How World War I Gave Women Scientists a Chance to Shine

Later this year is the centenary of the end of the First World War, one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history, which led to the deaths of nearly 20 million people. But as Patricia Fara shows in her new book, A Lab of Ones Own , the Great War also gave some women the chance to emerge from the shadows and show their mettle as scientists, whether by digging experimental trenches to research trench foot, x-raying wounded soldiers on the battlefront, or inventing explosives. Speaking from Claire College, Cambridge, where she is a fellow and president of the British Society for the History of Science, Fara explains how Darwins theory of evolution put forward the idea that women were intellectually inferior to men; how American-born scientist Ray Costelloe became a leading member of Virginia Woolfs Bloomsbury Group; and how, even today, women scientists still face enormous challenges, not least from a lack of child care.

How World War I Gave Women Scientists a Chance to Shine 1

Set the scene for us, Patricia, by describing the position of women scientists in Britain before The Great War, and how the conflict changed it. The position of women in Britain in science before the war was very bleak. Only very good schools gave girls scientific educations and, even if they had the education from school, to go to university they had to get round their parents, who usually wanted them to follow a conventional life.

So there were very few women studying science at university. Then the war came and changed things enormously. A lot of men went off to fight, so in the museums, for example, women were left looking after everything.

Dorothea Bate, for instance, became a great fossil expert and was in charge of the collections in the Natural History Museum. But she was just getting paid on a temporary staff basis. That was another problem.

When the women took over the mens jobs, they earned far less money. When the men went away, women were also allowed to lecture for the first time because, previously, it had been thought unsuitable for them to lecture in front of a mixed audience. At Imperial College London there was a woman called Martha Whitely whod been studying pharmacology, but switched her area of research during the war.

How World War I Gave Women Scientists a Chance to Shine 2

She dug an experimental trench in the gardens of Imperial College and led a seven-woman team down into the trench. She even had an explosive named after her, called DW for Doctor Whitely, and was the first person to test mustard gas. Many of the prejudices and stereotypes about women at that time seem almost laughable today.

Describe some of the most egregious, and how they held women back. The most egregious is probably the most famous. Charles Darwin , the great British scientific hero for his work on evolution and natural selection, maintained that over the millennia men have been positively selected because of their ability to fight and build houses and do all the intelligent stuff, while women have been progressively selected to bring up children, and do the cooking and washing up.

As the millennia have gone by, the differences between men and women have only increased, so that women are intellectually inferior to men. That was the prevailing ideology. There was research into things like brain size and hormones.

Many doctors said there were physiological and anatomical reasons why women could never be as intellectual as men. One of the great pioneers you write about was Marie Stopes . Tell us about this remarkable woman and how she revolutionized our relationship to sex.

She is an interesting example because she is famous now for opening up birth control clinics and teaching women the facts of life, which are now even taught in primary school. There were an awful lot of women who, when they got married, neither they nor their husbands knew where everything was, how to do it, as well as all the issues with womens health, like menstruation and menopause. They were completely and utterly ignorant.

But though Marie Stopes is today best known for educating women and men about how bodies work, before that she had a completely different career, as the first woman lecturer in science at Manchester University. She was a great expert on fossil plants and did a lot of research into coal during the war. Then she suddenly had this moment of inspiration.

A clinical student of hers told her about a woman whod come in with a little baby. All her babies kept dying and she couldnt work out why. The womans doctor dismissed it and said, Go out and have more babies.

But what the student doctor realized was that the husband had syphilis, and that was why all the babies were dying. Another fascinating woman, Ray Costelloe , became a forgotten figure in Virginia Woolfs famous Bloomsbury Group . She had American connections, didnt she?

She did. She came from a Puritan American family and was related to Logan Pearsall Smith , the famous literary critic. But she was brought up over here by her grandmother.

Costelloe was absolutely passionate about mathematics and went to Cambridge to study, which was rare in those days. She didnt do particularly well in maths, because she spent most of her time organizing a suffrage organization. Ray Costelloe and her sister lie right at the heart of the Bloomsbury Group.

