Why Are Flex PCBs Used in Medical Devices and Wearables?

Flex PCBs have mechanical advantages over rigid PCBs in various medical applications. • None Flex PCBs allow the engineers to mount the various electronic components like microphone, battery, camera in a tiny and compact package. As a result, the entire end product (medical device) can be placed on a human body (for example, hearing-assist devices). • None A flex circuit can be formed in complex shapes in three dimensions with branches to multiple connectors, which would be impossible to achieve with a rigid PCB. • None Flex circuits can be interfaced with rigid boards without the relatively tall and bulky connectors flat cables require, or in the case of rigid-flex construction. • None They can be integral with the boards and eliminate external connectors altogether.

Why Are Flex PCBs Used in Medical Devices and Wearables? 1

How does virus attack human's body?

Most viruses enter humans through droplets in the air that we breathe. From there it attaches to the surface of the lung sacs (alveoli) and enters the capillaries of the lungs directly. The flu virus will follow this mode of entry and many other air-born viruses. Rotavirus cause diarrhea in children. It gets swallowed and enters the body through the lining of the gut. Hepatitis A and B are transmitted through the gut also, but hepatitis C is transmitted through mucous membranes or injections into the blood stream.In essence the virus transmits itself into a cell: Virus Cell-to-Cell Transmission.

system of heart in human body?

the heart is a part of the circulatory system -- it is the key reason of us being able to breathe and live! It pumps blood throughout your whole body - to the tiniest veins and arteries in your fingertips to the biggest and strongest muscles in your thighs

Why Are Flex PCBs Used in Medical Devices and Wearables? 2

If a human body was left on the moon completely untouched, would it stay the same forever?

The bacteria that is present in our bodies would decompose the body partially. Moreover it depends on where the body is - if it is on side of sun then it would burn off , but if it is on other side then it would freeze to a thickened mass , eventually being decomposed. There are almost 1000 meteorites falling towards the moon at a single instant , so there is a great probability of body getting hit by meteorite . The harmful radiations like gamma UV cosmic microwave etc. will easily penetrates moon's very thin atmosphere and would eventually damage the body by burning or speeding the decomposition. (i dont know about aliens , if they exist then u cant imagine wats gonna happen !)

Need help in the human body!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

look at the book called Grey's Anatomy

Can a human's body evolve quicker then Normal when?

EDIT: If you understood what I said the first time you would understand that many variables are working here. I explained that mutations arise due to mistakes in replication (vast majority). I explained how a gene could evolve more slowly or more rapidly. To be rapid it would have to be non essential (not many interacting partners), so then we would not expect "one gene or the cause of evolution in the humans". If "one gene" is extremely important then it will probably have many functions in many different cells ; THIS RESTRICTS THE RATE OF EVOLUTION of that gene [as I said]. So it is not so much a case of "impossible side of the community" but your inability to understand basic evolutionary principles. Let me take the bait though: "Let's say a particular combination of many genes (more realistic) in an individual made them immune to all pathogens (extremely unlikely, but you do not care). So since this is really rare, as soon as this person mated. The combination would change from the individual and the offspring, it would likely end right there if it ever even did happen(plus other people in the population wo not have this perfect combination). But let's pretend that enough people did have it, then you are right this could cause dramatic evolution so more and more people had this combination of genes. But if everyone had it; what makes one person more fit than the other? If we are all the same, then we are prone to the same failures. We need variation to survive." I have run out of room to write. I have stripped down my original answer below to just important parts. Interactions between 'us' and other organisms do not evolutionarily 'hold us back'. Evolution concerns the genome(DNA), since it is the only thing passed on over time. The genome communicates with the external environment via encoding information [via sequence if letters/bases/nucleotides] to make functional products (like proteins and RNA). Different individuals can have slightly different sequence of bases in a gene, this can cause the functional product of the gene (i.e. the protein/RNA that the gene encodes) to have slightly different functional properties (like how well it does its job). Functional products are defined based on their specific function(s), but function can mean different things in different environments. Since mutations are random, if one happens in non-coding sequence it may not have an effect. But if it occurs in a coding region then chances are, it will affect the function of the encoded protein. Changes within a gene will not be distributed evenly across that length of that gene. If a change occurs, it will be tolerated less if that change affects the site where the encoded protein interacts with another protein. So if a protein interacts with lots of different proteins, it will evolve very slowly. Changes in DNA of a gene can cause differences in the sequence of amino acids in the encoded protein. These can affect protein structure and function depending on the specific change (small positive amino acid to large negative one = probably bad). Therefore, different regions of genes evolve at different rates based on that proteins structure, function and environment. If these changes are in a region of the sequence which is important for the protein function, it will evolve at a lower rate than the rest of the protein. When we consider something like a virus, remember that it uses our proteins (encoded in our DNA) to do its job. Some viruses use our polymerases (we use them to copy our DNA), but because it is an essential protein, it evolves very slowly (hard to become immune this way!). Some viruses shut off our cells ability to make endogenous proteins but only synthesise viral proteins (sneaky move!). They do this by inhibiting one of our very important proteins. So we cant just change the protein because it would be catastrophic to normal cellular function. Some viruses enter the genome, some jump around and can actually lead to genome evolution. [Please note how viruses use fundamental features, they target essential proteins which we can not change very well, so these viruses may tend to win when they are inside the cell. That's why we have evolved mechanisms such as production of proteins which can halt the virus from entering the cells in the first place. These proteins can change more rapidly since they have more dedicated functions and have evolved further mechanisms (shuffling parts of these proteins around) to cope with all the different pathogenic/foreign objects which may enter our system. This shuffling mechanism is great in context of what the proteins function is (binding lots of different things) but if we shuffled the sequence in a gene for polymerase then it would wreak havoc on the cell, it would not cope, more damage than good would occur most (practically all) of the time.]

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