Introduction to Printer

1. Arrowsmith of printer & photocopier

Arrowsmith or Arrowsmiths may refer to: A person who makes arrows (see fletching and bowyer) Arrowsmith (novel), by Sinclair Lewis Arrowsmith (film), 1931 adaptation of the novel Arrowsmith (comics) The Arrowsmith Program, a brain training program for students with learning disabilities Arrowsmith School, a school for children with learning disabilities Arrowsmith Holidays, a British holiday tour operator later part of Laker Airways J. W.

Introduction to Printer 1

Arrowsmith, British book printer, publisher, and imprint Arrowsmith System, a knowledge discovery system


2. The Pitman's Pay of printer & photocopier

Thomas Wilson's "The Pitmans Pay" was first printed in a Newcastle magazine called "Mitchell's Magazine" in 1826. Further sections were printed in 1828 and 1830.

It was later republished by George Watson, a Gateshead printer. A further book, A collection of selected songs by Gateshead composer Thomas Wilson, which included The Pitmans Pay, was reprinted 14 years after his death in 1872. Much of the work uses words in the local Geordie dialect.

For translations, see Geordie dialect words.


3. Biography of printer & photocopier

Lance was born in Boulogne, France.

He first came to New Zealand in 1856 to visit his brothers. He contested the 1866 election for the superintendency of the Canterbury Provincial Council against William Sefton Moorhouse representing the runholders; he came a distant second. On 12 July 1865, Lance was appointed to the New Zealand Legislative Council.

Introduction to Printer 2

His membership lapsed on 18 October 1867 through absence. He represented the Cheviot electorate from 1884 to 1890. He contested the Ashley electorate in the 1890 election and was defeated by Richard Meredith.


4. Public office of printer & photocopier

He was elected as an "Independent Greenback" for the Assembly's 2nd Washington County district (the Towns of Addison, Barton, Farmington, Kewaskum, Trenton, Wayne and West Bend) in 1877, receiving 995 votes against 735 for George H. Kleffler, who had served in the Assembly's 1868 session as a Democrat, but was running as a Republican (Democratic incumbent Nicholaus Marx was not a candidate for re-election).

He did not run for re-election in 1878, and was succeeded by Democrat John G. Frank.



Robert Aitken (publisher) of printer & photocopier

:For others similarly named, see the Robert Aitken navigation page Robert Aitken (17341802) was a Philadelphia printer and the first to publish an English language Bible in the newly formed United States. He was born in Dalkeith, Scotland. He emigrated to Philadelphia in 1769, where he published the Pennsylvania Magazine, or American Monthly Museum in 177576.

Starting in Philadelphia as a bookseller in 1769 and 1771, Aitken started publication of The Pennsylvania Magazine in 1775, continuing through 1776. He also printed copies of the New Testament in 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1781. He died in Philadelphia in 1802.


6. Shops of printer & photocopier

The street is one of Cambridge's shopping streets. The shops include a high proportion of independent shops and boutiques as well as some well-known high street names.

Trinity College owns most of the buildings in the street, for example the building that houses the J Sainsbury food store, the main central Cambridge supermarket, on Sidney Street and Green Street. Other notable shops and restaurants include Bills, Harriet's Caf and Tea Room, Sundaes Shoes, Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, Oska, Cateby's, Susie Watson Designs and Modish.



Francis Bailey of printer & photocopier

Francis Bailey (September 3, 1744 November 1, 1817) was a Revolutionary War printer, publisher and journalist in Pennsylvania from 1771 to 1807. He began publication of the Lancaster Almanac in Lancaster, PA in 1771 and published the United States Magazine in 1778. In 1781, he became editor of the Freeman's Journal.

In addition to printing editions of the Articles of Confederation and Thomas Paine's Common Sense, he acted as printer for Congress and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He was the first America publisher of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg in 1787.



Zachariah Poulson of printer & photocopier

Zachariah Poulson (17611844) was an American editor and publisher. Poulson was born in Philadelphia in 1761. In 1800, he purchased Claypoole's American Daily Advertiser, the successor to America's first daily newspaper, the Pennsylvania Packet.

He was state printer for some years, and the publisher of Poulson's Town and Country Almanac, 1789-1801. He also published Proud's History of Pennsylvania, 1797-98. He was a member of several literary and charitable associations, and connected with the Library Company of Philadelphia for 58 years.


9. Robert Wilkin (politician) of printer & photocopier

Robert Wilkin (18201886) was a 19th-century Member of Parliament in Canterbury, New Zealand. He represented the Kaiapoi electorate from 1863 to 1866, when he retired.

