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Medical CT Scan Equipment 64-Slice Platform CT Machine Product informationMedical MRI Scan Equipment is the aggregation of  innovation,...

Medical CT Scan Equipment 64-Slice Platform CT Machine

Product information
Medical MRI Scan Equipment is the aggregation of  innovation, which is designed and developed on the forefront high-tech platform. It can give you high definition images at low dose, high-end CT technology made affordable.
128-slice platform: Technology once reserved for high end CT systems is now available in Medical MRI Scan Equipment
32-row isometric detector design: 32-row submillimeter detector with 20mm coverage can realize fast scan and high quality images
5.3MHU tube heat capacity: 5.3MHU tube with 50kW generator enable Medical MRI Scan Equipment to provide long service life and great profit for hospitals
Full-scale low dose solutions: Unique O-dose platform and advanced ClearView iterative reconstruction algorithm, patient dose can be minimized without a compromise in diagnostic quality
Comprehensive clinical application: Integrate our full range of advanced clinical applications from our powerful workstation



Company Advantages

1. MeCan critical care beds is designed based on considerations for human physical structure. The design takes into account body weight distribution, physiological structure development, as well as the anatomy and movement of the foot.

2. MeCan Steam Sterilization is required to pass the necessary workmanship assessments. It has to be assessed in terms of flexibility, stress distribution, slip resistance, and feet ergonomics.

3. The tests for MeCan Medical Emergency Training Equipment include different aspects. They are tear strength testing, biomechanical comfort testing, fire protection testing, and shock absorption testing.

4. Some mindful factors of MeCan ventriculoscopy have been considered. These factors include the aspects of flex and fatigue, biomechanical comfort, cushioning & shock absorption, and stress points.

5. MeCan Hospital Education Equipment has to pass the required physical tests conducted by third-party labs. These tests cover wear resistance testing, durability testing, adhesion testing, colorfastness testing, and hardness & thickness testing.

6. This product is able to maintain a clean appearance. Its edges and joints featuring minimal gaps provide an effective barrier to prevent bacteria or dust.

7. This product has the required stable construction. It is less likely to wobble or have tip-over hazards in any situation.

8. This product is designed with the desired durability. With its high strength construction, it is able to withstand a certain pressure or human trafficking.

9. This product is built to bear a large amount of pressure. Its reasonable structure design allows it to withstand a certain pressure without damage.

10. By choosing this product, one can live a unique lifestyle, enjoy a one-of-a-kind home, as well as minimize the carbon footprint and the effect on the environment.

11. This product is an option as an alternative to traditional real estate development. It will help in reducing carbon footprint.

12. This product is environmentally friendly. All its materials and parts can be recycled indefinitely in line with the environmental protection principle.

13. Avoiding the waste of traditional homebuilding entirely, this product works as the newest and most eco-friendly way of living.

14. Choosing this product, a tiny home, is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint – and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Company Features

Excellent wastewater treatment and perfect service make MeCan the most popular star in the wastewater treatment market. MeCan insists on manufacturing and selling wastewater treatment that meet the national emission regulations. As the leading supplier of wastewater treatment, MeCan is honored to be responsible for the main business in this industry. MeCan is an integrated wastewater treatment contractor integrating design, procurement and development.

MeCan develops core competitiveness by improving technological innovation. wastewater treatment has earned a high reputation for high-tech applications. MeCan has been continuously improving independent innovation capability and technical research capabilities. MeCan has always adhered to independent innovation technology and established its own core business. The technology adopted in MeCan is conducive to the quality improvement of wastewater treatment.

The goal of MeCan is to influence global markets by manufacturing wastewater treatment. Guangzhou MeCan Medical Limited will lead the future of wastewater treatment market. MeCan insists on the desire to become a major influence supplier in the future.

Application of the Product

Our clinical research courses has been widely used in many industries.

According to different needs of customers, we could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions for them.

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