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Shaker Mountain, 1,835 feet (559 m), is a prominent peak in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts. The mountain is located in Pittsfield State Forest and is named after the nearby Hancock Shaker Village, a former Shaker religious colony and now a historic site. The summit is wooded and is traversed by the 5 mi (8.

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0 km) Shaker Trail, a loop trail that begins at the historic site. The mountain is wooded with northern hardwood tree species. Shaker Mountain is located within Hancock, Massachusetts.

The Taconic ridgeline continues north from Shaker Mountain as Doll Mountain and west as Holy Mount The mountain drains into Shaker Brook and Lily Brook, thence to the Housatonic River and Long Island Sound.

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Hannah Poling of boston shaker

Hannah, Jon's daughter, was born in 1999 and received five vaccines in one day in 2000 at the age of 19 months; this occurred because she had fallen behind on her vaccine schedule as a result of a series of ear infections. According to Kathleen Seidel, the Poling family filed a case with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program on October 25, 2002.

In 2006, Jon, along with three other researchers, all of whom were affiliated with Johns Hopkins at the time, published a case report and chart review retrospective series regarding the association of mitochondrial disease and autism in the Journal of Child Neurology. In 2008, after the government conceded his daughter's vaccine injury case, Dr Poling said, Many in the autism community and their champions believe that the result in this case may well signify a landmark decision as it pertains to children developing autism following vaccinations. This still remains to be seen, but currently there are almost 5,000 other cases pending.

Hannah's case had originally been placed with the almost 5,000 Autism Omnibus cases pending hearing 5 years before her case was conceded administratively. Others have speculated that in the Poling case, all that was really conceded was that "the vaccines, given to Hannah in 2000, aggravated a pre-existing condition namely, mitochondrial disease that then manifested as autism-like symptoms." Similarly, Rahul K.

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Parikh contended that ".this was not a case of vaccines causing autism. Rather, this is a case where the court deemed it plausible that vaccines aggravated an underlying disease caused by bad mitochondria, and that some of the symptoms Hannah showed were similar to autism," and Julie Gerberding said, "Let me be very clear that the government has made absolutely no statement indicating that vaccines are a cause of autism.

" It has also been noted that Hannah's mitochondrial disease is very rare, and that no evidence proves that it is possible for vaccines to cause or worsen mitochondrial diseases, with Chuck Mohan of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation noting that "there is very little scientific research in this area." In addition, Paul Offit has argued that the VICP's concession to Hannah was "poorly reasoned" and contended that this program had "turned its back on science" in recent years. Offit also noted that "whereas it is clear that natural infections can exacerbate symptoms of encephalopathy in patients with mitochondrial enzyme deficiencies, no clear evidence exists that vaccines cause similar exacerbations.

" Another unclear aspect of Hannah's case is whether she had a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder that vaccinations aggravated, or whether vaccinations caused that disorder. Hannah's mother, Terry Poling, has stated that "The government chose to believe the first theory," but added that "We dont know that she had an underlying disorder." However, the Polings' neurologist, Andrew Zimmerman, wrote in a letter to the Polings' attorneys that there was a pre-existing mitochondrial dysfunction.

Dr. Zimmerman wrote, "The cause for regressive encephalopathy in Hannah at age 19 months was underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, exacerbated by vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves." On July 21, 2008, Steven Novella posted an article on Neurologica, his blog, in which he briefly mentioned the Poling case, saying, "The case was settled (not judged in Polings favor, but settled) because both sides realized it was a special case that could not be extrapolated to other vaccine-autism cases.

" In response, Dr. Poling wrote a letter to Dr. Novella in which he states, among other things, that "The only thing unique about my little girls case is the level of medical documentation--5 to 20% of patients with ASDs have mitochondrial dysfunction.

" Novella's response to this letter, posted on July 23, 2008, argued that "Hannah Polings history has many features that are not typical of autism like a history of otitis media with frequent fevers, seizures, and what sounds like a rare encephalitis that probably did result from vaccines. Even if we put her mitochondrial mutation aside this is not a typical case of autism." On September 3, 2010, autism blogger Matt Carey broke the story about the settlement deal including a $1.

5M initial payment and an annuity to cover costs of the life care plan. On September 9, 2010, Sharyl Attkisson also reported that the Poling family were going to receive $1.5 million for the first year alone, and might receive a total of over $20 million over Hannah's lifetime.


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The state of New York approved a piece of legislation which encouraged students to start their school days with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer with the text: Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country. Amen.The case was brought by a group of families of public school students in New Hyde Park from the Herricks Union Free School District who sued the school board president William J.

Vitale, Jr. The families argued that the voluntary prayer written by the state board of regents to "Almighty God" contradicted their religious beliefs. Led by Steven I.

Engel, a Jewish man, the plaintiffs sought to challenge the constitutionality of the state's prayer in school policy. They were supported by groups opposed to the school prayer including rabbinical organizations, Ethical Culture, and Jewish organizations. The acting parties were not members of one particular religious persuasion, or all atheists.

Their religious identities were legally identified in court paperwork as two Jews, an atheist, a Unitarian church member, and a member of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. However, despite being listed in the court papers as an atheist, plaintiff Lawrence Roth, who was raised Jewish, later denied that he was an atheist and described himself as religious and a participant of prayer. When religious affiliation was discussed during preparations for the case, Roth claimed he was "a very religious person, but not a churchgoer" and that he that he said prayers but was unsure of what prayer could accomplish.

This resulted in the group's lawyer telling him "You're the atheist." Roth later stated "apparently, you have to have an atheist in the crowd, so we started from there." The plaintiffs argued that opening the school day with such a prayer violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (as applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment), which states, in part, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".