He was a member of the Canterbury Provincial Council. At first, he represented the Timaru electorate (18601862), then the Town of Timaru electorate (18621864) and then the Waitangi electorate (18641866). From July 1860 to November 1863, and from October 1866 to March 1868, he was a member of the Canterbury Executive Council.

He was the province's Deputy Superintendent from 19 July to 14 September 1863.


10. Ihaia Tainui of printer & photocopier

Ihaia Tainui (died 19 October 1885) was a Mori member of the New Zealand parliament.

He was the son of Wereta Tainui and grandson of Tuhuru Kokare, both chiefs of the Ngi Tahu hap (sub-tribe) Ngti Waewae. He represented the electorate of Southern Maori from 1879 (after Hori Kerei Taiaroa was disqualified) to 1881, when he resigned and Hori Taiaroa resumed the electorate. Tainui committed suicide by hanging on 19 October 1885 in the whare rnanga at Arahura P, north of Hokitika.


11. Richard Pierce of printer & photocopier

Richard, Rich, Rick, or Dick Pierce may refer to: Dick Pierce (18961966), American football player Richard Pierce (publisher), printer of Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick Richard S. Pierce, co-author of the PierceBirkhoff conjecture Richard Pierce (historian) (19182004), American historian Rick Pierce, American musician, member of TKO Richard J.

Pierce, American legal scholar at George Washington School of Law Richard Pierce, a character in the 2004 novel Little Children and the 2006 film adaptation Richard Pierce, a character in the 1969 novel The Venom Business


12. Mary Clark of printer & photocopier

Mary Clark may refer to: Mary Clark (printer) (active 16771696), London printer and publisher Mary Clark Thompson (18351923), philanthropist and wife of banker Frederick Ferris Thompson Mary Kitson Clark (19052005), British archaeologist Mary T. Clark (19132014), American historian of philosophy Mary Higgins Clark (19272020), American author Mary Elizabeth Clark (born 1938), main mover of the AIDS Education and Global Information System Mary Clark-Glass (active since 1974), academic, medical administrator and former politician in Northern Ireland Mary Jane Clark (born 1954), American author Mary Ellen Clark (born 1962), American diver Mary Clark (architect) (born 1936), Canadian architect



Philip Timms of printer & photocopier

Philip T. Timms (September 16, 1874 August 8, 1973) was a Canadian photographer and printer. As an amateur he was involved in archaeology, history, music, and film.

He was a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the official photographer of the Vancouver Museum. Major J.S.

Matthews stated he "is a real Vancouver pioneer; handpicked, extra special, double refined and forty over proof" and Maclean's Guide to Vancouver described his works as an "invaluable contribution to our cultural heritage".


14. Carey Carrington of printer & photocopier

Carey John Carrington, Jr.

MLC (1877 14 December 1966) was a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council from 17 June 1926 to 16 June 1933; then 17 June 1933 to 16 June 1940, when his term ended. He was appointed by the Reform Government. He was born in Auckland in the spring of 1877, the eldest son of Carey John Carrington, Sr.

, who had been born in 1844 in Wokingham, Berkshire, and Alicia Mary Josephine Lonergan. In 1903, he married Elizabeth McCashin. He died in Tauranga in 1966 and is buried in Thames Valley.


15. George Jones (Australian politician) of printer & photocopier

George Alfred Jones (1866 8 April 1938) was an Australian politician. He was born in Inverell to schoolmaster Robert Brown and Helen Moore.

He married Frances Louisa Durnford around 1891 at Surry Hills; they had three children. A printer, he was president of the Typographical Association from 1897 to 1901, and worked with various newspapers. In 1902 he was elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly as the Labor member for Inverell.

He transferred to Gwydir in 1904 and served until his defeat in 1913. Jones died at Bondi in 1938.



Hermitage Bay of printer & photocopier

Hermitage Bay is an expansive bay stretching out along the south coast of Newfoundland. It is a body of Gulf of St. Lawrence which is near the Connaigre Peninsula.

On its south, it is bordered by the Hermitage peninsula and the communities of Seal Cove (Fortune Bay), Hermitage and Sandyville. On its north side it is flanked by the communities of McCallum on mainland Newfoundland and by Gaultois on Long Island. Long Island separates Hermitage Bay from Bay d'Espoir farther inland to the north.


17. Select bibliography of printer & photocopier

Letters to the Rt. Rev.

