Reasons to Add Intraoral Scanner Cart to Your Work Today

Patient monitoring is a function that is increasingly used with scanners. It is used for a range of different indications, from monitoring bruxism to orthodontic treatment, as required. This feature allows you to scan a patient at different times and track changes in his teeth.

Reasons to Add Intraoral Scanner Cart to Your Work Today 1

Digital impressions are a wonderful diagnostic aid and an amazing tool for patient education and communication. Patient monitoring also enables long-term visual verification and comparison of patient scans. Another nice feature of the Patient Monitoring app is that it can be used with previous scans you have made with older versions of the Trio scanner.

In addition, intraoral scanning offers several advantages over conventional imprint techniques, including ease of use, lightweight design of the device and improved image precision. Clinicians and laboratories appreciate that intraoral scans can be uploaded within minutes and communication is open to them, streamlining the workflow. At First Choice Dental Lab (r) we have many years of experience in working with intraoral scans and accept files from any scanning software.

In addition, the Trios Patient Monitoring app allows doctors to monitor and quantify gum extraction, bruxism and tooth movements and the treatment simulator shows patients the desired results of their orthodontic treatment, so you get the scan that enthuses your patient visits and increases acceptance of the treatment. The Asia-Pacific region offers lucrative opportunities to market participants due to the large pool of dental disease patients, the growing geriatric population, and improvements in healthcare facilities. In addition, technological advances such as the introduction of digital stand-alone scanners are expected to drive market growth.

Depending on the practice setup, the savings from the use of an intraoral scanner can be enormous. Studies have shown that patients love the instant 3-D images provided by intraoral scanners, and believe that doctors who use digital imaging systems are more competent, savvy, and advanced. While most of us think about the accuracy and function of intraoral scanners when we think about going digital, the benefit to your patients is the main reason you should take this step.

Reasons to Add Intraoral Scanner Cart to Your Work Today 2

This leads to a more engaged patient, who is more likely to push the treatment plan forward. Technology is as precise as possible, eliminating the variables and inevitabilities inherent in traditional impressions: distortions, bubbles, tears, and the like. Digital impressions can be reduced or recreated, resulting in a restoration that takes up less time and space.

Immediate reception of digital impressions in the laboratory reduces throughput time. Whether you use implants in your practice or work as a periodontist or oral surgeon, the use of an intraoral scanner for an optimal workflow can reduce your implant and restoration time by up to 33%. We are a leader in digital implant workflow, so do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

MediT i500 enables dentists to perform preoperative scans of their patients tooth. This is a technology not available in any other intraoral scanner we tested, including high-quality Cerec Prime scans. The Trios 4 3-shaped scanner is designed to detect surface interproximals without exposing the patient to the risks of radiation. The latest version, the 3shape trios Move, features a wireless scanning rod with adjustable arms and a swivelling screen that allows the doctor to show the patient the entire scanning process during treatment planning.

This is invaluable not only for patient engagement, but also for a more comfortable scanning experience. Thanks to the extended wheelbase and adjustable arms, the scanner screen can be pulled out of the dentist's chair and placed directly in front of the patient for scanning. You don't even have to think about lifting it to get a full scan of a patient.

According to Dr. Barbara Jurim, you can use a smartphone when scanning. Intraoral scanners in dentistry use optical imprints to create scans of virtual models. The original intention of the intraoral scan was to digitize the imprint process and use the data for restoration.

An intraoral scanner is a device for recording direct optical impressions. Intraoral scanners take only a fraction of the time to get a conventional impression. The slim design of the scanners makes it convenient for doctors to hold and use Planmeca intraoral scanners in the patient's mouth without fatigue.

The Planmeca Emerald Intraoral Scanner is retailed at a high price, but with basic features that amount to just a few dollars, you can get a fully functional and sophisticated intraoral scanner that will help you digitize your clinic. Available in the Mobile Cart Edition, the 3M True Definition Scanner offers unprecedented accuracy, ease of use and affordability for accurate digital tooth impressions. Our 3D motion video technology is more accurate than the most accurate of all leading intraoral scanners [1]. Our 3D motion video technology creates a true replica of your patient's oral anatomy and gives visibility from the start.

Intraoral scanners allow dentists to skip the conventional imprinting process when creating intraoral scans, saving stool time and creating a more comfortable experience for patients. Innovative designs ensure convenient intraoral scanning and higher patient satisfaction. You can install cone blasting machines, plan implant positions, lengths and diameters and even produce your own milled surgical guides.

This sometimes makes traditional impressions a laborious process in which the patient can be gagged if inaccuracies occur. Nowadays, digital imprints can be used in all types of cases: restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics and more. Digital 3D dental models are much more accurate than physical impression files, and because they are digital, they do not change or break over time.

With an intraoral scanner, you save on the size of the trays and the production of individual trays. In cooperation with Henry Schein 3M Certified True Definition Scanner, the Dentrix Connect. This connection offers the advantages of an integrated system without the disadvantages of a proprietary format.

E. Roig et al., Comparison of the accuracy of four intraoral scanners, three conventional impression methods and two adjacent implants, PLOS ONE 15 (2): E0228266 (2020). J. K. Jager and C. Vogtlin, Digital Workflow of Lava Chairside Oral Scanner Co. Z. Nagy et al., Comparison of the veracity of seven physical imprints of the human maxilla tooth by intraoral scanners using novel methods, BMC Oral Health 20 (1): 97 (2020) clinical assessment of the fit of ceramic crowns obtained with digital intraoral silicone imprints based on wavefront sampling technologies.

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