Her sister married into the Stephens family the Virginia Woolf familywhile Ray married into the Strachey family . She and Virginia knew each other quite well but they regarded each other with suspicion. Virginia thought it was a shame Ray Costelloe wasnt interested in clothes, and was a bit fat and clumsy, while Ray couldnt stand the fact that Virginia and her friends didnt do anything.

They just sat around laughing, talking, and dreaming, while Ray went out, ran committees, opened a welding school, and even built her own house. Some women scientists actually served on the front, didnt they? Tell us the extraordinary story of Helena Gleichen.

I learned about Helena Gleichen because she was given a portable x-ray machine by the grandfather of someone who is still alive, who rang me up and told me about her and gave me access to all her correspondence. She was one of those upper-class women, born with about six surnames, and was a distant cousin to Queen Victoria. But she learned how to do radiography, and she and a friend of hers went out to the Italian front.

This was an incredibly dangerous part of the war that hasnt been talked about much during the 2014-18 commemorations . While in Italy, she x-rayed thousands of soldiers, who had got bullets in their brains and other parts of the body. As with other women working in the war, like Marie Curie , she paid very little attention to her own welfare and suffered quite badly from radiation burns.

After the war, she went back to being an artist, but like for a lot of these women, the war was the most exciting time in their lives, the nearest they could get to experiencing what it felt like to be a man. They could make their own decisions, use their own initiative, go where they wanted. So, although it was dangerous, grueling, hard work, it was also very exciting and stimulating.

Two women doctors became legends in wartime Britain. Tell us the story of Louisa Garret Anderson and her longtime companion, Flora Murray . They were both suffragettes, which was quite unusual, so they engaged in quite violent action until the war started, when the suffragettes stopped campaigning.

They then went to Paris and ran a hospital. The Home Office was extremely reluctant to recognize that women could make any contribution on the front. But they did; and eventually they ran an all-women military hospital on Endell Street in London, where they cared for thousands of soldiers.

They also carried out research on war-based wounds and how to protect them. They were an extraordinary couple of women. Longtime companion is often code for lesbian, isnt it?

It is. And it was the same with various other people, notably Ray Costelloe. But I didnt want to write salacious stuff about who was sleeping with whom because I didnt think their private lives were relevant to the story I am telling.

A lot of people also wanted to keep their private lives private . Perhaps we should respect that. Theres that saying by Dorothy Parker about the Bloomsbury set, They lived in squares, painted in circles and had sex in triangles.

But women at the time generally ignored the topic. It was quite normal for women to share a house or flat and nobody asked what was happening. This was when Marie Stopes was having to tell men and women how to have sex, so people just didnt think about women having sex together.

Similarly, a lot of male gay couples were living together and people also turned a blind eye. Would you rather have a slap in the eye or a WAAC on the knee? was a standard joke in WWI.

Tell us about the male chauvinism in the Womens Army Auxiliary Corp and the bizarre discussion around uniforms. Its always been a matter of contention what women should wear. What you wore signaled class and many people criticized women for wearing a uniform.

But for women in the WAAC, it showed their patriotism and devotion to duty, and that they were doing a mans job. A lot of them felt they needed to wear a uniform so that they could be identified as legitimate members of the organization, particularly if abroad. There were also accusations against them that they were prostitutes and the only reason they were wearing the uniforms was to infiltrate the camps so that they could have sex with all the men.

There were endless debates about how long your skirt should be, what type of badge you should wear, whether you should have breast pockets because, although theyre very useful, they were regarded as unseemly. The question of what you wear has always been such an important matter to women. It was also physically very important.

There are several references to women wearing petticoats and cumbersome clothes and the idea that, if you can take off these constraining clothes, youre going to free yourself not only physically, but emotionally. You write, Glass ceilings and leaky pipelines continue to present tough challenges to scientific women. Explain that idea and what we can do to change the way things are.