J. Hughes, Roman Catholic Bishop of New York, by Kirwan. 2nd series, 1848 Kirwan's letter to Dr.

Cote, on Baptism, with Dr. Cote's reply, 1849 the Decline of Popery and its causes. An address, etc,, New York, 1851 Romanism at home, being letters to the Hon.

Roger B. Taney, 1852 American Principles on National Prosperity. A thanksgiving Sermon (on Ps.

CXVIII.25), etc.', 1854 Kirwan (i.

e., N. Murray) on Bedini and Dr.

Duff. An address, etc, 1854


18. Cadotte Pass of printer & photocopier

Cadotte Pass, known in the mid to late 1800s as Cadotte's Pass, is a pass in the Rocky Mountains located on the Continental Divide in the U.

S. state of Montana. Pierre Cadotte, a white settler at Fort Benton, Montana, explored the pass in 1851.

Prior to his exploration Tribal people utilized the pass while migrating to the buffalo hunting plains around the Sun River. Isaac Stevens, Territorial Governor of the Montana Territory, named the pass after Cadotte in 1853. The pass is 6,073 feet (1,851 m) above sea level.


19. Books edited and printed of printer & photocopier

Pierre de La Rame. Arithmeticae libri tres.

1555. Jean-Antoine de Baf. Chant de joie du jour des espousailles de Franois, roi daufin, et de Marie, roine d'cosse.

1558. Pierre Ronsard. La paix.

1559. Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon. Responce par le chevalier de Villegaignon aux Remonstrances faictes la royne mre du roy.

1561. Jacques Androuet du Cerceau. Le second livre d'architecture.

1561. . Jacques Grvin.

Les portraicts anatomiques de toutes les parties du corps humain. 1569. Anton Schneeberger.

Medicamentorum facile parabilium adversus omnis generis articulorum dolores enumeratio. Frankfurt, 1581.



Navua River of printer & photocopier

The Navua River is located in the island of Viti Levu in Fiji and has its source on the south east slope of Mount Gordon and flows for 65 kilometers to the south coast. It is noted for the scenic beauty of the rugged mountain country through which it flows. In the late 19th century a sugar mill was built on the banks of this river, and although the mill was shut down in 1923, the town of Navua stands on its site.


21. Anthony Henry Holland of printer & photocopier

Anthony Henry Holland (25 November 1785 10 October 1830) was a Halifax businessman and printer. He was named after and the godson of Anthony Henry (Printer).

Holland is best known for founding the Acadian Recorder in 1813. In 1819, he founded and successfully ran the first paper mill in Atlantic Canada. It was known as the Acadia Paper Mill and was located on the Nine Mile River, near Bedford Basin.

He is buried in the cemetery of the Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


22. Books of printer & photocopier

It put into circulation books of devotion, and published the Bibliothque de la jeunesse chrtienne.

La Touraine was exhibited at the Universal Exhibition of 1855, and was in its day one of the finest of illustrated books. There were the Bible with illustrations from Gustave Dor; Vtault's Charlemagne; Wallon's St. Louis; the Chefs d'oeuvres de la langue franaise.

Quantin, the publisher, calculated that, in 1883, the Mame publishing-house issued yearly six million volumes, of which three million were bound


23. Gent (surname) of printer

Gent may refer to: Alan Neville Gent (19272012), English physicist Billy Gent (18791957), Australian rules footballer Chris Gent (born 1948), British businessman Don Gent (19331996), Australian rules footballer Edward Gent (18951948), British colony administrator Georgie Gent (born 1988), English tennis player Ian Gent, British computer scientist John Thomas Gent, British clock maker Keith Gent (born 1945), Australian rules footballer Mike Gent (born 1971), American musician Robert Gent-Davis (18571903), English businessman and politician Thomas Gent (16931778), printer and author Peter Gent (19422011), American writer and football player


24. William Tucker (politician) of printer & photocopier

William Henry Terry Tucker (5 January 1843 19 February 1919) was a New Zealand soldier, farmer, clerk, interpreter, land agent, and politician.

He was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1843. William Tucker lost his parent early in his life; his mother died when he was two and his father, Henry Tucker, died when he was seven. He was Mayor of Gisborne in 1887 and 1888.

On 22 January 1907, he was appointed to the Legislative Council. He served for one term until 21 January 1914.