The governments of twenty-two states submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court urging affirmance of the New York Court of Appeals decision that upheld the constitutionality of the prayer. The American Jewish Committee, the Synagogue Council of America, and the American Ethical Union each submitted briefs urging the Court to instead reverse and rule that the prayer was unconstitutional.


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Berger is a long-time supporter of alternative energy solutions to global environmental problems.

He has repeatedly called attention to the nation's excessive dependence on foreign oil and the huge economic and environmental costs, and risks. He has outlined strategies for a clean, renewable energy economy in his books and articles which have appeared in publications such as Huffington Post, Scientific American, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and Renewable Energy World. Berger's writing on energy and natural resource issues has helped to launch the environmental restoration movement, beginning with his book Restoring the Earth in 1985.

Education and WorkIn 1966, John J. Berger earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stanford University. Prior to his work on energy and the environment, Berger was an innovator in journalism.

In 1970, he co-founded Alternative Features Service, Inc. to support the development of alternative and college newspapers and radio stations in the U.S.

with syndicated press materials that especially highlighted the creation of alternative institutions, such as free clinics, people's banks, free universities, and alternative housing. In 1976, after publishing his first book, Nuclear Power: The Unviable Option, with introduction by Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling and a foreword by Senator Mike Gravel, he was invited by David Brower to become Friends of the Earth's Energy Projects Director in San Francisco.

: Just a few years later, in 1979, he became a technical editor at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. The next year, Berger was awarded an MA in Energy and Natural Resources from the University of California, Berkeley. In 1980 and 1981, Berger taught courses in energy technology and policy at Vista College and the University of San Francisco.

In 1984, Berger began two years of postgraduate research on land-use policy in Sacramento at the University of California, Davis. In 1985, he published Restoring the Earth: How Americans Are Working to Restore Our Damaged Environment and became the executive director of Restoring the Earth, an environmental organization based in Berkeley, California. Berger then went on to receive a PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis in 1990 and served as visiting Associate Professor of Environmental Policy at the Graduate School of Public Affairs of the University of Maryland and Professor of Environmental Science at the University of San Francisco.

His awards include: a Switzer Foundation Environmental Fellowship for graduate study, a year-long fellowship for study at the University of Tunis in Tunisia, a summer writing fellowship at the Blue Mountain Center in the Adirondacks; and selection to participate in a summer-study program at the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory for Genetic Research. Berger is also an independent energy and environmental consultant.

He is currently (2016) an Affiliated Research Fellow at UC Berkeley's Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory.


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Poling, J. S.

; Karanian, J. W.; Salem Jr, N.

; Vicini, S. (1995). "Time- and voltage-dependent block of delayed rectifier potassium channels by docosahexaenoic acid".

Molecular Pharmacology. 47 (2): 381390. PMID 7870048.

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; Vicini, S.; Rogawski, M. A.

; Salem Jr, N. (1996). "Docosahexaenoic acid block of neuronal voltage-gated K channels: Subunit selective antagonism by zinc".

Neuropharmacology. 35 (7): 969982. doi:10.

1016/0028-3908(96)00127-X. PMID 8938727. Poling, J.

S.; Rogawski, M. A.

; Salem Jr, N.; Vicini, S. (1996).

"Anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid, inhibits Shaker-related voltage-gated K channels". Neuropharmacology. 35 (7): 983991.

doi:10.1016/0028-3908(96)00130-X. PMID 8938728.