Leaky pipelines is the idea that at the moment, though roughly equal numbers of men and women come into university to study science, as you go up through academia, from student to post-graduate to lecturer and professor, the percentage of women gets smaller and smaller. Theyve also carried out experiments with pretend interview panels, who have been given sets of applications, which could come from men or women. And it seems that, whether the selectors are male or female, they all prefer the male applicants.

Thats frightening, because it makes one realize that even women have internalized this prejudice against women, and have more confidence that men are better at the job. Some things, just in my own lifetime, are colossally different. Weve made enormous progress.

Yet theres still hidden prejudice. For example, when you go into a university building and look around, there are only mens pictures on the walls. Or, if you look at students science reading lists, its predominantly male authors.

Then, theres the whole child care problem. Most women I know cite that as being the major reason why theres still inequality between men and women. This interview was edited for length and clarity.

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X-ray Machine& Model T for Sale
X-ray Machine& Model T for Sale
Top 10 Companies in X-ray Detectors MarketThe global X-ray detectors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2018 to 2024 to reach $3,887.3 million by 2024. Owing to the growing aging population and resulting medical conditions, the demand for various diagnostic modalities including X-ray systems is increasing across the globe. The growing demand for X-ray systems is also driving the growth of its component systems such as X-ray detectors. Since long, X-ray images are captured on analog films or computed radiography (CR) plates. It takes long time to capture images through these systems. As the prevalence of various chronic and infectious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and bacterial and viral diseases is rapidly growing across the globe, the healthcare facilities are increasingly experiencing the rising burden of patients visiting the hospitals suffering from such diseases. Here are the leading 10 companies in this X-ray detectors market- Founded in 2016 and headquartered at Utah, the U.S.; Varex Imaging Corporation offers X-ray imaging components such as digital flat panel detectors, X-rays tubes, digital detectors &accessories, and linear accelerators. In January 2017, Varex Imaging Corporation was established as an independent publicly-traded company after completion of "separation and distribution" agreement with Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (U.S.). The company sells its imaging products to various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for incorporation in their medical diagnostics, radiation therapy, dental, veterinary, and industrial imaging systems. Besides OEMs, the company distributes imaging products to independent service companies, distributors, and directly to the end users. 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Thales Electron Devices manufactures X-ray image intensifiers and radiological imaging solutions, providing comprehensive expertise in detection technology. Whereas, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare develops medical diagnostic, and interventional systems, and offer associated services. Founded in 1937 and headquartered at Tokyo, Japan, Canon Inc. manufactures imaging and optical products including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers, and medical equipment. The company provides X-ray detectors through its subsidiary Canon Medical Systems Corporation (collaboration between Canon, Inc. and Toshiba Medical). The Canon Medical Systems Corporation develops and manufactures diagnostic imaging systems including CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray systems, and clinical laboratory systems. The company provides these products to medical, academic, and research community. 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Meticulous Research's new report covers each of these companies in much more detail, providing analysis on the following: The comprehensive report provides global market size estimates, market share analysis, revenue numbers, and coverage of key issues and trends. Please download report pages and learn more:
If Someone Passed Through an Airport X-ray Machine. My Daughter Accidentally Has Passed, Danger?
If Someone Passed Through an Airport X-ray Machine. My Daughter Accidentally Has Passed, Danger?