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Precautions for the Use of Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction Instruments Depends on These Points
Precautions for the Use of Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction Instruments Depends on These Points
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersNucleic acid automatic extraction instrument is a necessary medical device for PCR laboratory. The use of supporting nucleic acid extract reagents can automatically complete the extraction of sample nucleic acids. It plays a vital role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Therefore, in the process of using the instrument, we must pay attention to the use of the instrument, and correctly use the nucleic acid automatic extraction instrument to avoid detection errors.So, what problems should be paid attention to when using a nucleic acid automatic extraction instrument? Let's take a look together.1. Be careful not to place the instrument on the cushion, so as not to fall into the cushion and block the outlet below.2. Do not close the rear of the nucleic acid automatic extract in the wall or other items to avoid affecting the heat dissipation.3. The automatic extraction instrument of the nucleic acid should be placed in a place where the humidity is low, the dust is less and the water sources (such as near the pool, water pipe, etc.) should be placed. Do not use it in direct sunlight, and stay away from heating, stove and all other heat sources.4. When moving the instrument, the handle on the safety door of the experimental cabin is prohibited.5. Do not use the nucleic acid automatic extraction instrument in places with dangerous gases.6. A voltage that causes harm to the human body with automatic extract instrument. Before turning on the shell, you must cut off the power of the instrument.What brand of nucleic acid automatic extraction instrument is good?In order to meet the emergency needs of current large -scale people and high -throughput screening, reduce the limitations of conventional testing methods, and ensure the personal safety of test personnel. Proven Medical brand manufacturers have officially launched multiple nucleic acid automatic extract instruments, which have high degree of automation and flexible detection. It provides a fast and flexible automation solution for small and medium -sized sample detection.The PLH-96 (4x24) nucleic acid automatic extract instrument is based on the magnetic rod on the magnetic rod to adsorb magnetic beads and moves the magnetic beads to different reagent grooves. It can apply the extraction of nucleic acids and proteins of various samples. Just add detection samples and reagents and 96 deep -hole plates. Each independent experimental cabin can run 2 96 deep -hole plates at the same time. 24 samples.
What Are the Places to Pay Attention to When Using Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines?
What Are the Places to Pay Attention to When Using Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines?
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersColor Doppler ultrasound is one of the important image equipment in the hospital. Color ultrasound machines are usually composed of probes, ultrasonic launch/receiving circuits, signal processing and image display. Using ultrasonic Doppler technology and ultrasonic echo, at the same time, blood flow movement, tissue movement information, and human organ and organization imaging. The frequency of use is very high, so you must pay attention to the daily life to prevent the equipment from failing. Here are some precautions for daily use of color ultrasound.1. The operator must hold a certificate to the job, be familiar with the performance and use of color Doppler ultrasound, and the normal values of the use of medical parameters of various medical parameters.2. Before booting, check the surface of the probe, probe cable, etc. Before use. If damage is found, please stop using it, so as not to cause damage to the patient or operator.3. After booting, adjust the equipment conditions according to the patient's situation until the ZUI is good until you get a satisfactory picture.4. During use, try to avoid the residual coupling agent on the control panel and display and touch screens to avoid affecting its function.5. After each patient is checked, use a soft wet cloth or soft paper to clean the surface to keep the probe clean. After the operation and the examination, carefully place the probe, avoid excessive bending probe cables or mop it to avoid mopping the floor to avoid Damage probe.6. It is forbidden to enter the liquid. The structure of the probe is non -water. In the process of using, once there is a liquid immersion, it will cause a short circuit of the internal line of the probe, making the system unable to work properly.In short, color Doppler ultrasound machines are widely used in the clinical departments of major and medium -sized hospitals. It is one of the important equipment for monitoring bed diagnosis. Only by using maintenance correctly can we better be used by us.
What Are the Main Applications of Non -invasive Ventilator? Precautions During Use
What Are the Main Applications of Non -invasive Ventilator? Precautions During Use
