by transportation or drop, MeCan mini oxygen concentrator will be tested for many times including drop test before its shipping, which can make sure all of its components are well mounted.

2. In the production of MeCan CBC Equipment, the diodes are fixed to the board plate, the wire is attached and everything is encased in the plastic case.

3. The manufacturing process of MeCan lab autoclave sterilizer involves sophisticated techniques. For example, its semiconductor has to undergo a rigorous cleaning process so as to rid off dirt and dust.

4. Handling semiconductor wafer is a complicated process. The semiconductor of MeCan Ophthalmic Operating Table; Operating Table; Electric Ophthalmic Operating Table is carefully washed by dipping into a solution of various solvents before polish.

5. In the production of MeCan Handheld Ultrasound Scanner, the semiconductor wafer is finely processed including washing and sanding down until the surface is smooth.

6. This product features good thermal comfort. It will help regulate body temperature, improving thermal comfort and the quality of sleep.

7. An increase in body temperature of only a few degrees can interrupt sleep and can lead to sleepless nights. Yet this product is designed to solve this problem.

8. This product doesn't suffer from poor breathability which would lead to a gradual increase in body temperature when sleeping. On the contrary, it offers thermal comfort.

9. By using this product, my building project has been greatly renewed. I believe that it will help my building last for years. - Said one of our customers.

10. The product has greatly helped my building project stand out in the crowd. I love its eye-catching shapes and appearances. - Said one of our customers.

11. One of our buyers says:' this product suits well my project as it has unique design and beautiful lines and luster that keep up with the architectural trends.'

12. Many buyers commonly think that this product is a good solution for building projects. It helps improve the aesthetics of the buildings.

Company Features

With high quality of autoclave for hospitals, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has attracted many famous companies to seek for cooperation. MeCan is so influential in the field of autoclave for hospitals that most people choose it. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has won customers' trust by years of stable high quality for autoclave for hospitals.

Our company has brought together a group of talented people. Being intellectually curious and energetic, they are able to go deeper into issues and challenge conventional wisdom. Our company has excellent staff. They have the world-class expertise to challenge conventional thinking, identify new opportunities, and develop unique solutions for our customers. Staff is the greatest strength of our company. They actively contribute to the development of the company by voicing their opinions, asking questions, and suggesting solutions. Our staff marks our differentiation among similar manufacturers. Their industry experience and personal connections give the company the expertise and access to resources to produce better products. Our staff is acknowledged professionals in the autoclave for hospitals industry. Bearing a high level of clarity and understanding, they have the ability to identify practical product designs to customers' challenges.

Currently, we are moving toward a more sustainable manufacturing. By promoting greener supply chains, increasing resource productivity, and optimizing materials usage, we believe we will progress in reducing environmental impact. We have stepped up seriously into practicing sustainable development. We have strived to reduce waste and carbon footprint during production, and we also recycle packaging materials for reuse. We are committed to maintaining good relationships with customers. We try our best to better understand customers' needs and requirements and provide them the most targeted services. We concern local education and culture development. We have subsidized many students, donated educational finance to schools in poor areas and to some cultural centers and libraries. We take environmental protection seriously. During the production stages, we are making great efforts to reduce our emission including greenhouse gas emissions and handle wastewater properly.

Application of the Product

MeCan's water purifier machine can be applied to different fields.

We have a professional team and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions to help customers achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

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