I Have Mixed Feelings About the Amazon Series Hunters As a Jew

But I still highly recommend it for the entertainment value and thought-provoking moral questions.I have a lot to say about the new Amazon Prime series Hunters.First of all, it is quite entertaining.

I Have Mixed Feelings About the Amazon Series Hunters As a Jew 1

No doubt about that especially the last episode which had a few completely unexpected twists! I love shows that totally surprise you. This one did.

I think Millenials, Holocaust Deniers and others who dont know much about the Holocaust (or didnt learn much about it in school) will benefit from watching this fascinating show.We binge-watched the whole series last week. It kept our attention mainly because it was unique in many ways.

It was definitely campy for a Holocaust show. Wow. Did she just use the words Campy and Holocaust in the same breath?

Yep.It was a campy show about the Holocaust and Jews getting their long-awaited revenge on Nazis. The show stars Al Pacino who I normally love, especially his classic Scarface.

I Have Mixed Feelings About the Amazon Series Hunters As a Jew 2

(One of my favorite movies ever!) Most of the actors were believable and did a great job here. The script was a bit far fetched but well-written and thought-provoking for Jews and non-Jews.

I especially liked the young Jonah character portrayed by actor Logan Lerman. It was interesting to watch his character turn from the innocent 19-year-old kid to ruthless revenge-seeking Nazi killer. My boyfriend Bob said while we were watching, Yep.

This is the Dark Vader time!Honestly, my least favorite character was Al Pacinos Meyer Offerman who seemed to mumble far too many of his lines. I felt they were vital to the storyline but were almost incoherent at times.

Sorry, Pacino. This is no Scarface performance!Also, this series does trivialize the Holocaust in many ways.

I was born Jewish so this is a bit of a sore spot for me. I am not a practicing or a Religious Jew but a cultural one. Still, some of the lines in this series were downright crude and verging on cringe-worthy like when the character Lonny Flash (Josh Radnor) has to use the bathroom, he says hes going to go drop some chocolate dreidels into the Dead Sea.

Overkill? Uhyea. Hunters Is an Anti-Nazi Series That Finds Actual Nazis Insufficiently Shocking?

This show has already been under attack by the Auschwitz Memorial Museum. The main complaint was that the show is taking too many creative liberties with the facts and not honoring the true horrors people really suffered in the Death Camps.One critic said the director played fast and loose with the historical record.

No doubt!The shows creator says he didnt want to recreate specific, real acts of trauma. All the horror scenes from Auschwitz depicted are not true.

According to the shows creator David Weil, they are fictionalized accounts. Arent actual Nazi atrocities terrorizing enough? Why fictionalize them?

For instance, one especially horrific scene, in the second episode features a singing competition called The Star of Buchanwald, in which concentration-camp prisoners are shot dead for going out of tune or forgetting the words to a German song until one remains.That specific sadistic act didnt happen.Another horrifying torture scene was a lifesized chess game where the prisoners were pawns placed in their respective spaces when Nazis forced them to play a game and kill whoevers spot they landed on.

It was an unnerving scene but it also didnt really happen. (Similar sadistic shit did happen in the Nazi regime though.)But, one critic Charles Bramesco who is Jewish wrote the article, Why I Love the Shameless, Gory, Nazi-killing Catharsis of Amazons Hunters.

He said,As a Jewish writer, the flawed and controversial new show acts for me as an oddly empowering revenge fantasyEmpowering? Well, I can understand his view too. It does feel a bit cathartic (and satisfying) to see cruel sadistic Nazis eventually get what they deserve by the hands of their Jewish gun-wielding victims!

The Question of ForgivenessThe question of Forgiveness when it comes to Jews and Nazis (or even forgiveness between anyone) is an interesting one to me.(I plan to write more about this woman Eva Kor soon. She is a survivor of a Nazi death camp who recently died.

Her story is the opposite of this Hunters series. She not only didnt get revenge she forgave then befriended her Nazi prison guard in this fascinating documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele from 2006.

I highly recommend this. If you want realism and intrigue watch it!)Forgiving Dr.

Mengele (2006) - IMDbDirected by Bob Hercules, Cheri Pugh. With Eva Mozes Kor, Sami Adwan, Dan Bar-On, Michael Berenbaum. Eva Mozes Kor, though the show Hunters is flawed and an obvious fictional account I think it is well worth watching for the important thought-provoking moral questions it brings up.

These were my final takeaways and are the questions that are still in my mind after watching this series:Do Jews have to become like Nazis (and become killers) to get their satisfying revenge?Does becoming a killer yourself make you inevitably just like them? and if so is that OK because at least youve rid the world of an undisputed evil person?

Does killing a Nazi feel like some type of redemption?Would turning the other cheek or forgiving these Nazis bring a Jew any satisfaction?These are all ambiguous questions.

The Deeper Moral Questions of the Series Hunters If there were moral takeaways to this story to me they would be that some things are unknowable and ambiguous, which happens to be the title of the last episode in the series Eilu vs Eilu.This is an explanation of Eilu Vs Eilu from Judaismstackexchange. com.

Eilu Vsa Eilu: There are certainly absolute truths in regard to things that are known or things that are fundamental principlesWhen it comes to things that are really unknowable, the best we can do is base our understanding of them on sound principles handed down to us from Sinai. We cannot know with absolute certainty ie., we cannot know the absolute truth about) what HaShem (God) wants us to do in any given situation.

Certain things are easier to determine than others . Depending on the situation, and also depending on the analysis of the applicable laws, one person can reach a different conclusion than another. That is Eilu VeEilu in a nutshell.

My moms' mom (my grandma Molly) is a Holocaust survivor who had a number on her arm. She never wanted to talk about any of it. She went to her grave with her secrets.

Maybe she was also contemplating some of these questions.Thanks for reading.contact: Having Recurring Nazi Holocaust Dreams in ChildhoodWhat did it mean?

medium. comSOURCES:Hunters Is an Anti-Nazi Series That Finds Actual Nazis Insufficiently ShockingEvery John Mulaney Sketch on This Week's Saturday Night Live, Ranked How a Classic Children's Book Got Hijacked by does "eilu v'eilu" work out with an absolute truth?"There are 70 faces to the Torah" (Bamidbar Rabbah 13:15) There's a difference between an explanation of a Torah Memorial slams Amazon's 'Hunters' over 'human chess' sceneA memorial to one of the most infamous Nazi death camps slammed an Amazon TV series this week for depicting a made-upnypost.

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