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersMany people do not know the differences between these two kinds of non -invasive ventilator and ventilator, and they are often easily confused. In fact, these are two different devices, and the scope of clinical application is also different. The editor of the Progen Medical Equipment mainly introduces the clinical application and use of non -invasive ventilator.Non -invasive ventilator refers to the method of providing effective mechanical ventilation by connecting the ventilator with the nose or nose mask. It has the characteristics of small pain, flexible application, intermittent or continuous application. Non -invasive ventilator is suitable for light and moderate respiratory failure. Patients with no emergency intubation indicators, relative stability of life signs, and contraindications of non -invasive ventilator are used for early intervention and auxiliary withdrawal of respiratory failure.What should I pay attention to during the use of non -invasive ventilator?1. When using the ventilator, you may feel uncomfortable. This is a normal phenomenon. After a few deep breaths, after a period of self -adjustment, patients will gradually adapt to this new feeling.2. Getting up: If you need to get up at night, take the cover and turn off the ventilator. When you continue to sleep, please wear a mask and turn on the ventilator.3. Election of the mouth: If you use a nasal mask, keep your mouth closed as much as possible during treatment. Elected air leakage can lead to a decrease in efficacy. If the problems of the mouth leakage cannot be solved, you can use the nose mask or the jawbone.4. Wear mask: When the mask is good and comfortable, the ventilator is good. Leakage can affect the curative effect, so it is very important to eliminate air leakage. Before wearing a mask, please clean the face and remove excessive oil on the face, which helps to better wear a mask and extend the life of the mask.5. Drying problem: During use, the dryness of the nose, mouth, and pharynx may occur, which is more obvious in winter. Usually, a wetter can eliminate the above discomfort.6. Nose stimulation: In the first few weeks of treatment, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion may occur. Usually, a wetter can solve the above problems.The use of non -invasive ventilator should be done. For ordinary patients, try to use masks as much as possible to absorb oxygen, pay attention to increasing oxygen flow. Only when the patient's ventilation function is also obstacle, can it be treated with non -invasive ventilator. Regarding the use of non -invasive ventilator, the text only shared some precautions for use. If the machine fails, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's after -sales staff to conduct reasonable analysis and solution, and do not handle it without authorization to avoid damaging the machine. If you are interested in our manufacturer's non-invasive ventilator products, please call the consulting hotline of Putron Medical Equipment manufacturers: 400-6656-888.
What Are the Main Uses of Cardiac Ultrasound, and Under What Circumstances Need to Be a Cardiac Ultr
What Are the Main Uses of Cardiac Ultrasound, and Under What Circumstances Need to Be a Cardiac Ultr
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersWith the improvement of people's material living standards and the growth of population aging, the incidence of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes has become higher and higher. Therefore, the use of ultrasonic heartbeat diagrams to conduct a safe and non -invasive examination of the heart is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of the disease.Cardiac ultrasound is the abbreviation of ultrasonic heartbeat. It is an ultrasonic examination method that combines two -dimensional ultrasound, M -type ultrasound, spectrum and color Doppler ultrasonic technology. It is very common to use clinical diagnosis of cardiac diseases.Cardiac ultrasound is to place the ultrasonic probe on the upper nest of the sternum, beside the sternum, the tip of the heart, and the sword. And there are detailed information such as the decline block, the thickness of the room wall, the changes in echo, the number of valve, and the opening and closure of the valve, and so on. The main purpose of the heart ultrasound is 5 points:1. Determine the location of the heart.2. Check the disease of the pericardium.3. Check whether the structure of the heart is abnormal.4. Evaluate cardiac function.5. Evaluate the changes in heart blood flow dynamics, measure the flow velocity and pressure difference of each petals, and judge the abnormal blood flow parts and origin in the cardiovascular.So, under what circumstances do you need to do a color Doppler ultrasound?1. Symptoms such as chest tightness, palpitations, palpitations, or chest pain, syncope, unknown fever and other symptoms after activity appear.2. Suspected of congenital heart disease.3. Hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., as well as some other acquired heart disease (such as rheumatic heart disease, insufficiency of valve, etc.).4. Clinicians found noise during theft.5. When you need to evaluate the heart function.
What Instrument Does Pesticide Residue Test? What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Operation Proce
What Instrument Does Pesticide Residue Test? What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Operation Proce
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersWith the improvement of modern living standards, the proportion of fruits and vegetables in people's daily diet is increasing. It can be said that three meals daily are inseparable. However, due to the rapid growth of the population, the rapid development of the industry, the contamination of the three industrial waste and the pollution of the living waste is getting worse. In particular, some vegetable farmers used a large amount of fertilizer pesticides in the past. Repeatedly banned, this has caused the phenomenon of universal nitrate and pesticide residues in vegetables, which have caused serious threats to human health and life safety. For our health,At present, fruit and vegetables need to be tested by pesticide residues before they are sold. They can only be sold after the standard. So, what kind of instruments do pesticide residues test? The pesticide residue detection instrument has 12 detection channels, which can be multiple samples at the same time, circular detection, that is, to be checked. Each sample is controlled by the program independently and will not interfere with each other. Available computer control instruments to achieve data