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pet incubator

Pet ICU/Young Pet Incubator

After being filtered by the purifier, the air from the outside enters into the ICU, and "dual duct and double circulation convection heating technology is adopted to create an excellent and bacteria-free ICU therapeutic environment and young pet incubation environment. It provides clean air and proper temperature and humidity


1.Dual heating and ventilation system

2.Stable and Sturdy, made from Gauge 17 steel panel, ensures long service life.

3.Function: Nebulizer, Humidifier,Anion, Disinfrction,Light,CO2 Alarm, Temperature Control and so on. At most 1 min setup

4.Carbon dioxide monitoring system

5.Negative-ion generator

6.Precision temperature&humidity control

7.Built-in forced air nebulizer

8.Exclusive multi-function moisturee and cooling control

9.Optional cooling and oxygen system available(Uvet Air cooling, Uvet oxygen concentrator)

10.Warranty 12 months


1) Ambient temperature: 10°C ~ 35°C

2) Cabinet temperature: 15°C ~ 38°C (can be up to 39°C by special operations)

3) Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.8°C

4) Average temperature of monitoring chamber: ≤1.0°C

5) Cabinet temperature control accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5°C

6) Temperature rise time: 5min ~ 20min

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Company Advantages

1. MeCan ventriculoscopy has good quality. The basic parameters of the product, including fabric structure, softness and shrinkage, should be strictly checked before cutting.

2. MeCan Anesthesia Extraction Model with buzzer is always ensured with good quality. Our factory guarantees a solid foundation for production and can minimize errors during processing.

3. The purpose of carefully controlling the quality of MeCan Magnification Slit Lamp Microscope is to achieve the highest national standards and bedding regulations within the specified tolerances.

4. Manufacturing MeCan Dental Manikin Head with the right equipment can improve the quality of the product. The choice depends on the type of sewing thread so that the production is delicate.

5. The product is robust. It is able to prevent possible leaks and lost energy capacity while enduring various harsh environments.

6. The product has a long service life. It is not likely to be affected by excessive operating temperatures, overload, and deep discharge.

7. The product features very low self-discharge rates. Even after prolonged storage, such as during the winter, it is able to operate normally.

8. The product is widely used and enjoys great popularity among modern people. It plays an important role in our life when we in need of power source.

9. The product has a usable long lifetime and needs little maintenance. Once installed, there is little part to maintain or replace or repair.

10. All these features make it possible for people to easily install it on compatible units and to use it without inconvenience.

Company Features

MeCan brand mainly focuses on producing Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator. MeCan brand is famous in the field of Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator. With years of manufacturing experience, Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited has become an expert in producing and exporting Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited is rich in its product line and is popular among many different countries. As a famous brand, MeCan concentrates on manufacturing Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator.

In recent years, we have attracted many customers from the USA, Germany, Australia, and others to establish business cooperation with us. We have received positive feedback from them many times. Over the years, we have completed many projects with famous brands and companies from all over the world. From the feedback they gave, we are confident to scale our business. We are blessed with a group of staff that are qualified and well-trained. They have deep knowledge and expertise about products in the Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator industry, which enables them to adapt themselves to different situations or customers' requirements.

MeCan can not develop well without the support of Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator. MeCan believed that the development of company can not do without support of Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator. MeCan has always been driven to seek the sustainable development of company. To fulfill our social responsibilities and be a qualified company, we devote ourselves to Blood Rotator; Rotator; Economical Rotator.

Application of the Product

The obgyn table produced by MeCan has a wide range of applications.

We are always aware of new trends and developments in the market, so we can provide our customers with the industry-leading one-stop solutions.

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