Power Architectures for Patient-Connected Medical Devices

New Disposable, Wireless Biosensors Replacing Bulky Medical Devices

Power Architectures for Patient-Connected Medical Devices 1

With the rapid innovation and development of the wireless biosensors, most of the medical devices, as we know them, will be a thing of the past. A team of biotechnology engineers at Clinical Biometrics is currently developing these sensor technologies in an aim to boost the speed of diagnosis, personalize healthcare and better deal with emergencies.Essentially, the biosensors are made of tiny micro and nano devices smaller than one can imagine, Nanosensor technology, and microplates that work simultaneously to test multiple samples in human beings in response to different stimuli as well as changes in the body chemistry. Revolutionizing Point-of-CareToday, we can only measure health parameters and vital signs at the so-called point-of-care. This can be a physician's office, the clinic, the hospital or a clinical laboratory. You have to go there, wait patiently in front of the doctor's office and eventually someone will examine your symptoms and vital measurements at that specific point in time. However, with the revolution taking place in portable diagnostics, algorithms and sensors, the act of measuring health parameters and vital signs becomes more convenient, mobile and cheaper. Products like ClinPatchâ„¢ by Clinical Biometrics, Inc, are revolutionizing point-of-care with disposable, wireless patches to measure vital signs in real-time, and over time remotely, for better data provided to our healthcare professionals. Thus, trends are pointing towards actively using the time someone spends with sports, working or only performing such basic activities as eating and sleeping for measuring vital signs and wellness indicators. The GP or any other doctor can use this information in case it is needed, and will be provided a view over time, resulting in a more comprehensive analysis and diagnosis. This results in less stress for recovering patients, shortening the waiting time for patients, increasing efficiencies for physicians, and making healthcare generally more effective to include predictive and preventative medicine.Using sensors like ClinPatchâ„¢, we can accurately detect the presence of specific protein sequences, temperature changes, heart rhythm and changes, respiration, sleep quality, and blood sugar and alcohol among others. The results are delivered in real time and can be monitored over time by the clinical healthcare experts to help track either the healing process or deterioration of health in the particular individual.The new wireless biosensors have a variety of the benefits over the traditional medical devices that makes them ideal choices for use in different medical settings than would be done by conventional medical devicesPortabilityThe wireless biosensors are small in size and easy to operate. This means that the patients can carry them with themselves everywhere they are. One does not have to be near a healthcare center or a physician to examine critical body function when one's health deteriorates.Real-time resultsIn critical conditions, it is important that the paramedics get the real time data on a variety of body psychological processes such as respiration, changes in blood pressure and heart rate in order to stabilize the patient and increases the chances of survival.Unfortunately, most of the traditional medical devices do not have capabilities of monitoring different process at the same point. Moreover, most of the medical equipment monitoring critical process is bulky making it unpractical to use in the emergency conditions.In additional to real-time monitoring, the biosensors have the capability to monitor the changes in several body processes over time and store the information for use in diagnosis. In such a case, physicians can view the changes in the body condition from the time the emergency paramedics reached the location of the patient to the time that the patient was discharged and returns home. Ability to transfer data to other medical systems,Let us take a scenario where a patient was involved in an accident and has had a problem with his heart rate. With the wireless sensors, the data is captured from the time that the device is attached to the body. The data collected can then be transferred to Emergency Room systems when the patient arrives at the hospital. This means that the monitoring starts once the BioMed sensors are attached to the body in the field, rather than waiting until the patient is in a hospital. Most conditions require monitoring over time for accurate diagnosis. With these devices, there is enough data to make informed diagnosis when physicians see the patient. This speeds up the treatment process. DisposabilityThe sensors are fabricated with the use of low-cost microelectronics. This makes them affordable to use per-patient and dispose of after the patient receives proper medical care. They can be part of the emergency first responders' kits. Reduced sizeThe biosensors are compact having packed all critical tests in one monitoring device. Critical medical response teams, homecare experts, and general medical community can cut down on large and bulky medical equipment and still get accurate results. The patients do not need a myriad of wires attached to their bodies and large equipment to get accurate medical results. Nano biometrics is the future of medical diagnostics. The future looks bright for these technologies given the ease of adding new sensor kits to these devices. As medical systems move to personalized healthcare, most medical devices will be replaced by small compact biosensors like the ClinPatchâ„¢ product. As the teams at ClinBio complete their innovations, the future of medical landscape is up for an interesting period where quality and accurate medical diagnosis will be within the reach of every patient around the world, will dramatically improve the amount of critical data physicians have at hand, and ease the work physicians must do in diagnosis and treatment by capturing the entire care cycle, even after the patient returns home

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