query, browsing, analysis, statistics, printing, etc. So what should I pay attention to when operating pesticide residue detector equipment? The editor of the Progen Medical Equipment will be introduced in detail.1. When using, you should ensure whether the power of the lithium battery is full. When installing a lithium battery, the user should pay attention to the polarity of the battery plug.2. If the indication indicator is not bright, it means that the current battery power is too low. In order to ensure that the instrument is in the power, the user should charge it in time, otherwise the instrument will automatically shut down.3. In order to extend the service life of the instrument, if the instrument is idle for a long time, the charging lithium battery should be removed and placed in a dry place to keep it properly; or replenish charging in time.4. The environment of the instrument should be kept dry, dusty, and no vibration.5. The internal channel of the instrument should be kept clean without dust. If there are dirt, it should be wiped.6. If you do not need to be shut down, after the instrument is turned off, if the power adapter is powered, the power indicator is bright. If flashing, it means that the lithium battery is charging.7. Before use, you must read the instrument instructions carefully and operate according to the operation steps on the instructions.As a pesticide residue detector equipment generation manufacturer, Progen Medical currently sells this equipment, its shape is novel, at the same time, convenient operation, high detection accuracy, and enjoying thoughtful after -sales service to solve your worries, more about this one about this, more about this one about this. More about this one, more about this. For details of the product, please call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.
Is the Operation of Pesticide Residue Fast Detectors Simple? How to Reduce Agricultural Residues in
Is the Operation of Pesticide Residue Fast Detectors Simple? How to Reduce Agricultural Residues in
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersSummer is the season for the production of vegetables and fruits, and it is also a period of high incidence of gastrointestinal infectious diseases. Remaining pesticides in fruits and vegetables can cause chronic poisoning in the human body for a long time, bringing potential threats to human health, and even inducing many chronic diseases. In order to solve this problem, many cities now have large vegetable wholesale markets and large fresh supermarkets equipped with pesticide residues fast detectors, which can quickly detect vegetables and fruits. It only takes a few minutes to get results.Many people will worry about a problem when buying pesticide residues, that is, the use of pesticide residues fast detector is inconvenient. Let me introduce the operation steps of pesticide residue fast detector.1. Prepare the sample solution according to the steps of the reagent manual, take 100 microchemical reagents, and inject the control solution test tube and sample liquid test tube. Then pour the control solution and sample liquid into the container.2. Put the sample solutionocyrus in the corresponding channel, close the shading plate, and click the sample name button to select [Sample name], click to detect, pay attention to the detection time and the control solution consistent.3. Click the reaction time to set the corresponding sample reaction time.4. After the progress bar is completed, the test results are displayed. If you need to print, click the [Print] button, and click to print it. The data is automatically saved.5. Continuously measure other samples and repeat 2--5 steps.To solve the problem of pesticide residues of agricultural products, on the one hand, non -standard production, disable high -toxic pesticides, and guide scientific medication; on the other hand, it is necessary to rely on fast inspection instruments such as pesticide residues to strengthen pesticide residues in all aspects of agricultural products, and create no pesticide residues without pesticide residues Agricultural products. In addition to these two aspects, how can we reduce the harm caused by pesticide residues quickly in daily life?Among many vegetables and fresh fruits, pesticide residues contain high melon and fresh fruits and vegetables, such as loofah and four -season beans. The content of pesticide residues in such foods is high, and peel and take as much as possible. Cleaning and bubbles have certain effects on reducing pesticide residues in vegetables and fresh fruits. The residual pesticides on vegetables can be removed according to cold water cleaning, consumption base cleaning, dishwashing, and clean rice water cleaning. Select the use of sunlight dryness method to dissolve and destroy some pesticides in vegetables. Using the characteristics of some organic chemical pesticides, acceleration of dissolution, etc., the full thermal steam method is used to reduce pesticide residues in vegetables.
Notice on "Medical Device Standard Catalog (2022 Edition)"
Notice on "Medical Device Standard Catalog (2022 Edition)"