i only can say one word... HUH?1. One crystalline form of silica (SiO2) has a cubic unit cell, and from X-ray diffraction data it is known that?if it's cubic you can calculate the cell volume in cubic nanometers (0.343 nm^3 = 3.43E-22 cm^3. you add up one formula unit of SiO2 and that's 28 32 = 60 g / mol, divide that by avagardo's number to obtain the mass of one formula unit = 9.96E-23 g. Thus the density for one Si per unit cell is 9.96E-23 / 3.43E-22 = 0.29. That goes into 2.32 eight times, so I conclude there are 8 Si atoms and 16 O atoms per unit cell.2. How believable are "X-ray sights”?Maybe.Passive RadarThe concept would be similar to passive radar. Passive radar uses natural and artificial radio signals to spot aircraft. Radio waves such as the ones for cell phones, AM/FM radio etc. They bounce off the aircraft and the angle of the bounce can be detected by an array of dishes. Unfortunately waves in that spectrum only travel through air and not solid objects. Cosmic RaysYou would need something that passes through solid objects. Muons have been used to see inside stone structures. Nagoya University used cosmic rays to see inside a pyramid. They wanted to check for empty space but they needed to do it in a way that would not compromise the structure. The sensors they had were passive and slowly collected hits and formed a picture. Unfortunately it took months for the experiment to yield. That does't make it very useful for an immediate combat use. The resolution was not very good either, seeing small objects is out of the question. Conceptually there's a possibility there. Depending on how much you would want to bend physics rules, or assume extremely advanced technology. HodoscopeMaybe extremely sensitive and compact Hodoscopes have been invented. The name already works too3. I'm 10 wks pregnant and had to have a foot/ankle x-ray. They covered my stomach but is my baby still safe?As long as they cover you, your baby should be fine4. Can a physical therapist touch you without an X-ray?PT outside the military can not order xrays. I rarely have access to them. We do differential diagnosis. If we feel you need to go back to your MD, we will before treating you. Good luck5. If you had to choose a super heroes power, what would it be? I would have x ray vision.?i would choose telekinesis. it would be great to move things with your mind6. is it ok to get a dental x ray at 4 weeks pregnant?NO. the radiation from an x-ray is not safe when your pregnant. make sure the doctors know you are pregnant.7. Can airport security (X-ray/Customs) detect hidden money inside a shoesock?no you wo not have a problem so long as it wo not set off a metal detector, just keep it inside your sock and walk through the metal detector...(and do not set it off or else you will have to get searched). You will have to put your shoes through the x-ray so be sure to keep your hidden money inside your sock with you as you go thru security. if it goes through the x-ray, yeah they will see it8. How much total radiation is there in a chest x-ray. And what does that compare to a 1hr walk on a sunny beach?Chest X ray provides around 0.1m sievert ( 1 sv = 1J/kg) ( the SI unit is gray, which would be J/kg m/s depending on how long the xray takes ( fractures of a second) so maybe a few gray.) As far as i know solar Xray radiation is pretty much absorbed by the atmosphere. Sand is usually quartz (silicates) which provide irrelevant doses of maybe a few sievert of gamma radiation, or less even during a whole day walking on it. there is Radon in the air a noble gas with radioactive proportions, its decay delivers a lot more direct gamma radiation to you for details, see link below. The UV radiation of the sun ( that is a different wavelenght than X rays, and therefore hard to compare) is problematic since UV light does not penetrate your flesh, like X rays, you only get a close to - surface radiation. I cant seem to find any reliable data, since the amount of UV light that penetrates the atmosphere depends on the ozone and water in the air. Anyways, radiation damages your DNA. But your body is very well capable of repairing this damage, up to a certain point. Radiation is not as dangerous as most people think. Still, it should be avoided if possible.. Edit I realize that you meant radiation as in the movie and godzilla kind of way. But to be honest, that is fiction, reality is just not that simple. X ray machines dont work with radiaoactive material, they emmit basically a strong electric impulse in a vacuum that induces Xrays. Scientists have shown, that you can build an working Xray emitter out of duct tape, in a vacuum.
What Can I Do so that an X-ray Machine Can't Detect Cigarettes?
What Can I Do so that an X-ray Machine Can't Detect Cigarettes?