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Is It Safe to Have a CT Scan After an Ultrasound Scan?
Is It Safe to Have a CT Scan After an Ultrasound Scan?
Yes it is safe. Although CT scan produces very high x-ray radiation, it can be followed up by ultrasound. Ultrasound gives no x-ray radiation which does not cause harm to the body.Certain diseases can be detected by ultrasound, but to look more in details, doctors prefer to do advance scanning (it can be CT scan or MRI depending on the diseases and situations).1. My wife is 23 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound scan today.Some questions?I really have no idea what those things mean because I am no doctor,do not be shy to ask questions while at the doctor that is what the are there for! I think the doctor would have said if something did not look right. Good luck!2. How do i get 4D ultrasound scan?Call local ultrasound or imaging centers and they will more than happily make an appointment. If you want your insurance to cover it, you have to ask your doctor for a script for it. But they suggest waiting til your 7 months to get a more detailed and better picture and look.3. Does Ultrasound Scan result determine Due date?ultrasound can give an estimate and can be a week or 2 out4. how soon can you tell the sex of your baby with a 3d 4d ultrasound scan?i think the latest technology can tell the gender of ur baby in 5 months.. and this one is accurate too5. My baby's gender??? Ultrasound scan???!!!?Im going for my 15 week ultrasound next week and hoping they can tell me what im having. Alot of people have told me they can tell if the baby is in the right position adn its wasier when its a boy. This is my first so im keeping my fingers crosed. Good luck!.6. 6 weeks ultrasound scan only sac shown???im not sure what size it should be but if you are concerned for the babies health you should see someone as soon as possible, especially due to the previous 14 miscarriages. I cant really help you much on the computer but please seek advice!7. If baby is positioned at back of uterus can it be missed on ultrasound scan in the second trimester?Babies are not missed on ultrasound that far along. Is your doctor following your hormone levels as well? If your tests are still positive you would be pregnant, you would just want to check with your doctor to make sure that it is a normal pregnant inside your uterus.And you are due for a detailed ultrasound, generally between weeks 18 to 20 of pregnancy, which will give you a good, long look at your baby. This ultrasound, called an anatomy scan, lasts 20 to 45 minutes if you are having one baby, longer if you are having multiples.Most healthy women receive two ultrasound scans during pregnancy. "The first is, ideally, in the first trimester to confirm the due date, and the second is at 18-22 weeks to confirm normal anatomy and the sex of the baby,". The non surgical abortion methods used include RU486 (Mifeprex, Misoprostol, Mifegyne, Abortion Pill, French Pill), Methotrexate, Tamoxifen, and Cytotec (Misoprostol). We also perform early surgical (menstrual extraction, suction dilation and curettage) abortions, first trimester, second trimester, and late term abortions8. hi ive been told in my ultrasound scan that im expecting a baby boy.they could see the testicles and penis?those are never wrong! trust me, the only time is when they say girl but it's a boy9. How early can a pregnancy be seen on an ultrasound scan?yes, they can see the embryo if you are pregnant at 6 weeks on an ultrasound. they wont be able to detect the heartbeat yet, but will def be able to see if you are prego. I was 5 weeks pregnant when they found out i was pregnant on sonogram. Good luck10. How accurate is an ultrasound scan for determining number of pups expected at 7.5 weeks (53days) pregnant?Ultrasounds are really only good for confirming a pregnancy. It is extremely hard to get an accurate count of puppies with an ultrasound. If you are just wanting to know how many, you would get the most accurate count by waiting a few more days and then having her xrayed. The count still may be off, but it is much more accurate than an ultrasound. Each dog carries puppies differently. I've seen female dogs have big litters that really were not that big and females that got pretty big but only had a few puppies.
How Do I Get 4D Ultrasound Scan?
How Do I Get 4D Ultrasound Scan?
All you have to do is search for 4D ultrasound in your area on Google. Then call and make the appointment. it is not covered by insurance and you will have to pay for it, but when we did it, we paid only like $175 and we got great pictures to take home of the 3D scan (8 total) and a DVD of the live action (which is what the 4D is) and we get a discount when we go back. You may want to wait until your further along (20 wks plus) and you will drink a lot of water for 1-2weeks before hand. It's not hard to schedule and get done at all. Hope that helps!1. What can they tell from a 2nd ultrasound scan?most of the time only a quad screen or similar test can detect those, which is why i got one even though im only 192. How to convert a Voluson 4D ultrasound scan (.V00 file) to a video?Assuming you've exported a Voluson file without compression enabled (Wavelet = 'Off') and with the Volume/Raw File selected... try using this script to see if your data is in third-party DICOM format. This does not reconstruct the data into a useable format but does show if you can access the element data.3. hi ive been told in my ultrasound scan that im expecting a baby boy.they could see the testicles and penis?I had two boys, so yes, I had the same answer with the ultrasound. If they can clearly see the penis and testicles, there's not much room for discussion. Just as a really clear picture of a girls genitalia is unmistakable. That being said, those scans are not 100% accurate. Just keep an open mind. lol If its not a crystal clear shot of the genitalia, then its possible that an arm strategically placed between the legs was mistaken for male genitalia4. How accurate is an ultrasound scan for determining number of pups expected at 7.5 weeks (53days) pregnant?a few years ago we rescued a pregnant lab. she never really looked pregnant. I thought one or 2 pups. She had 9 all very healthy, beautiful pups. I would think if there was only one pup that she would barely show. most pregnancies do not become apparent to the eye before about 5-6 weeks along. It is very unusual for one to start showing at 3 1/2 weeks. I bet there are more pups than one, or she may be carrying some dead ones.5. My wife is 23 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound scan today.Some questions?What did the dr say about these things! Why did not you ask them if you were worried. If your dr did not say they were bad, why are you asking us as if we are doctors! All look good to me!6. What is the meaning of the following terms from an expecting mother's recent ultrasound scan report:?visit this link i hope it was help you.7. Why do my 2 ultrasound scan show 2 different weeks?Slow down here and take a breath! Why would you think that a few days difference is going to make you lose anything? Its OK for your due date to vary by a few days this early on and its even OK for it to vary by up to 14 days later on. Its an average of 40 weeks with the understanding you *could* go 2 weeks early or 2 weeks later than those 40 weeks. Do not worry about your due date until you have too. You posting stressful questions such as this will do more harm to a pregnancy than being off by a few days which is common8. If baby is positioned at back of uterus can it be missed on ultrasound scan in the second trimester?No. Except in the first few weeks of pregnancy , the baby can never be missed on ultrasound . In the second trimester , no chance . The scan sees right up to the posterior end of the uterus . If in such doubt , rethink your diagnosis . Good luck !9. 6 weeks ultrasound scan only sac shown???Does not sound like a viable pregnancy but if you had the US I guess your doctor already told you this? Have you had your thyroid checked to see if it's out of whack? 14 MC's is way more than "normal", good luck. Get your thyroid checked