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersRecently, the Medical Device Standard Management Center of the my country Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau released the "Medical Device Standard Catalog (2022)" (hereinafter referred to as "Catalog Compilation"). The "Catalog" is formed for the current 1851 medical devices and industry standards in accordance with the technical field to better apply medical device standards.The "Catalog Compilation" is divided into two categories: general technology and professional technology fields. Among them, the field of general technology includes the quality management of medical equipment, the unique logo of the medical equipment, the packaging of medical equipment, the biological evaluation of medical equipment, the general requirements of medical electrical equipment, the general technology of disinfection and sterilization, and the other 7 parts; the professional technology fields include surgery Equipment, medical biological protection, medical X -ray equipment and utensils, medical laboratories and in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents.The basic principles of the "Catalog Journal" are the standards of the pioneer home and the post -industry standards; the same level standards are the order in accordance with the standard number; the standards for professional and technical fields are generally common, and the post -product standards and method standards are side by side. Each standard indicates the standard number, standard name, release date, implementation date, alternative relationship (applicable to the standards that have not been implemented) and the port unit.Medical equipment standards have played an important basic guarantee role in service science supervision and promoting industrial development. According to statistics, in 2021, my country issued a total of 35 medical equipment standards and 146 industry standards. As of February 18, 2022, a total of 1,851 current medical device standards were organized and revised by the my country Drug Administration based on responsibilities, including 235 standards (91 compulsory standards, 144 recommendation standards), and 1616 industry standards (industry standards (industry standards (industry standards (1616 industry standards (industry standards (1616 industry standards ( 298 compulsory standards and 1318 recommendation standards). There are 26 medical device standardization technical committees, sub -technical committees, and 9 medical device standardized technical batch units."Prank Medical Device Network" will regularly release information about medical device information on a regular basis. At the same time, as a manufacturer of medical equipment, it is rich in product types, including: clinical testing equipment, breathing anesthesia equipment, and various reagents. If you treat us to us If you are interested, please call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.
What Should I Do If the Full -automatic Biochemical Device Sample Needle Is Faulty?
What Should I Do If the Full -automatic Biochemical Device Sample Needle Is Faulty?
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersThe fully automatic biochemical instrument is applied to the test of large -scale biochemical projects in the hospital inspection department. With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of automation and precision of the biochemical instrument is also getting higher and higher. In daily applications, some problems are inevitable. In order to solve the problem faster and avoid the error of instrument, the following editors summarize some common problems and solutions of some biochemicals for your reference.Reaging warehouse causes cold device does not cause coldCause: The heat dissipation system is not good.Maintenance method: clean the sponge filter of the inlet to remove the dust of the intake pipeline.Water supply system pressure increasesReasons: After replacing the new pipeline, the resistance of the new and old pipelines has different changes in the pressure of the water supply system.Maintenance method: Re -adjust the total valve pressure of the water supply system and the pressure regulating knob of the electromaging valve of each pipeline.Sampling needles and shots are not running in placeCauses: Horizontal sensors and vertical sensors of sampling needles, nipples, and vertical sensors; poor contact with the plug of the sensor; the main axis of the sampling needle and the nipple of the shot needle is too large.Maintenance method: Wipe the sensor with water -free ethanol with a cotton swab, polish the plug with sandpaper, remove the surface oxidation layer, and add lubricating oil to the sample needle and the nipple of the niperstick.Sensor failureCause: The sensor is covered with dust and water; the surface of the sensor joint is oxidized.Maintenance method: Wipe the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in a water ethanol, and polish the oxidation layer on the surface of the plug surface with sandpaper.Sampling needle is not synchronized with the rotation of the color diskCause: The main axis of the sampling needle lacks lubrication; it is loose than the color disk sensor with water or dust sensor plug.Maintenance method: Add lubricating oil to the main axis of the sampling needle, wipe the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in water -oriented ethanol to fix the sensor plug.The mixer is not in place (the mixer does not rotate or the sound of friction)Cause: The stirrer is fastened by the screws; the sensor sensor is faulty; the mixer motor and the mixing rod are connected to form a reagent crystal and other dirt, which causes the motor to not rotate or rotate.Maintenance method: Tighten the screw tightly, wipe the sensor with water -free ethanol, polish the sensor plug, clean the motor and use light lubricating oil to lubricate the motor shaft.Water supply and drainage system leaks waterCause: Pinpopular part or completely blocking; mold in the pipeline.Maintenance method: Use acupuncture acupuncture needle to remove the dirt on the pipe needle, rinse the pipe with a syringe with distilled water, soak the pipeline with 2%sodium hypochlorite for 1 hour, and then rinse with a large amount of distilled water.Sample needle plus sample failureCause: Sample needle obstructionMaintenance method: Use stainless steel wire to clean the inner side of the needle, guide the additional needle, and then use the syringe with an inside to remove the protein washing agent to vigorously push and pull it to further remove the small obstructions. The exterior of the sample needle is cleaned with a gauze with alcohol.When analyzing the failure of the automatic biochemical meter, it should be from simple to complex. First, check whether the basic structures such as sample needles, composers, stirring rods, color cups and warm tanks, and bulbs are damaged. Then analyze whether the additional system, color system, stirring system, cleaning unit, etc. are normal, check carefully, and find out the root cause of the problem.
