The XR and You Series: VR for Training

In most cases, the human brain learns best with good old-fashioned hands-on training. Many of us can attest to the value of learning by doing from personal experience. For this reason, mid-century educator Edgar Dales Cone of Experience suggests that a real experience is by far the most effective method of learning.

The XR and You Series: VR for Training 1

Knowing the value of learning by doing, Virtual Reality developers are tackling the task of bringing VR training to any and all occupations which could benefit. We love that incorporating immersive learning within internal training procedures also provides organizations a great segue to using VR and AR for workplace tasks as well.While the applications of virtual learning are widespread, were going highlight our Top 5 Training areas which we think are particularly well-suited to VR.

1. Trades TrainingWe love watching the expansion of VR trades training because it illustrates two prominent benefits of workplace VR; safety and cost savings. Students who begin learning new skills and techniques in an immersive environment will risk fewer injuries and waste less material.

2. Learning LanguagesVirtual language immersion is another excellent application of VR technology. Users can seal themselves off with tutors and conversation partners who possess endless patience and unlimited time.

Immersive technology presents cost savings in this case as well, because the student can complete an entire program without engaging a real-world educator.3. Public PerformancePart of what makes VR a great training tool is the users knowledge that he or she is safe inside.

The XR and You Series: VR for Training 2

In the case of public speaking, users can practice addressing a group, getting a feel for the experience while still knowing the listeners arent real. And an audience can respond in challenging ways without real life consequences for the user. The chance to practice in a safe environment may make the difference between acquiring public speaking skill or not at all for many people.

4. Medical MarvelsIf you remember the introduction of miniature cameras into the surgical world, youll no doubt be excited to follow the development of immersive medical training. In partnership with the training medical students receive through bodies donated to science, VR provides unlimited access to realistic and detailed anatomy.

Students can access training again and again, achieving more repetition and improving their performance. 5. Equalizing EnforcementPolice and law enforcement professionals around the world are facing increasingly dangerous challenges and we are, quite rightly, holding them to higher standards of performance.

Providing realistic training scenarios allows improved outcomes, both for a trainees capacity to understand their role and an instructors ability to evaluate progress.Does your organization have training needs? Are the costly, inefficient, and time-consuming?

Consider the benefits of VR training before your next curriculum development meeting and propel your processes into the future. Stambols XR and You Series brings you a collection of snapshots of how Extended Reality technology is changing our lives.Photo Credit: undrey / Adobe StockOriginally published at Stambol Studios RELATED QUESTION What are the latest applications of fiber optic sensors?

According to a new market research report published by Credence Research Fiber Optic Sensors Market(Product Type Intrinsic Fiber Optic Sensors, Extrinsic Fiber Optic Sensors; Material Plastic, Glass; End-user Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Automotive & Transportation and Defense) Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2018 - 2026, the global fiber optic sensors market is set to exhibit CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.Browse the full report InsightsFiber optic sensing has emerged as a prevalent technology across numerous industries including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, civil, manufacturing, and energy.

These sensors are capable of measuring a wide variety of parameters including strain, temperature, internal and applied loads, deflection, liquid level and more. Today, fiber optic sensors can be used to measure more than 60 parameters, availing a wide range of application areas. Fiber optic sensors are low cost, lightweight, robust, immune to electromagnetic interference and capable of functioning in harsh environments.

Unlike conventional electrical sensors, fiber optic sensors can be positioned close to large EMI sources as well as structures that are prone to lightning strikes.The overall fiber optic sensors market is segmented based on product type, material, end-user, and geography. Based on the product type, the fiber optic sensors market is led by intrinsic sensors accounting for more 2/3rd of the total market value.

Further, based on end-user, industrial manufacturing & processing segment leads the fiber optic sensors market. In the following years, the oil & gas segment is expected to register the highest growth rate in the market. Fiber optic sensors have offered a viable solution for well and reservoir surveillance in the oil and gas industry.

These sensors are being widely deployed in the oil and gas sector for measuring temperature, chemical composition, pressure, acoustics, and strain. With rising subsea processing and increasing requirement of system monitoring, there has been a growing demand for optical fibers with longer transmission distances and higher bandwidth.On the basis of geography, North America dominated the overall fiber optic sensors market with a share of nearly 34% in the year 2017.

The regional market growth is primarily governed by the presence of sophisticated industrial manufacturing & processing sector. The Asia Pacific is expected to demonstrate the highest growth rate during the forecast period. The market growth in the Asia Pacific is estimated to be supported by the rapidly growing industrial sector in China and India.

Some of the major companies profiled in the report include ABB Ltd., Halliburton CO, Fiso Technologies, Inc., OMRON Corporation, OmniSens S.

A., Opsens Oil and Gas, Deltex Medical Group PLC, Finisar Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Luna Innovations Inc.

, Ziebel AS, OptaSense (QinetiQ Company), AP Sensing GmbH, PepperlFuchs GmbH, Petrospec Engineering Inc. , Schlumberger Ltd. , AFL Group, SCHOTT AG, TE Connectivity and others.

Browse the full report

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