'The Bachelorette' 2011 Recap: Ashley Meets Her Men

It seems like just yesterday we were watching dental student Ashley Hebert mend her wounded heart after Bachelor Brad dumped her. Doubts and insecurities got the best of her, but given the outcome of Brad and Emily's troubled relationship, Ashley may have gotten the better deal. 25 guys vs. Brad Womack, a two-time dud of a Bachelor Heck, maybe she threw that competition on purpose.But that was then, and this is now, and now is about the new, reformed Ashley. The once unsure dental student is now a changed woman. She's confident. She wants love. She deserves love. Yadda, yadda, yadda ... We've heard this before. After a few dancing-in-booty-shorts scenes (apparently she moonlights as a hip-hop dance instructor), a Rocky-like montage filmed in Philly, and a scene of Ashley pretending to be a dentist (ha, just kidding), we're ready to get this season started. "I'm gonna do it right this time," Ashley tells us. That's what they all say, honey.In the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, contestants will do nearly anything to get attention right from the start. After all, they've got to survive that first night elimination to even get a chance at the hot-tubs, fantasy suites and helicopter rides that await on this journey for love. Here's a look at the best, the worst, the weirdest and the sweetest gestures from the men as they stepped out of the limo and into the fray for Ashley's heart.Most awkward entrance: Mickey, a chef, decides to deliver his own rendition of Chantal's infamous entrance last season. Chantal told Brad that she had a message from every woman in America, and then gave him a playful slap across the face. Mickey doesn't slap Ashley, but he does go in for a full kiss. Considering she nearly does a backbend to avoid the smooch, this move wasn't a success.Corniest introduction: West, a widower from South Carolina, gives Ashley a broken compass that happens to be stuck on the W. "I hope that if you ever start feeling lost in this whole process that it will help you find your way back to me," he tells Ashley. "That's very clever of you!" she quips.Biggest attention seeker: Jeff, an entrepreneur from St. Louis, exits the limo wearing a black mask over the top half of his face. "I wanted to take my face out of the game and have you learn a little bit about what's inside," he says. "Are you going to keep that on all night" she asks, nervously laughing. If the promos for the season are any hint, Jeff is going to keep the mask on for awhile, much to the dismay of the annoyed guys who have to stare at Creepy Masked Man all day and night. And yes, we're calling him Creepy Masked Man (C.M.M. for short) for the rest of the season.Cutest prop: Constantine, a restaurant owner from Atlanta, had us wondering what he was going to do with the pack of pink dental floss in his pocket. Is he really going to floss his teeth, here and now No, no, no Constantine... don't go there, don't do it. Instead, he reaches for her hand and creates a makeshift bow ring on her finger. "Hopefully when we get inside, you can remember that I was the one who tied the pink dental floss on your finger," he says. It sounds weird, but trust us, it worked. Ashley loves it. "You are too cute," she says.Best villain: Bentley, a Salt Lake City businessman, has set himself up to become the most-hated Bachelorette suitor since smooth-talkin' crooner Wes tried to steal Jillian's heart. In the pre-party chat with host Chris Harrison, Ashley lets an interesting tidbit slip. She's already been warned by one of her Bachelor friends that one of the contestants is not there "for the right reasons." "Never in the 10 years that I've done this show have we had drama before the limo arrives," Chris tells her. Turns out, the warning was right. The divorced father, who has a little girl named "Cozy," makes it clear he's not really that into Ashley. "Even though I'm not overly attracted to her... I'm very competitive," he tells the camera. His dream gal is Emily Maynard, the blond Southern belle who won "The Bachelor" last season.Loser of the night: How do you get kicked off "The Bachelorette" before the first rose ceremony Tim, a 35-year-old liquor distributor, may have set the record for the speediest exit in Bachelorette history. The reason Drunk as a skunk. Tim got so completely obliterated that he passed out and started snoring. Ashley tried to wake him but couldn't get him to budge. Several of the guys readily volunteered to help escort their fallen comrade out of the mansion and into a van. Tim, come on. You're a liquor distributor, and you can't hold your liquorBiggest overachiever: Ames, 31, works in finance in New York City. He got his undergraduate degree from Yale. Oh yeah, he's