If Someone Passed Through an Airport X-ray Machine. My Daughter Accidentally Has Passed, Danger?

i only can say one word... HUH?

If Someone Passed Through an Airport X-ray Machine. My Daughter Accidentally Has Passed, Danger? 1

1. One crystalline form of silica (SiO2) has a cubic unit cell, and from X-ray diffraction data it is known that?

if it's cubic you can calculate the cell volume in cubic nanometers (0.343 nm^3 = 3.43E-22 cm^3. you add up one formula unit of SiO2 and that's 28 32 = 60 g / mol, divide that by avagardo's number to obtain the mass of one formula unit = 9.96E-23 g. Thus the density for one Si per unit cell is 9.96E-23 / 3.43E-22 = 0.29. That goes into 2.32 eight times, so I conclude there are 8 Si atoms and 16 O atoms per unit cell.

2. How believable are "X-ray sights”?

Maybe.Passive RadarThe concept would be similar to passive radar. Passive radar uses natural and artificial radio signals to spot aircraft. Radio waves such as the ones for cell phones, AM/FM radio etc. They bounce off the aircraft and the angle of the bounce can be detected by an array of dishes. Unfortunately waves in that spectrum only travel through air and not solid objects. Cosmic RaysYou would need something that passes through solid objects. Muons have been used to see inside stone structures. Nagoya University used cosmic rays to see inside a pyramid. They wanted to check for empty space but they needed to do it in a way that would not compromise the structure. The sensors they had were passive and slowly collected hits and formed a picture. Unfortunately it took months for the experiment to yield. That does't make it very useful for an immediate combat use. The resolution was not very good either, seeing small objects is out of the question. Conceptually there's a possibility there. Depending on how much you would want to bend physics rules, or assume extremely advanced technology. HodoscopeMaybe extremely sensitive and compact Hodoscopes have been invented. The name already works too

If Someone Passed Through an Airport X-ray Machine. My Daughter Accidentally Has Passed, Danger? 2

3. I'm 10 wks pregnant and had to have a foot/ankle x-ray. They covered my stomach but is my baby still safe?

As long as they cover you, your baby should be fine

4. Can a physical therapist touch you without an X-ray?

PT outside the military can not order xrays. I rarely have access to them. We do differential diagnosis. If we feel you need to go back to your MD, we will before treating you. Good luck

5. If you had to choose a super heroes power, what would it be? I would have x ray vision.?

i would choose telekinesis. it would be great to move things with your mind

6. is it ok to get a dental x ray at 4 weeks pregnant?

NO. the radiation from an x-ray is not safe when your pregnant. make sure the doctors know you are pregnant.

7. Can airport security (X-ray/Customs) detect hidden money inside a shoesock?

no you wo not have a problem so long as it wo not set off a metal detector, just keep it inside your sock and walk through the metal detector...(and do not set it off or else you will have to get searched). You will have to put your shoes through the x-ray so be sure to keep your hidden money inside your sock with you as you go thru security. if it goes through the x-ray, yeah they will see it

8. How much total radiation is there in a chest x-ray. And what does that compare to a 1hr walk on a sunny beach?

Chest X ray provides around 0.1m sievert ( 1 sv = 1J/kg) ( the SI unit is gray, which would be J/kg m/s depending on how long the xray takes ( fractures of a second) so maybe a few gray.) As far as i know solar Xray radiation is pretty much absorbed by the atmosphere. Sand is usually quartz (silicates) which provide irrelevant doses of maybe a few sievert of gamma radiation, or less even during a whole day walking on it. there is Radon in the air a noble gas with radioactive proportions, its decay delivers a lot more direct gamma radiation to you for details, see link below. The UV radiation of the sun ( that is a different wavelenght than X rays, and therefore hard to compare) is problematic since UV light does not penetrate your flesh, like X rays, you only get a close to - surface radiation. I cant seem to find any reliable data, since the amount of UV light that penetrates the atmosphere depends on the ozone and water in the air. Anyways, radiation damages your DNA. But your body is very well capable of repairing this damage, up to a certain point. Radiation is not as dangerous as most people think. Still, it should be avoided if possible.. Edit I realize that you meant radiation as in the movie and godzilla kind of way. But to be honest, that is fiction, reality is just not that simple. X ray machines dont work with radiaoactive material, they emmit basically a strong electric impulse in a vacuum that induces Xrays. Scientists have shown, that you can build an working Xray emitter out of duct tape, in a vacuum.

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