What Are the Common Faults of Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments? What Causes
What Are the Common Faults of Automatic Nucleic Acid Extract Instruments? What Causes
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersThe epidemic has entered a normal development, and the demand for fully automatic nucleic acid extracts continues to rise. Facing complex samples, daily nucleic acid extraction can be said to be time -consuming and laborious. If you want to get the experimental results stable in a short time, the fast and stable nucleic acid extraction method is very important. So, the more common extraction method of automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument includes: precipitation method, centrifugal column method, and magnetic bead method. What faults are prone to occur during a large number of extraction? What are the factors? In the face of these various problems, let's introduce it in detail.1. The extraction rate of extracted nucleic acids is low1. The proportion of samples and reagents should be controlled in a certain range to avoid exceeding the cracking ability;2. The details of the broken grinding steps are important. It must be fully grinded. This is the primary condition for the extraction of nucleic acid extraction;3. In the steps of eluing, use a sufficient amount of eluation to wash and mix it fully to avoid the survival of the group;4. Experimental consumables should be matched. For example, different nucleic acid adsorption capacity of different columns or magnetic beads will also affect the rate of nucleic acid.2. Extract nucleic acid degradation1. The amount of samples extracted should meet the proportion of the reagent, and try to control the amount of the sample to reach the appropriate ratio;2. Pay attention to the full mixing evenly every step to avoid the residual of the group block affect the experimental results;3. When eluing, the time is too long or the temperature is too high, and the nucleic acid may be degraded;4. Remember that the sample should not be frozen repeatedly. The extracted sample should pay attention to preservation at the right temperature, and keep it at -80 C for a long time.Third, the purity of the extraction nucleic acid is not high enough, and even the retention of the inhibitory of objects affects the detection results1. The proportion of reagents such as sample volume and cracking fluid should be controlled to the appropriate range as much as possible;2. Mix uniformly to ensure sufficient cracking and no regiment residues;3. The steps of drying should be sufficient, otherwise it may cause residues of impurities such as alcohol;4. The amplitude of the magnetic rod is too small or the mixing time is too short. There is impurities residue on the magnetic bead that will affect the ability of magnetic beads to adsorb nucleic acid.The above is a simple analysis of several types of faults that are easily prone to automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments. If your device fails or the above failure occurs, the method of processing is found. deal with. If you are interested in the fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument produced by the Prank medical equipment manufacturers, you can call the consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.
What Is Blood Gas Analysis and How Does the Blood Gas Analyzer Operate? -Prang Medical
What Is Blood Gas Analysis and How Does the Blood Gas Analyzer Operate? -Prang Medical
  Author:MeCan Medical–ultrasound machine manufacturersWhat is blood gas analysis? Blood gas analysis refers to the relevant indicators that measure the partial pressure and content of the gas ingredients (O2, CO2, etc.) dissolved in the blood, while determining the relevant indicators of the acid -base balance. By analyzing and understanding and determining the ventilation and ventilation function of the lungs, the type and severity of respiratory failure, and various types of acid -base imbalances. The blood gas analyzer is very important in clinical work. It is a necessary medical equipment for patients with critical condition.How does the blood gas analyzer operate?The operation method of the blood gas analyzer is simple. Generally, the blood gas analyzer operates manual for sampling and input parameters. The blood gas analyzer will automatically run and print the results.1. Blood mining: The ideal part of the blood collection is the arteries that are easy to touch, convenient puncture, the body's side branches with more circulation, and far from veins and nerves. The radial artery is commonly used (pain sensitivity, not easy to succeed in patients with cycle failure), followed by femoral arteries (rough, applicable to patients and children with cycle failure).2. Prepare sample: Remove the needle and fully hepinomenize the arterial blood specimen.3. Operate in the state of the blood gas analyzer "Ready". According to the prompts on the display, the arterial blood specimen selects "Arterial".4. Inhale blood samples: When the sampling needle of the blood gas analyzer is lifted, the syringe port is inserted to the point of the syringe, select the "OK" key on the display screen, and the blood gas analyzer begins to suck. Waiting for the result.In clinical practice, the ICU is more commonly used. Although the oncology department is usually used less, it does not mean that it does not deal with the blood gas analyzer. When the patient is in danger The pulmonary gas exchange function and its accompanying acid -base balance regulation status. The inspection of the necessary blood gas analyzer has important guiding significance for the diagnosis and treatment of critical illness.
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