Does Ultrasound Scan Result Determine Due Date?
Does Ultrasound Scan Result Determine Due Date?
Ultrasounds are meant to be the main precise thank you to foretell a due day...yet this nonetheless is not right. It additionally relies upon on how early your ultrasound replaced into achieved. the quicker the ultrasound, the extra precise. all little ones commence a similar length, yet as time passes, little ones strengthen at distinctive expenditures. in case you are somewhat aggravating approximately your length, communicate on your ob/gyn and ask for yet another ultrasound...with 3-d US they could assume how great your infant is at present time. additionally look ahead to swelling, you may properly be gaining water weight that's a demonstration of pre eclampsia1. What can they tell from a 2nd ultrasound scan?From doing the ultrasound, and they said that everything is fine, I would not worry, and trust in them that everything is fine and that baby is healthy, if you want to find out about Downs Syndrome or Spina Bifida, then they would have to do an amnio to find out, they would have to get fluid samples from the Amnio Sac that is surrounding the baby to determine weather the baby has Downs Syndrome or Spina Bifida2. My wife is 23 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound scan today.Some questions?all i know is the heartbeat looks good! if the dr did not say anything then i would not worry. they would tell you then and there if something was off3. Heat felt on skin during ultrasound scan?Ultrasound uses sound waves rather than ionizing radiation cause by other imaging studies (and linked to cancer, etc). It is generally considered safe. And, yes, it causes the skin to elevated in temperature slightly and can induce a very mild inflammatory response. Most women would do not notice this, but some (like you) do. It might feel a bit warm, but definitely not "hot"...and is no harm to you or your baby. Not everybody in the world (i.e. medical orginazations) believe ultrasound to be completely safe, but it is currently considered safe enough to be standard of care in the U.S. because the benefits it brings FAR outweigh minimal (if any) risks (that is, for one dating ultrasound around 20 weeks). Having tons of ultrasounds during pregnancy is still probably safe, but not considered to be a very wise idea...especially if there is no medical reason for the ultrasound. But the warmth you felt is quite common and harmless. You can check out the link below, too...if you want more information... Hope this helps some...4. What is the meaning of the following terms from an expecting mother's recent ultrasound scan report:?all i know is hc is head circumfrence5. can a girl be mistaken for a boy in a ultrasound scan?No, While the only 100% way of knowing the gender is Amniocentesis, the image of the labia and the image of the scrotum and penis are too different looking images6. When I had my ultrasound scan the hospital policy was not to tell you the sex of the baby.?You do not really need to know the sex of the baby. You can just wait till you give birth. If you are preparing the name, you can just prepare a boy's name and a girl's name. :)7. How do i get 4D ultrasound scan?Insurance companies do not often cover these tests, so if you want to have one done you need to do it privately. Find a clinic that specializes in them and tell them you are going in as a private patient (which probably is the majority of the people they see anyways) and ask how much it would cost. If you can afford it (because I've heard they are a little expensive, do not get me wrong!) then you can schedule the appointment on your own. I would personally suggest that you do it when you are at least 20 weeks pregnant so that you can clearly make out the babies features and sex (since it may be the only one you get during the pregnancy, it would be best to get the most out of it!) Good luck, and congratulations!8. 6 weeks ultrasound scan only sac shown???I think you need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor should have actually mentioned something to you prior to this happening. You might not get serious answers on here. Some ppl will just say anything, even something dumb just to get points. CALL YOUR DOCTOR ASAP.
Maintaining a Good Quality of Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Maintaining a Good Quality of Dissolved Oxygen Meters
A layer of permeable paint is applied directly over the dye, through which oxygen from the water can pass. When oxygen molecules pass through the paint layer, these molecules interfere with the luminescence of the dye, causing light to be emitted.When considering the calculation of fluorescence intensity [101], the sensor usually measures the fluorescence intensity by tracking the radiation intensity of oxygen-sensitive materials under different oxygen concentrations [102].Optical dissolved oxygen sensors are usually called fluorescent dissolved oxygen (LDO) sensors, but some are also called fluorescent sensors, which measure the dissolved oxygen concentration in water based on the quenching of light in the presence of oxygen. The DO sensor can be designed for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) testing, field sampling or long-term monitoring. Dissolved oxygen meters, water quality probes or data recording systems can be used to record measurement data from DO sensors.Because of how important correct dissolved oxygen levels are for virtually all water applications, it is recommended to measure dissolved oxygen levels using dissolved oxygen sensors. When oxygen is being consumed, the sensors can produce artificially low DO readings in no-flow situations 7. This method of measuring dissolved oxygen is completely dependent on water flow, which means the sensor must be shaken until the reading stops rising. This measurement method depends on the flow rate due to the consumption of oxygen molecules 7.The current sensor consumes a small amount of oxygen for each measurement. Therefore, it is recommended to use the current sensor only in the presence of water flow/movement (60 ml/min is recommended). Although these sensors will provide you with the current water temperature and some additional readings, conductivity sensors can be used to measure salinity.Although polarographic sensors have many measurement limitations, these sensors are widely used for detecting natural water and wastewater due to their simple design, long probe life, wide range (especially in ppb measurements of dissolved oxygen), high accuracy, relatively advanced technology and the ability to detect dissolved oxygen online [74]. The new sensor package, developed by PNNL as part of the WPTO Autonomous Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring System project, measures water quality in the harsh and sometimes hazardous conditions around the inlets and outlets of hydropower plants and provides a safer, more timely and more complete view of dissolved water. oxygen levels in hydroelectric power plants. The embedded GPRS / 4G module can efficiently collect big data for water quality monitoring and aquaculture industry, and the new self-cleaning and self-adjusting dissolved oxygen sensor system will provide superior quality water and aquaculture monitoring services. The application of