The best way to prevent airport scanners from detecting cigarettes in your luggage is to refrain from putting them your luggage. The only way to hide them will spark a manual search. Dense metals in your luggage set off alarm bells since it is clear you want to hide something. This could include drugs, explosives or all manner of illegal substances and wares.Cigarrettes are expensive for a reason. Government agencies are trying to dissuade you from the habit for your own good. Quit while you are still healthy enough to think about cheating the system and not when your next chemo session is starting.1. Without going for an x-ray, how do you tell if a toe is broken?Well, with toes it does not really matter if it's broken or not- there is not much you can do for them. There is only one major blood supply for each toe, and if it is broken or the bone is broken, the result is the same. It will get swollen and purple, and wearing a shoe is misery. Ibuprofen for the pain, elevation and ice on the toe/foot, and no shoe. A bag of frozen peas is great for molding around the foot and adding the cold- you decide after whether to eat them or not. You can try taping the toes together and wearing a hard sole shoe if you must, but going without a shoe for the next week will be the most comfortable. Eventually he will likely see the bruising extend up into the foot itself. If blood pools under the nail, you can use a heated paper clip to put a hole in the nail to release the blood underneath. If that is the case, releasing the blood under the nail will also greatly relieve the pain in the toe. Unfortunately, it hurts like no matter what you do, and will hurt for the next few weeks. It's open toe shoes, or hard soles with a very wide toe cap, until it heals- three to four weeks from now. Sorry, that's the ugly truth. My husband did the same thing, with a trunk, and would not go either. Luckily, it's my profession, and I already knew what to do, and what was coming. Good luck, it's a miserable injury with no good cure2. Why would a person's bone be colored oddly on an X-Ray?I think it means that the bone of her spine is thinner and thus much easier to break. You might want to ask the doctor about this again and see if there is anything that can increase bone density3. Chest x-ray safe during pregnancy?You are probably safe, but they should not have done that and you should not have let them4. HSG X-Ray Dye and BAD Seafood Allergy...Is This Safe??Nichole, there is a chance of allergic reaction that crosses with certain seafood allergies to xray dyes. The benedryl and prednisone are to prevent having a reaction in case the allergic reaction does occurr. Plus for the HSG you will be at the hospital so the people and meds are available if you do have a reaction.5. X-ray and ps3 game....??what could happen.?I brought my PS3 and three games from Canada to Australia and back a few weeks ago with not a single problem. Funny, i never really considered that there could be one but its a good question to ask6. what really differs X-ray with other gamma, beta, or alpha radiation? ?x rays and gamma rays are electromagnetic waves. whilst beta and alpha radiation are not but they are all powerful radiative ways7. Please explain wht is "non specific respiratory tract infection " i got this in my x-ray of chest?Ask your doctor, you can get told anything on here. Just call him and ask. Best Wishes!8. Why is there a difference in the formulas of emission spectrum wavelength in Bohr model and in X-Ray emission?The pre-factor is exactly the same thing, look up what $R_H$ is equal to. The (Z-1) term, is due to the inner electrons shielding part of the nuclear charge such as the electrons involved in the X-ray transitions only see a reduced electric field. It's explained in the link you provided
Portable X-ray Machines: Review of the Best Models
Portable X-ray Machines: Review of the Best Models
Portable X-ray machines: review of the best models X-ray examination is one of the most important diagnostic imaging tools carried out in almost every hospital. To conduct high-quality examinations, reliable and powerful equipment is needed that's suitable for use across almost all clinical fields. Therefore, when choosing an X-ray machine, it is important to accurately estimate the medical treatment facility needs and choose the appropriate option regarding both price and quality. First, it is necessary to choose between stationary and portable, or as it is sometimes called, ward X-ray machine. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. In this review, BiMedis will show you the best portable X-ray machines currently on the market. First of all, it is worth noting why a portable X-ray machine will be a more advantageous choice for you. It's no secret that due to its functional flexibility, a portable X-ray machine is good for all standard examinations conducted in emergency and intensive care units, and in addition, it's the perfect choice for operating rooms, orthopedic clinics and offices. Due to its small dimensions and the possibility of being moved, you can easily load it into a van or simply transport it to the necessary ward. In addition, you have an opportunity to choose a machine according to your budget considering analog or digital devices as suitable options. The leading portable equipment manufacturers are: The GE Company is the leader in quality medical equipment. The company's range of devices includes: The following powerful portable X-ray machines have