got two master's degrees from Columbia, too. And after that, he got his doctorate at Harvard. For work, he's traveled to about 70 countries - no big deal. In his spare time, he's run about 39 marathons. Since those aren't really enough of a challenge, Ames likes to lace up his sneakers for some ultramarathons. He's also saved 12 puppies from a burning building, swum across the Atlantic Ocean and killed a crocodile with his bare hands. (OK: that last sentence isn't true. Just making a point with the ridiculousness of his whole persona.) Run Ashley, run. He'll never be able to make time for you.Most sincere: J.P., a 34-year-old construction manager from New York, is one of our early picks to make it far this season. He's cute as a button, totally relaxed and just so darn likable. Not to mention, he's got a smile that's the best of the bunch. Watch out though: his ABC bio says he's stubborn, impatient and easily frustrated. J.P. could be pushed to his limits with Creepy Masked Man and Bentley the Villain.The first impression rose goes to: Ryan P., a 31-year-old solar energy businessman who likens his sun-friendly business to changing the world. "If you really want to make a difference, you have to love what you do," he tells us. His warm smile and quick wit (telling Ashley: "Brad's loss is my gain.") got him the coveted first impression rose, which means that he's an early frontrunner. "From the second you stepped out of the limo, something about you just got my attention," Ashley told him. Ryan bears a strong resemblance to Glee's Matthew Morrison (minus the curls).Other early favorites: Ben F., a winemaker from California, got lots of time on camera. He's ruggedly handsome and seems to be at ease with Ashley. William, a cellular phone salesman, has a gregarious personality that could take him far.Best sign-off line: Seven guys went home on the first night. It's the ultimate walk of shame for a single guy who's now got to tell all of his friends that the Bachelorette ditched him after a two-minute conversation. Anthony, a New Jersey butcher who unbuttoned his shirt just enough to show some chest hair and a gold chain, made sure he got some airtime out of his failed stint on the show."I'm a little pissed off that things ended the way they did. I've been single for 7 years. I don't know how to feel anymore. Who wants to be hurt, you know But, she's a pretty girl. She's a nice girl. And I hope one of the guys can make her very happy for the rest of her life. Clearly, I'm not that guy."She may have her hands full with some of the guys she picked tonight. But hey, if she wants to spend the rest of her life with Batman, hey, what do I know I'm just a small-time butcher from Jersey, and I'm going back."And with that, he blew a kiss to the camera.Next week: Will Creepy Masked Man finally reveal his true self What about Bentley Will Ashley finally believe her friend's warning and kick him to the curb, or will he continue to dupe her Can Ryan P. build on his momentum from the first impression rose• New Jersey butcher to compete for love on 2011 edition of ABC "The Bachelorette"• Finale live blog: Ali's season finale pick between Roberto, Chris• Finale preview: The Bachelorette Ali season finale preview: Chris Harrison says Ali made right choice• Week 10 (part 2): The Bachelorette Ali: 'The Men Tell All' but Justin, Frank no-show• Week 10 (part 1): The Bachelorette: Ali faces the men she rejected before picking between Roberto, Chris• Week 9 (part 2): The Bachelorette Tahiti: 'Frank and Nicole' bombshell leaves Ali with Roberto, Chris in final two• Week 9 (part 1): The Bachelorette: Ali gets dumped by Frank for ex-girlfriend Nicole• Week 8: The Bachelorette Ali picks her final three after hometown dates with Kirk, Frank, Roberto, Chris• Week 7 (part 2): The Bachelorette: Ali Fedotowsky picks her final four in Portugal• Week 7 (part 1): The Bachelor Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi trash each other on ABC after breaking engagement• Week 6: (part 2): The Bachelorette: Justin has two girlfriends, Ali is ready to wrestle&bull Week 6: (part 1) The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky learns Justin has not one girlfriend, but two• Week 5: The Bachelorette Iceland edition: Kasey's tattoo gets the cold shoulder• Week 4: The Bachelorette N.Y. edition: Kasey gets a tattoo, Joshua Radin performs• Week 3: Bachelorette week 3: 'Wrestler' Justin stays, Roberto appears to be front-runner• Week 2: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky gets a Hollywood kiss, a 'dangerous' man goes home• Week 1 Bachelorette 2010: Ali Fedotowsky meets her 25 bachelors in season premiere

'The Bachelorette' 2011 Recap: Ashley Meets Her Men 1

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