software temperature compensation and real-time air calibration can significantly improve the measurement accuracy, ensure the continuity, stability, reliability and accuracy of dissolved oxygen measurement in environmental water quality monitoring and provide important data for scientific aquaculture in the aquaculture industry.Hanna provides a variety of meters to meet your portable testing needs; from dedicated dissolved oxygen meters, such as our waterproof handheld dissolved oxygen meter HI98193 (very suitable for demanding applications) or our latest product HI98198 optical dissolved oxygen meter (make Dissolved oxygen testing is more reliable and simple), to our multivariable meters, such as HI98196 multivariable pH / ORP / DO / pressure / thermometer (to meet all your water quality testing needs. Many DO meters include internal barometers, data recording systems It can be equipped with an external barometer or water level sensor to measure pressure and temperature, which is usually measured by the thermistor inside the sensor and recorded by an instrument or data logger without confirmation.If measurements are taken in a laboratory or in plain water, DO galvanic and polarographic sensors must be mixed in the solution. Because fast pulsed polarographic sensors reduce flow dependency when making DO measurements, there is no need to stir the water sample when using this sensor 7.According to the experimental results, the optical dissolved oxygen sensor exhibits high sensitivity and stability in aqueous media. Therefore, the optical sensor will more accurately measure the dissolved oxygen in low flow, deep water or small volume water. It is difficult to manufacture accurate miniature oxygen sensors using traditional electrochemical measurement techniques. The Internet of Things (IoT) dissolved oxygen sensor is used to accurately measure the oxygen content in water and transmit the results to a central database, cloud platform or water monitoring platform in real time.It is important to remember that not only does oxygen float in the atmosphere, it can also exist in liquids. Non-complex oxygen refers to oxygen that is not combined with other elements, which means that there are free O2 molecules in the water.COD is closely related to BOD, although BOD only measures the amount of oxygen consumed by microbial oxidation, making it more relevant for water rich in organic matter. Because COD measurement is much faster than BOD measurement, COD is more commonly used for rapid and frequent monitoring of wastewater treatment plant performance and water quality.Like other DO testing methods, the BOD test requires agitation of the sample to avoid the formation of an oxygen-depleted layer near the sensor head during testing, which can lead to artificially low readings. The presence of hydrogen sulfide can contaminate the electrode and require additional cleaning to ensure accurate measurements. Second, as oxygen is consumed, artificially low readings can occur if there is no flow in the sample that supports the movement of water through the membrane.Moisture or water vapor can affect the DO concentration and calibration of some DO measurement technologies. Aquatic animals and bacteria can consume large amounts of DO, causing levels to drop if the population is too high for the conditions (water temperature and re-oxygenation rate). A high plant density also results in a high density of animals and bacteria, further contributing to oxygen utilization and low DO levels.However, the dissolved oxygen sensor probe is easily clogged by algae and phytoplankton in the water, which leads to the fact that it cannot work continuously for a long time and cannot be used in projects, as well as when the water temperature changes. the output current of the sensor and indirectly affect the measurement accuracy. Although Winkler's method is highly accurate, it also has some limitations; The detection process consumes oxygen in the water and the titration reagent pollutes the environment. DO is one of the most commonly measured parameters of water quality, but the reason for measuring it depends on the environment.It is also the name of the test used to determine these oxygen requirements. This allows the operator to understand the overall water quality and the degree of contamination in the sample. The OPTOD probe can measure DO in the range of 0-20 mg/L with a resolution of 0.01 and an accuracy of -0.1 mg/L or -1%. This colorimetric method is not affected by salinity or dissolved gases (such as sulfides), which may be present in the water sample 28.In addition, K SV refers to the fluorescence quenching constant and O 2 is a measure of oxygen concentration. The oxygen is then utilized by the fish, as well as by important aerobic bacteria, which can break down excess nutrients in the water.
How to Choose Heating Dry Bath Incubator; Dry Bath Incubator; Bath Incubator
How to Choose Heating Dry Bath Incubator; Dry Bath Incubator; Bath Incubator
Different measuring units can be selected for different test modes. Depending on the block size, the user can place a certain number of tubes in each block. Depending on the block size, the user can place a certain number of tubes in each block. Depending on the size of the block, a certain number of tubes can be placed in each block.Heating blocks, also known as dry bath incubators, use aluminum inserts to hold many types of laboratory tubes, plates, and containers. Boekel programmable heaters are designed to be used with standard aluminum dry blocks (nominal 3" deep x 3 3/4" wide x 2" high) in various configurations of heating tubes, microtubes and other small containers. Dry type The cooling/heating bath is a compact and lightweight digital dry bath heater with touch screen and programming function. The dry incubator with replaceable unit provides a series of configurations, which can greatly increase the diversity of your laboratory.The wide temperature range of up to 150 degrees Celsius means that the digital dry bath can be used in a variety of scientific applications, including blood banks, preheating methods, heating reagents, PCR, heating tubes, and environmental laboratories. Thanks to the simple installation procedure and innovative temperature display, these dry bath incubators are easy to use. In this way, the researcher always knows the temperature to which the sample is exposed.Many laboratories use water baths or dry bath incubators for various heating and cooling purposes. For incubation applications, equipment quality and efficiency are critical. Our dry incubators, also known as dry block heaters, are essential equipment for the preparation, incubation and testing of many types of samples.With a slim benchtop design, our drybath incubators are designed to work with a variety of dryblock modules that contain microcentrifuge tubes, microplates, 6mm to 25mm diameter tubes, dolphin nose tubes and conical microtubes. Samples of blocks and lids are available as accessories and are listed in the price list. The blocks are manufactured from high quality materials, often aluminum, and are specially treated for optimal heat transfer.Because thermal blocks cannot physically circulate heat like water, their temperature is not even. On the other hand, heating blocks are usually smaller, so they heat up faster than water baths. The dry bath metal block does not retain as much heat as water, which means that the sample takes longer to heat up.Less retained heat also makes dry baths less resistant to temperature fluctuations. The large amount of heat stored in the bath also resists temperature fluctuations better, which means you can heat several samples at the same time. The downside is that the high heat capacity also significantly increases