What Is the Meaning of the Following Terms From an Expecting Mother's Recent Ultrasound Scan Report:


What Is the Meaning of the Following Terms From an Expecting Mother's Recent Ultrasound Scan Report: 1

1. If baby is positioned at back of uterus can it be missed on ultrasound scan in the second trimester?

Agree with the answers you have so far. Our "cheapie" ultrasound machine that I use on a regular basis has a maximum depth of 35cm, or a little over a foot. In most patients, with a bit of pressure, I can see everything between their belly skin and their backbone. If you look at the image in Liang-Hai Sie's answer you can see the "depth gauge" on the left side. Mom's belly skin is at the top of the image (0) and the baby goes to a depth of about 10cm. Now, that said, sometimes the positioning of the baby makes it hard to see exactly what you want to see (for example, that perfect profile of the face that moms love to see) but it's impossible to miss the whole baby

2. can a girl be mistaken for a boy in a ultrasound scan?

i had a friend with the same but was told was a girl, gave birth to a boy. never asume till it born i say as long as healthy that all that matters

What Is the Meaning of the Following Terms From an Expecting Mother's Recent Ultrasound Scan Report: 2

3. how soon can you tell the sex of your baby with a 3d 4d ultrasound scan?

In the fifth month

4. hi ive been told in my ultrasound scan that im expecting a baby boy.they could see the testicles and penis?

The ultra sound is never 100% accurate and there have been mistaken identities (if you know what I mean) but most of the time they are correct. My son's "junk" was clear as day. Did you get a print out of it?

5. Does Ultrasound Scan result determine Due date?

due dates are just guestimates. hey can be /- 2 weeks. 1 weeks difference isnt that big of a deal

6. What does it mean that my wife's twins have different gestational ages? She is currently pregnant with twins, and on each ultrasound scan it is shown that one is a week older than the other. When I ask doctors they themselves are baffled.

It may be that one is simply larger than the other. I knew a woman who was pregnant in two uteri at the same time a few weeks apart in gestational age

7. What can they tell from a 2nd ultrasound scan?

They can not see if your baby has down syndrome or anything like that, only physical handicaps. At the 12 weeks scan they can test for down syndrome by measuring the thickness of the back of the neck, doubled with a blood test. This neck fold test can only be done between weeks 11-14 I think....but they are not accurate and can only give you an indication on how likely you are to have a down syndrome baby. If they think you are very likely they will offer you to do an amnio test, which is your option as there are some risks to the baby as they put a needle into the sack to take blood from the baby. Saying all this you are much more likely to have a healthy baby than an unhealthy one and even the foot might have just looked funny on the scan. They really can not see everything 100% accurate. They even get the sex of the baby wrong every now and then.

8. First ultrasound scan yesterday, why is my baby measuring so big?

Some people just have big babies! But also, some babies grow more rapidly at times than most but it usually levels out. Another explanation is the sonographer may have made a mistake. I would not be too worried about it, With my daughter the whole pregnancy they kept telling me how big she is and how she was going to be 7or 8 pounds at birth(i was told this at 38 weeks). when she was born at 39 weeks she was 5 pounds 9 ounces and boy did the ultrasound tech have a red face!

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