The Woman Who Crawled into an X-ray Machine

Footage from China went viral recently, after a woman joined her handbag in a security scanner. Kelly Grovier reveals how the image recalls a prehistoric phenomenon.Travelling changes you.

The Woman Who Crawled into an X-ray Machine 1

Some people become more open and engaged. Others become their luggage. It all happened in a flash last week when a Chinese woman, not wanting to be separated from her belongings at a crowded train station, hopped onto the conveyor belt at a crowded checkpoint in Dongguan Railway Station in southern China and joined her handbag on its juddering journey through the security scanner.

Eerie X-ray images captured by the device, which transformed the commuter from anxious flesh into a dark ghostly shudder, have since gone viral. Now crouched on all fours beside a spectral sprawl of purses and scarves, now hunkered into a foetal curl, the shadowy figure is flustered in flickers of radiation into semi-translucent silhouettes of naked fear.The images are among the more mesmerising to trend on social media in recent months, perhaps because they manage to tap into something fundamental about what it means to be a vulnerable passenger drifting perilously through a dangerous world.

The commuters unwitting pose for posterity serves as a poignant social document, as telling in its own way as the drawings left behind by our prehistoric ancestors, recorded on the walls of caves: both chronicle the movement of minds through realms of threat and nervous wonder.From the very outset of human culture, the urge to draw and the urge to peer past the outward skin of things to what is concealed beneath, have gone hand in hand. Artists have never been content merely to transcribe external appearances.

Invigorated by anxious awe of the beasts they stalked or that stalked them, Mesolithic image-makers from Siberia to India, North America to Malaysia uncannily anticipated modern-day projectional radiography in remarkable rock art drawings that offer glimpses of the internal organs of the animal world around them.Classified by archaeologists as X-ray style, this instinct among ancient draughtsmen demonstrates an astonishingly sophisticated aesthetic one that confounds any crass characterisation as primitive. A well-preserved Aboriginal rock painting of a long-neck turtle, thought to date back thousands of years, discovered in Ubirr (in the East Alligator Region of Kakadu National Park, Australia), is indicative of the curious cutaway style.

The Woman Who Crawled into an X-ray Machine 2

Although the turtle is clearly portrayed as alive and in full-swim amid a ballet of barramundi, its inner architecture is mysteriously visible, as if it were a respiring dissection of itself.By blurring the boundaries between internal and external worlds, the unknown artist gives us a glimpse too inside his or her own imagination. Placed side-by-side with this weeks image captured by a scanner in China, the Aboriginal painting from Ubirr elevates the portrait of a fearful security stowaway to something strangely soulful: an X-ray of a fragile psyche drifting between the world we can see and one we cant.

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Airport Security: Child Sneaks into X-ray Machine
Airport Security: Child Sneaks into X-ray Machine
Child gets scanned by airport X-rayA child passed through an X-ray machine at an airport in China. Picture: CGTNSource:SuppliedSHOCKING footage shows the moment a child appeared to sneak onto an X-ray machine at an airport.The incident allegedly happened at an airport in China when the childs father looked away from his child briefly, The Sun reported.In the video, taken from Chinese news network CGTN, the bemused dad is seen walking through security before he realises his son is no longer with him.Subtitles on the video read: Where is my son?The dad is seen walking through security at a South China airport. Picture: CGTNSource:SuppliedThe panicked dad is then seen looking for his son before the child eventually appears to come through the X-ray machine on the conveyor belt safely.It is understood security staff at the airport confirmed the child passed through the machine after an X-ray was taken of him automatically. But The Sun Online has not been able to verify the footage independently.His son then emerges from the X-ray scanning machine. Picture: CGTNSource:SuppliedA Quora thread revealed that while airport scanners produce ionising radiation, the intensity is too low to cause any effect on the human body.This isnt the first time a human has gone through a baggage scanner.Earlier this year a woman from China clambered onto a conveyor belt as she didnt want to be split up from her handbag.Shocked staff did not stop her as she clambered off and went to get her train at Dongguan, China.It turned out hed crawled through the X-ray. Picture: CGTNSource:SuppliedThe woman had happily put her suitcases through the machine before walking through the security checkpoint holding the smaller handbag.Security staff told her that this bag would also have to be checked and she reluctantly circled back to the airport-style luggage scanner.Staff helped the child off the machine. Picture: CGTNSource:SuppliedShe placed her purse on the conveyor belt and then climbed on herself so she could ensure the safety of her bag and the valuables inside.It is unclear what the woman was carrying in her handbag but it is likely to have been wads of cash traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year.And in June, a child was injured after climbing onto an airport luggage belt at Auckland International Airport.This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.
Chinese Woman Joins Handbag in X-ray Machine
Chinese Woman Joins Handbag in X-ray Machine
Worried about your bags being stolen at security? One Chinese woman joined her handbag through an X-ray machine to prevent just that. Staff at Dongguan Railway Station in southern China were shocked to find the silhouette of the train commuter on their X-ray monitors.An online video showed the bizarre incident took place on Sunday during the Lunar New Year travel rush.After climbing off the conveyor belt, the woman checked her bags and left. Extraordinary X-ray images show the woman kneeling on all fours behind her luggage, still wearing high-heeled shoes.It is unclear why the woman was so anxious about her handbag, but many people in China carry large amounts of cash when travelling home for Chinese New Year. The commuter had earlier placed her suitcase on the conveyor belt before attempting to walk through the security scanner with a small handbag, footage from Pear Video shows. You may also be interested in:She was then told all bags had to go through the X-ray machine, but she refused to part with her handbag.Her solution was to join her belongings on the conveyor belt, and she climbed out the other side, with one security guard laughing with surprise.Rail station staff in Dongguan have since advised passengers not to enter the X-ray machines, as radiation given off by the scanners could be harmful, local media reported.The woman was one of an estimated 390 million people expected to travel by train for the Chinese New Year holiday, which falls on 16 February.
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