become very popular: Definium AMX 700 and Optima family (XR240amx, XR200amx, and XR220amx). A digital X-ray machine, Definium AMX 700, is an absolutely autonomous system and operates using a single set of rechargeable batteries. It is an improved version of the already well-known AMX4/4 machine. GE upgraded the machine and made it powerful and easy to use. The machine's main technical features are a 41x41cm digital flat panel detector, a 12.5 kW generator, and a 20000 mAh battery pack. A 15" touchscreen and 270o rotating tower ensure the machine's ease of use. The system stores up to 2,000 images and allows transferring data to anywhere in the health care facility using a wireless network. This machine combines both ease of use and excellent quality. We also recommend considering the new powerful Optima series. For example, the XR240amx machine was manufactured to ensure the highest quality pediatric X-ray examinations. Thanks to the 100 micron resolution, high contrast and digital detectors, FlashPad HD allows doctors to see even the smallest details. However, if your budget is not yet substantial enough for a digital X-ray machine, GE also offers an analog Optima XR200amx machine which can be easily upgraded to digital when you are ready. MobileDaRt (Evolution, MUX-100D, etc.) series has become the new generation of premium class X-ray machines which were developed based on previous MobileArt series devices. Using the best features of its predecessors together with new upgrades, Shimadzu created X-ray machines to meet the needs of their demanding customers. In particular, due to a 32 kW generator, you will get very clear images with no blurring; often occurring when patients move during procedures. Besides, the examination time is decreased, allowing you to get high-quality images on your monitor in just 3 seconds. Mobilett series X-rays machines, namely Mobilett Mira Max and Mobilett XP (which can be either Mobilett XP or Mobilett XP Digital) are excellent portable devices. The Mobilett Mira Max X-ray machine is ideal for medical facilities where you have to make quick decisions. Due to its technical capabilities, this machine allows you to speed up diagnostic procedures and provides high-quality images in seconds. A 35 kW maximum generator power, powerful MAX detectors, easy-to-use syngo FLC interface, as well as special software, options for image processing and exposure control, make this machine the perfect choice for your medical institution. Siemens even takes care of the smallest patients, having developed a special "giraffe" design to provide children with a more comfortable environment. On the medical equipment trading platform BiMedis, you can find the most suitable analog and digital portable X-ray machines made by the most popular manufacturers.1. Why do all of my smoke detectors go off at the same time, no smoke in the house.?If there are rechargeable batteries in the detectors, then remove them and measure their voltage with an meter. You may just have one battery that gets weak before the others. Even a few tenths of a volt can make a difference. I have personally experienced this with rechargeable batteries in a different application. Also since they are all on the same circuit, measure the AC voltage on this circuit. If it is below the voltage of the other circuits, then you may have another problem. ..I. E. circuit breaker that is going bad but not quite bad enough to trip2. Do rechargeable batteries enventually go bad?Yes, but how long depends on what kind of battery it is. Lithium Ion (LiIon - like what is used in Cel phones) batteries usualy last 12-18 months before they start to noticeably degrade in life.3. What is better ps3 or xbox 360?The both have different features but for me the ps3 is the better console the reason being that it comes with the blu-ray player which alone is quite alot. The comes with a wireless controller which is less hassle than the 360 controllers which are wired how ever you too can get the wireless 360 controllers however, you have to buy batteries for them, Rechargeable batteries are advised. IT already has a wifi built in so you dont have to buy an adapter for it, or you can simply plug and play with the ethernet cable.
Can a Operator of an Airport X-ray Machine Detect Movement If a Living Thing Goes Inside and Moves A
Can a Operator of an Airport X-ray Machine Detect Movement If a Living Thing Goes Inside and Moves A