the start-up time of the water bath (up to many hours depending on the set temperature and bath size), making them much less convenient.The processor built into these dry baths can adjust the power of the heating block to ensure extremely accurate temperature and precession. The user only needs to input the required temperature on the numeric keyboard, and the microprocessor in the dry bath will control the temperature of the heating block with an accuracy of -0.2°C. At the end of the program cycle, the temperature is automatically increased and maintained at 4°C.The warranty information is included in the product and is subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions. We make reasonable efforts to ensure and display the delivery time of each product we sell. In many cases, manufacturers can diagnose and troubleshoot products over the phone.This device can only handle or heat media with a flashpoint above the safe temperature limit of 130 ° C. Cool, heat or freeze two separate sets of samples at two different temperatures individually controlled from -20 ° C to 100 ° C without block samples.This advanced dry bath incubator is available in a variety of sizes and temperature ranges to best suit your requirements. Dry baths, also called block heaters, are used to heat samples and are commonly used in biology, biochemistry, genetics, tissue/cell culture, etc. Water baths are an instrument that is also used to heat and incubate samples, however, they use water (sometimes other types of liquids can be used, depending on the desired result) to maintain a constant temperature. This is because they provide the best heat transfer contact surface.The temperature can be set in 0.1 ° C steps from -10 ° C to 100 ° C. The digital wheel allows you to precisely set the temperature and heating time. A powerful microprocessor allows the device to provide accurate temperature control (provides a wide temperature range from 5 ° C to 150 ° C), eliminating the need for an external thermometer or timer.The temperature setting can only be done when the machine is turned on, not during operation. Press the blue "TEMP/TIMER" knob, the temperature value on the LED display will flash, then turn the knob horizontally to set the temperature. Press "Run/Stop" to save the calibration value, and the system will stop heating. There is a deviation between the actual temperature and the displayed temperature. For whatever reason, you can recalibrate the device by following the steps below.When the standby mode is interrupted, the unit immediately starts heating by pressing the "start" button, and the timing will run when the set temperature is reached. After the designated time has elapsed, the machine starts heating up until the user stops heating. Dry Bath Incubator Heating This unit allows the temperature to be set from 0 to 100 degrees C and the time can be IP programmed for 24 hours. The exact desired temperature can be easily set using the arrow keys on the inclined control panel, and the values ​​are shown on the large digital display.Explore the DLAB digital dry bath with heating device, which provides functions such as USB interface, external temperature sensor and sound reminder. Digiqual digital dry block heaters are designed for basic and advanced applications. Our dry heater series includes the most advanced programmable models, allowing your team to easily control the sample temperature. Boekel Scientific Analog Dry Incubator Baths, 1 Block, 115V-These incubators are ideal for a variety of applications, including restriction digestion, DNA denaturation COD, BUN, hybrid agar, coagulation studies, in situ hybridization, and hot-start PCR.An innovative design that houses two blocks for two independent digital temperature controllers. Each program can be divided into 3 separate temperature phases, which allows very precise temperature determination. These features include a removable transparent hinged cover, the ability to measure the actual sample temperature, sophisticated microprocessor control, and a synchronized or coherent function. Briefly press P1, P2, P3 or P4 and the machine can operate with the corresponding data (temperature and time) stored in different programs.
Why to Choose a Twice Permanent Teeth for Your Home
Why to Choose a Twice Permanent Teeth for Your Home
Before your teeth begin to erupt, you should brush your child's mouth at least once a day with clean gauze or soft cloth. Gently brush your child's teeth with a soft toothbrush for 2 minutes at least twice a day. When your child's teeth start to erupt, start brushing their teeth with a small, soft toothbrush. Gently brush all sides of your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.Use gentle circular motions to brush the outer surfaces of your teeth and gums, one tooth at a time. Then brush the inside of your teeth and gums, one tooth at a time. Clean between teeth with dental floss, pre-threaded dental floss, water jet, or similar. Floss once a day. Dental floss can remove plaque and bacteria from teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach.This will make your teeth stronger, so they can withstand the acids and bacteria that cause tooth decay. Fluoride is a safe mineral that can keep teeth strong and prevent tooth decay.When you start using toothpaste for cleaning baby teeth, make sure it contains fluoride (but use only a small amount, about the size of a pea). Too much fluoride can stain teeth and harm your baby's health. When your child is old enough to spit out the toothpaste, you can move on to fluoride-containing toothpaste. Add it to milk or saliva to keep it moist and take it to your child's dentist as soon as possible.If your child is losing an adult tooth, follow the same steps above and take them to the dentist right away. If you have lost a permanent tooth, follow the previous steps in Total Care Dental to prevent permanent damage to your mouth. Losing more teeth only increases the potential long-term damage to the oral cavity. Our team of dentists in Madison can provide many more tips on how to keep your teeth healthy and in place.One of the most common forms of tooth loss in adults is sports injuries. Accidents that damage nerves in or near the teeth (such as falls) can cause stains on children's teeth. The consequences may include tooth sensitivity, permanent damage to the protective enamel on the teeth, and gum erosion.As your child's permanent teeth grow, your dentist can help prevent tooth decay by applying a thin layer of resin (called a sealant) to the back teeth, where most of the chewing occurs. These sealants prevent plaque buildup in the grooves of the teeth and help stop tooth decay. Ask your dentist about using sealants when back teeth begin to erupt in an adult child (around age five or six). See your dentist if brushing or flossing your teeth causes bleeding gums or injures your mouth.Brush your teeth regularly, but don't actively brush your teeth. Share on Pinterest. Brush your teeth and floss twice a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Most people know that brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the most important ways to remove plaque and bacteria and keep your teeth clean. Brushing is important for keeping teeth clean and preventing bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. It is important to follow your child's tooth brushing habits, and pay particular attention to loose teeth or sensitive areas.If you try to extract the tooth before it is ready to fall out, it will damage nearby gums and teeth. Even if you brush your teeth every day and check your teeth regularly, adult teeth may fall out. Poor oral hygiene can lead to infection, disease, or other dental problems. Once your child starts to see the dentist, they will receive fluoride polishing or brushing.Understand the causes of gum disease and actively take care of your teeth to prevent them. Some problems can affect your oral health, but as you age, good care should keep your teeth and gums strong.Your dentist or dental hygienist will apply a fluoride solution to the surface of your child's teeth to provide additional protection for the teeth. If your child's teeth are not brushed at least twice a day for more than 2 minutes, plaque and tartar (hardened and calcified plaque) filled with bacteria can build up on the teeth. Plaque and stains can build up if a child does not regularly brush and floss, causing their teeth to turn yellow.Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day can help your child avoid yellowing of the teeth. If your child's yellow teeth are caused by improper brushing or stains on the surface, you can whiten teeth at home.To get started, make sure they brush each tooth surface twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time. The first step to preventing tooth loss in adults is daily oral hygiene: brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing.In addition, regular check-ups and brushing can also prevent the possibility of loose teeth. Your dentist can also do a thorough and professional cleaning of your child's teeth as part of a regular check-up.Parents or guardians should brush their child's teeth for them until they can thoroughly clean all teeth without assistance. In addition to brushing your teeth, your child should regularly floss all contacting teeth. Teach children to brush their teeth properly, reaching every surface of every tooth.Remember that young children are not good at brushing their teeth effectively. This is why an adult should brush a child's teeth at least once a day until the child is 7-8 years old.If your kids eat these foods, ask them to rinse out their mouth or brush their teeth after eating to remove the sugar. Even before your baby starts teething, wipe his gums with a clean, damp cloth to get rid of harmful bacteria.After the first tooth is inserted, parents can brush their child's teeth with a baby toothbrush and some toothpaste. A small child cannot brush the entire surface of the teeth in his mouth and does not know how important it is to brush his teeth well. Most babies have no reason to worry about the habit of breastfeeding until around age 6, when permanent front teeth appear. Dentists tell us to start caring for teeth and gums before the first baby tooth appears.The back teeth (used for chewing) do not fall out until the child is 10-12 years old. As you know, over time, they fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. Note, however, that all teeth (both deciduous and permanent) are slightly small, slightly wavy. Teething of permanent teeth causes the roots of deciduous teeth to dissolve, so when they come off, only a small amount of tissue holds them in place.
Optimal Ultrasound Machine, High Quality, Affordable& Affordable
Optimal Ultrasound Machine, High Quality, Affordable& Affordable
The introduction of ultrasound machineUltrasound machines are an affordable and easy to use tool for doctors to diagnose pregnancy, detect heart disease, or even assess how far along a woman is in her labor.Ultrasound machines are quick and relatively painless procedures that can be used with the help of AI writing assistants. They are used in various settings such as home, hospital, and clinic. They have a number of advantages over traditional methods such as giving doctors more time to do other things while they use them to check on their patients.Ultrasound machines offer more possibilities than just diagnosis for doctors.Tips for ultrasound machineUltrasound machines are used by doctors to detect the changes in fetus during pregnancy. It can also be used to diagnose a range of other conditions such as miscarriage, fetal growth restriction, ectopic pregnancy, and polyhydramnios.Ultrasound machines send strong sound waves into the body to image inside it. The sound waves penetrate through the skin and form a picture of the internal organs on screen.Ultrasound machines use a transducer that generates ultrasound waves at a frequency between 2-10MHz to create an image of the fetus or other organs in the body. These images are then saved on storage devices such as DVDs or CDs and can later be viewed with specialized software like sonography workstation software.How to use ultrasound machine?Ultrasound machine is an important tool in the doctor’s office. It helps the doctor to perform an ultrasound scan, which can then be recorded on a video and sent to the patient’s email or printed out.The specifications of ultrasound machineThe ultrasound machine is used in the diagnosis of various diseases.The product instructions of ultrasound machineUltrasound machines are devices that produce high-frequency sound waves which generate images of the body's internal structures. It is used in many ways to detect and treat problems inside the human body.The Ultrasound machine is a medical device that uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the human body's internal structures. It creates an image of the fetus, baby, or other body parts for diagnosis and monitoring purposes.This machine was first developed in 1946 by Dr. James B. Conover from Yale University who was working on a method to detect tumors with echoes and later called it as ultrasound imaging. Today, ultrasound machines are widely used throughout healthcare settings such as hospitals, OBGYN clinics, hospices, and private practices for a variety of diagnostic tests including pregnancy screening (ultThe application of ultrasound machineUltrasound machine is a device that uses sound waves to create images of the body through the use of technology. It can be used for many purposes such as examining hidden objects during surgery, scanning for tumors and vascular anomalies, and more.The application of ultrasound machine is crucial in different fields. Because it helps with many procedures that are otherwise impossible without it. It is used to help detect and diagnose diseases; give a clear image of the fetus before birth; assess the presence of blood clots, tumors, or other anomalies; examine hidden objects during surgery; scan for tumors and vascular anomalies; and more.Ultrasound machines are also being used in treating pain management with acupuncture technique: by stimulating specific points on the body to induce pain relief along meridians.
New Ultrasound Machine
New Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasound machines have been in use in residential and commercial areas for decades. Now there are many different features and configurations to choose from, which makes them a great investment for the future.These Ultrasound machines effectively reduce the need for clinicians to do manual operations, such as inserting IVs and monitoring vital signs, during an operation. They can be used when you would like to take care of your patients without having to perform complicated procedures or invasive procedures.The ultrasound machine is basically a device that is placed on the patient’s body, where it emits sound waves that are picked up by two ears attached to the machine’s head and these vibrations are sent through a special headset. When an ultrasound wave hits something on your skin (usually a part of your body), this createsUltrasound is the most important tool in medicine. We use ultrasound for everything from diagnosing health problems to performing surgeries. However, there are few options available for medical professionals who want to use ultrasound machine.Professional Ultrasound is still a very expensive process, so many doctors prefer