Who Are the Major Dental Supplies Producer in India?

Dental supplies production requires a lot of precision and highly caliberized machinery and skilled work force. India is not invested in developing the instruments or training the work force. India has few manufacturers who can match the global standards. When it comes to dental instruments there are two prominent players, 3M and GDC. While 3M is US based company they have a dental instruments manufacturing facility in Noida Delhi NCR. GDC is Germany based conglomerate specializing in Dental Instruments and materials. GDC has a facility in Bhatinda Punjab. Their is also a third player API which is partly owned by GDC based in Europe and they have given exclusive marketing rights in India to Ashoosons Ltd, a Delhi based firm. Nothing much is known about their production facilities.3M and GDC also poineer in manufacturing dental cements like GIC, composites but most of their manufacturing is in JapanThe consumables like Dental wax, Orthodontic wires, Cold cure polymer and monomer, Heat cure polymer and monomer are made by Indian producers. Deepthi Dental wax, Maarc Dental Wax, Koinoor Orthodontic wires are popular ones.Dental Instruments and materials ecosystem is patent based and EU-US centric, because the profits from those regions of the world are pretty insane. Indian dentist don't work on such high margins hence no Indian manufacturers invest in dental instruments manufacturing. We still have dental chair manufacturers which are thriving in subcontinent and south east asia. They face a fierce price war between Chinese and Brazilian manufacturers..

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Does a kneeling chair reduce back pain?

No, it doesn't. It maintains a better lumbar curvature, but that couldn't be correlated with back pain.The Balans chair has been introduced with claims that, because of its semi-kneeling position, individuals will experience decreased low-back pain (LBP) as well as improvement in circulation. ... Increased cervical (P .004) and lumbar muscle EMG measurements were noted after sitting in the Balans chair. Pedal cutaneous blood flow was increased by 15% in the Balans chair (P .001). The data do not support the manufacturer's claim that the Balans chair is likely to decrease complaints of LBP (low-back pain) 1. A newer study couldn't find any evidence on low-back pain reduction although kneeling chairs maintain a better lumbar curvature:This study suggests that ergonomically designed kneeling chairs set at 20 degrees inclination do maintain standing lumbar curvature to a greater extent than sitting on a standard computer chair with an overall mean difference of 7.

633 degrees. Further research with a greater number of subjects and on different chair designs is warranted 2.But is the opposite (a reduced lumbar curvature) associated with low-back pain? Well, it isn't:Our study aimed to investigate whether lordosis changes with age and is reduced in those with low back pain. ... We were unable to demonstrate any difference in the degree of lordosis among women with or without back pain. Men with low back pain tended to have a less prominent lordosis, but this difference did not reach statistical significance. Therefore, a 'reduced lumbar lordosis' should be regarded as a very weak clinical sign 3.Prolonged standing is a risk factor for back pain, no matter the type of chair:Highly demanding jobs, prolonged standing and awkward lifting appear as the most consistent and important predictors of LBP 4.



What are the attractive features and benefits of plastic chairs?

Plastic chairs find its presence in every office and household. With a wide range of design and variety, they could fit in every decor style. Plastic furniture were first designed and made popular by Douglas Simpson and James Donahue in 1946, since then they have become very popular in every part of the world. Some advantages of using plastic Chairs include:Unbreakable : A furniture made from good quality plastic such as PVC seldom breaks. When tested for maximum weight and pressure that plastic furniture could handle and it turns out that good grade plastic furniture are as strong as furniture from any other material.No effect of change in environment: Further, it never cracks when exposed to environmental changes like sunlight and cold. They could be suitably used in air conditioned office rooms as well as for outdoor seats or even for visitors in offices.More elastic strength :The good deal is they do not easily break even when dropped from a height.No effect of termites Plastic furniture do not get affected from termites unlike wood furniture. No rusting they do not rust unlike iron furniture when exposed to air and moisture.Some attractive features of plastic Chairs :Weather Proof: These chairs are weather proof and therefore it can be placed outdoors in patios and gardens.Variety: Plastic chairs are available in a huge range of varieties which include different sizes, colors and styles. It is easy to find chairs which suit different types of home and office decors.Attractive Combinations: Plastic chairs can be found in different attractive combinations. It is easy to find chairs made with a combination of plastic and chrome which appear both elegant and stylish. Styles: These chairs are available in a range of styles which vary according to the comfort factor. There are reclining chairs, study table chairs, kids chairs and various other types which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. There are plastic chairs which are padded and upholstered for comfort and elegance. These types of chairs are also made of plastic and steel. It is quite easy to move around these furniture types as it is light in weight.Easy to Maintain: These chairs are easy to maintain and clean. It can be cleaned with soap and water. Durable: These chairs are durable compared to other types of furniture.Less Expensive: Compared to wood and steel chairs, plastic chairs are less expensive. It can be bought at different affordable price rates. Today there are a huge variety of chairs made available through online stores at affordable price rates.One of the reputed plastic chair manufacturer in India is Italica Furniture. They offer high quality, durable & lightweight plastic chairs in India. What are the attractive features and benefits of plastic chairs?


Who would you consider more natural problem solvers, INTJs or INTPs?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. Those points should help you identify the answer on your specific situation:INTPs are more flexible. They would get better results on problems with many intersections, uncertainty and need for exploration; whereas INTJs usually prefer to specialize on narrow fields.Provided with an interesting subject and flexible rules, INTPs absorb information much faster. INTJs are better at execution and implementation. If the problem involves deadlines, decisions and organizing people efficiently, they are definitely better. INTJ's way of operating is almost always more suitable to the way big corporations work. INTPs are more comfortable when they can prototype, fail fast and iterate - experimental environments. INTJs "experiment" within their heads. They are more precise, but might take more time, so they might have better results on problems where you only have one shot. INTPs have wild ideas and solutions and excel at lateral thinking. Although most INTJs would disagree, they are not able to do INTP's HUGE logic leaps. nThere are advantages and disadvantages on both cases: INTJs go from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way, while INTPs go from Point A to Point ????? - his solution will be either orders of magnitude better or worse, depending on the insights he gets. INTJs are competitive, INTPs are easy-going - both adapt better to different contexts and teams.INTP's flexibility also means they work better when things change a lot. INTPs care a lot about information structure and consistency and always see the "logic tree". They are really good at taking new information and comparing it with previous knowledge and decisions. nExample: Suppose a chair manufacturer discovered their consumers would like chairs with different colors.nINTJs tend to "decide based on what they have and move on" - they change the ink color and move on. nINTPs would go back to the most fundamental decisions and remember that a different material would be more receptive to different inks. Perfect logical reasoning is very important for INTPs.Those are really abstract points, though. I don't even think MBTI should be a relevant criteria when determining who would be the best person to solve a problem in real life. Who would you consider more natural problem solvers, INTJs or INTPs?

Who Are the Major Dental Supplies Producer in India? 1

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