If it could not your turtle would suffer a very painful death. One in a planes baggage compartment it gets very cold when it is up 40,000 feet like minus ten cold. You turtle would freeze to death. That would be the gruesome death. But the nicer death is that up that high is little air so your turtle might just suffocate.1. Is it possible yet to create a laser using x-ray instead of visible light?Yes, there are various types of x-ray lasers.The most powerful type is a free-electron laser , where electrons oscillating in-phase produce coherent x-rays and the gain medium is the electrons itself, once their density is high enough (see: Self-amplified spontaneous emission). This type of x-ray laser is housed at a user facility and used by many different scientists. One example is the LCLS at SLAC. There are also tabletop x-ray lasers of various types. At this point, most of them are demonstrations in someone's lab, and the technology has not yet developed to the point that people can use these devices as a tool to study other kinds of science in the way that both x-rays and lasers are versatile tools in many different fields. A few few examples of this sort of research are linked below. Note that all of these light sources (and also the x-ray lasers at user facilities) are also ultrafast pulsed lasers, because these sorts of lasers have higher peak intensities which allow to exploit non-linear processes in the media which produce the light:Nanoscale Imaging: Tabletop high harmonics illuminate the nano-world Table-top attosecond lasers - extreme timescale group - hamburg 67-attosecond extreme ultraviolet laser pulse is the world's shortest2. Do USPS, FEDEX, and UPS x-ray packages?Umm you write on the letter, but they probably do it to check for weapons, drugs or illicit matter3. X-ray risk if I'm pregnant?During the first 2 weeks after conception the fetus hasnt become a fetus yet its just cells on its way so thats perfectly safe. Also as another person said it is large amounts of radiation that you want to avoid, while pregnant but I had 2 xrays and I was fine as is my son4. can cigarettes be detected in x-ray checks on airplane??they allow cigarettes, but no lighters. only matches. It would be better to carry them on so they do not get crushed but if youre taking cartons, you could get away with putting them in the luggage5. Should I get an X-Ray?Did you tell your parents about this? If so, what did they say? Yes you should go to the doctor, and if they need it; get an X-ray. You will probably have to get a cast!6. X-Ray Tech or Cav Scout?If by technique of x-ray tech, you recommend radiological tech- by technique of a few distance a rad tech makes more desirable. An x-ray tech certification many times does not qualify you as a rad tech, yet only to do x-rays at a dentist or docs place of work. you want a 2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days degree for a rad tech. If gazing only certifications, a pharmacy tech might want to probable make more desirable7. Radiologist/X-Ray technician in Army or Navy?X-ray tech is an enlisted job only. Radiologists are doctors who specialize in reading X-rays and other imaging. Regular officers who have not gone to med school can not be radiologists. So no, if you commission, you will not stay in that line of work.8. Real spy x-ray vision goggles legal or illegal ?x-rays passing through the eyes causes brain tumors. which explains why the goggles were on display instead of being in actual use. in the 1950's a person could look at a xray fluoroscope of their foot when buying shoes. that's how we know they cause brain tumors. they are not available and would be illegal to use9. If I use carbon paper as raping paper to cover a knife can it be seen while x-ray of luggage. are anyone trie?First off, why would you think of this? No it will not work. Carbon paper will not impede X rays. And I think you mean WRAPPING PAPER
Best X-Ray Machine for Home Use
Best X-Ray Machine for Home Use
X-Ray machines offer a lot of benefits for home users like:The technology to conduct X-ray examinations even in the dead of night. The housing is protected from dust and debris, which are harmful to health. The radiation level is low, which helps in reducing the risk of cancer. More importantly, these machines have been proven effective in the detection of internal body parts that are not easily visible on an X-ray machine.Best Spray Tan Machine 2021 (For Professional and Home Use)You've decided that you want to spray tan someone. Now you need a spray tan machine to actually spray them. Of all the uses you can put an airbrush or spray gun to, spray tanning is actually the easiest to learn and master. Do not get me wrong, you will still run into difficulties, but the process itself is straightforward. When it comes right down to it, the gun itself is just a small portion of the total cost, especially if this is for a business. You will end of spending more on your location and consumables (tanning solution, towels, disposable undergarments, wages, etc.) Here are our top 10 recommended spray tan machines for 2021 How To Choose Right Spray Tanning Gun Holds roughly 2 or more ounces of liquid In order to adequately cover the tannee you will spray roughly 2 ounces on them. It's not a hard and fast rule, but, in general, figure on 2 ounces per tan. This rule is also a great way to figure out the cost of tanning solution per client. For instance, if a gallon of tanning solution costs $128 then you will be using $2 of solution