to have access to the best machine that can produce high-quality images of their patients. This article will give you an overview about some of the best Ultrasound machines and how they can be used in your practice.When it comes to ultrasound machines, there are a lot of options on the market. The most common Ultrasound machines are made up of recent models which are more compact and serve multiple purposes.It is important to take into account these parameters when selecting a machine. There should be enough room for the participant in order to be seated comfortably, and the power supply should allow for long-lasting operation.Ultrasonic technology is used in a variety of fields such as medicine, agriculture and veterinary. It is also used in the agricultural industry to monitor crops. Owing to its capabilities, it is being adopted increasingly by medical professionals.Ultrasonic effect is a feature that is present in ultrasound machines. This machine has made the use of ultrasound more convenient and flexible.The article also tries to explain to readers the advantages of the ultrasonic equipment and how they can be used for commercial, residential or other purposes such as; cleaning offices or houses, inspecting property, etc.Section topic: The Growth of the UK's Media Industry through 2017Introduction: The growth in media ownership over recent years and its evolution from print to online media have resulted in significant changes for markets and industries that grew in size. This paper will discuss these developments with a focus on some of the areas that we have identified as having increased significance through this period - advertising, digital content, video games and entertainment.The ultrasound machine is a very important product if you want to monitor your baby. It's cost-effective, easy to use and records everything the doctor sees.Ultrasound is a very helpful tool to diagnose various ailments in the body. It can be used for diagnosis of many diseases and injuries. There are many types of ultrasound machines, such as fiber optics, ultrasound probes and portable ultrasound machine for home use.Ultrasound has been around for a long time. The technology has made major strides in recent years, and it is now widely used in a wide range of applications. Some of the common ones are pregnancy monitoring, baby-monitoring and heart-rate measurement.The best ultrasound machine is the one that will meet your needs. We have created a list for you to consider:Ultrasound (US) is the most popular medical device for heart disease diagnosis and treatment. But in a few cases, it can also be used to treat other conditions like colon cancer, breast cancer, and more.It is time for an update of Ultrasound machines. They have become available with various features and capabilities and their applications are evolving with the times.What is the best ultrasound machine? It depends on who you are talking to.A machine that works well for a specific job may not be a good choice for another industry. If the best ultrasound machine cannot do that job, then it probably isn't worth investing in an expensive machine that won't be used for long term.
Low Cost Ultrasound Machine
Low Cost Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasonography is a method that can be used to perform 3D imaging of the body.Ultrasound machine, like any other medical device, is regulated by the FDA and it needs to follow certain safety rules. To ensure that these machines are safe for human health the FDA has set up guidelines and regulations for their use.Ultrasound Machine For Home& OfficeUltrasound Sound Machine is a sound effect generator which can be used by the home and office to listen to the ultrasound and create a sonic boom, for example. You will be able to create an ultrasonic sound using this machine. This machine is suitable for children’s parties, birthday parties, church services etc.In this section, we will discuss the best ultrasound machine for heart check.The purpose of this section is to give you a detailed overview of the best ultrasound machines available in the market today. The section will provide you with information about their specifications, functionality, features, and more.It is also an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about these machines or their applications in different health care settings. This section is aimed at people who are new to using ultrasound and want to get a better understanding about its use for different applications. It can be used as an introduction to ultrasound for medical staff or people who have a complete background in ultrasound but are new to it and want some guidance on how it can be used in various settings.When you read about ultrasound machines, it's usually in relation to health tests. However, the technology is also used for other purposes such as finding and fixing traffic accidents or finding lost pets.It should be pointed out that this article was written for a wide audience of people who are interested in ultrasound machines. The information contained in it may not be relevant to everyone, but the aim was to introduce a concept without getting lost in technical details.Ultrasound technology is one of the revolutionary technologies that are changing the world. In recent years, ultrasound has shown an exponential growth with the introduction of cost-effective devices.Ultrasound machine is a very important product in the medical field. It plays a vital role in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases and can also be used as an aid in surgery.Ultrasound machines are the best home medical devices that can be used for diagnosing various diseases and ailments of patients. However, their high performance is not enough to take care of all the different health issues.Unfortunately, there are very few manufacturers who have the expertise in producing high-quality ultrasound machines for home use. So we need to select a good machine and a good ultrasound software that will help us in our daily professional duties as well as enhance our quality of life through diagnosis.Ultrasound machines have a wide range of uses from routine check-ups to prenatal check-ups.Ultrasound machines are basically used to take digital X-rays of the baby's body and perform tests on it including showing images of various organs and bones. In some cases, they may even be used in the delivery room to monitor the baby's health throughout the pregnancy.The introduction of the Ultrasound Machine may be the most exciting technology in the future. Reason being, it will help doctors to perform various surgeries with much ease and accuracy. The machine will accommodate a variety of surgical procedures like:It is expected that this device will facilitate surgery for many diseases and fix deformities without a need for surgery. Although there have been some reports about its availability but the machines are not yet ready for use in hospitals across the world.Ultrasound machines are electronic equipment that generate ultrasound waves. The waves can be used to diagnose health problems. Digital content writers will need to be familiar with the different types of ultrasound machines and to know which ones are best for their projects.Ultrasound machine is a machine that uses sound waves to cure different medical disorders. It is a very useful tool for cosmetic use as well. Although there are many types of ultrasonic machines available, they are quite expensive and hard to use.In the article, we will discuss about one of the most popular Ultrasonic machines - Philips Sonicare's FlexCare electric toothbrush which can be used anywhere in home or office to give you a fresh look in just 10 minutes.
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