Star Trek in Popular Culture: the Crew As Dentists in Florida

Space Age Dentistry

In the early 21st century, we are not yet performing dentistry in outer space, but surgery is an option that NASA has been studying and perfecting for traveling space crews with medical emergencies.

Dentistry on Earth has long employed headphones and music for patients in order to ease dental chair anxiety, especially during prolonged or complex procedures. Music and even television in the dental cubical are quite helpful in distracting the patient from imagined pain that anxiety can cause. They can lessen real pain as well.

Some patients stopped visiting their dentist long ago, because of the time and discomfort involved, along with all the requirements for tooth "homework" like flossing and brushing regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. Some people are happy to wait until they need to have all their teeth pulled and have a set of dentures made.

Welcome Aboard Enterprise

In the early 21st century newer technologies and methods began to speed dental processes and remove much or all of the pain formerly involved. This was a miracle to many patients.

In order to bring back long absent patients and relax current clients and let them have a good time, one particular dental practice has adopted the themes of Star Trekand Star Warsin Florida.This is quite a creative endeavor that the whole staff enjoys.

This is not the first American practice to have used poplar futuristic themes, but it is the one to do so most elaborately.

Starbase Dental is so dedicated to the use of the Trek theme that it was featured in the popular documentary film



Once in the chair for treatment, a patient can watch a Star Trekor Star Warsmovies overhead from a television on the ceiling.

The Beginning of Starbase Dental

Starbase Dental had already operated for approximately 17 years in 2010 when it garnered increasing attention after the recently rebooted

Star Trek

film with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. The unique dental practice was founded by with Denis Bourguignon, D.M.D.

The dentist and his business appeared in the film


and upon his retirement, another professional, Dr. Sirivolu, took command of the fun dental starbase. Both men enjoyed space themed movies and combined their hobbies to make for an interesting and well liked practice.

Starbase Dental has been featured in national publications, on HBO, and even on the SyFy cable TV network. The office appeared in


and is still equipped with collectibles that include favorite action figures, mugs, autographed photos, model spacecraft, artwork, and the wonderful life-size stand-up cutouts of the stars in costume.

A One Stop Trek Shop

Dr. Surendra Gopal Sirivolu, D.D.S.,M.H.A., is a certified Cosmetic and Family Dentist with extensive training and skills of over 20 years. He particularly specializes in dental implants that include Teeth-in-an-Hour, Invisalign, and general cleaning. He does not work alone, but employs a well trained and credentialed team that also enjoys the Trek theme and their state-of-the-art technology on board the practice.

Patients come to this practice from Orlando and Metro West, the rest of Florida, across the USA and from other countries. This is a successful example of medical or dental tourism.

This practice offers a number of additional services: preventive care, tooth-colored porcelain fillings, crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, laser procedures, digital X-rays (reduced radiation), oral cancer screening, Teeth-in-an-Hour Dental Implants, Invisalign aligners, Gum Treatment and/or Bleaching, Gum and/or Bone Grafting, Lip Lowering, Makeovers, Sealants, and several others. Dr. Sirivolu's procedures will remind you of the advanced techniques we only dreamed about when we first saw them in the Star Trekfranchise.

The Doctor and crew attend additional training several times each year and post their experiences and special events on their own Facebook page. You will also be treated to a virtual tour of the Starbase Dental offices.

Office Hours

Regular Office Hours

7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday, with Lunch from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm (30 minutes)

Friday & Saturday

- By Appointment Only.

Emergencies and walk-ins also welcomed


Orlando, Florida is such an attractive vacation and travel spot, it is understandable that some patients travel from a distance to this particular practice for their dental requirements.

Professional Qualifications

Dr. Surendra G. Sirivolu is a member of several professional associations, has extensive professional training at a number of universities, and has received a number of prestigious awards for this work in the dental profession.

See the Starbase Dental website for specifics. Dr. Sirivolu can do anything from a simple cleaning to full reconstruction of an entire mouth.

Star Trek in Popular Culture: the Crew As Dentists in Florida 1

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