per client (64 ounces in a gallon). Most tanners choose siphon feed equipment simply because they can buy a bunch of bottles in an effort to "portion control" the use of solution. Spray guns are made for covering large ares quickly. Even a petite body has a large area to cover evenly. Spray guns let you spray the same amount of solution in fewer passes. Fewer passes turn into a more even, better blended result. Airbrush guns, on the other hand, take long (30-40 minutes) to complete one session. If your salon offers other airbrush services like makeup, nails and tattoos, then go for airbrush gun, otherwise stick to spray guns. However, do not get too carried away. An HVLP Gun with an 18 inch spray pattern is WAY WAY too big. Too big of a spray pattern means more material waste to get the same end result. In short, you will waste a lot of solution if you get something with too large a spray pattern. This is your butter-zone. If you get smaller than this you will spend a lot of time spraying each person and throwing a lot of overspray into the air because of the length of time you will spray. If you get bigger than this a lot of your spray will "miss" the client and either settle inside your spray area or float around in the air. This is material waste. Overspray is your worst health enemy and material waste is your worst cost enemy. If you are choosing a machine for a professional setting, make sure you find one that is not too noisy. The whirring sound of the compressor can disrupt the tranquil atmosphere of a spa. Also consider if you are going to do home visits, as noisy machine will be problem in home setting. How many times in a day are you going to use this machine? Is it occasional or 10-20-40 settings in a day? As you shop, you should check each machine's volume of use. Again, this criterion is most important for professional tan artists, as they often need to perform multiple tan jobs in a row. Machines are often rated for light, medium, or heavy use; light use machines are great for at-home tanners, while heavy use machines are essential for professional salons. When comparing the weight of different options, consider how you intend to use your spray tan machine. If you are going to use it in a salon setting, mobility is less of an issue. It becomes an issue, however, if you are a professional who does home visits, or an at-home DIYer looking to perfect your year-round tan. If so, search for a lightweight model that's easy to transport and store. The perfect spray tan machine needs to fit into your budget. This could range from something as simple as a Iwata Revolution series or Paasche VL to an entire system where the gun itself is just a piece of the whole. Each spray tan machine comes with three main components: the compressor, the spray gun, and the spray tan hose. While the basic mechanics stay the same, however, these components come in different varieties, which can greatly impact the spray tan experience When spray tans first became popular, the machines were often equipped with a genuine airbrush, which operates via an air pump compressor. These types of gun are cheaper and make less noise, however it takes longer to apply one session, between 30-40 minutes to coat the entire body in the tanning solution. Also it produces lots of overspray! These spray guns, as name suggest, operates at lower pressure (around 1 PSI) and spray pattern and flow can be adjusted. The fine spray is quick drying and has very little over spray These systems deliver air generated by a turbine to spray gun through flexible hose. These systems operate at slightly higher pressure between 4 to 10 PSI. This creates an even flow and it reduces over-spray. Turbines are normally smaller than compressors and weigh considerably less. Most of the professional spray tan machines are HVLP type. With LVLP and HVLP machine, you can expect to finish one tan session in 5-10 minutes. Most spray guns are made of plastic or metal. Plastic guns are lighter than metal options, and people who do multiple spray jobs a day often prefer the comfort of the plastic guns. Stainless steel guns, on the other hand, often provide a finer, more controlled mist. Guns also come in single phase and dual phase varieties, which refers to the method by which the solution is atomized and sprayed. You will also need to clean your spray tan gun between uses. If you expect to use your gun frequently, make sure to select a model that's easy to dissemble and clean. The hose is not the most complicated part of the spray tan machine, but the wrong hose can nonetheless impact your spray tan experience. First, consider material. Hoses are available in flexible materials, rigid hard plastic, and long-lasting double coated materials. If your new machine is going to be stationary, an inflexible hose may be fine. For at-home and on-the-road use, however, it's better to select a flexible hose that does not constrain your movements. Best Spray Tan Machine for Home/Mobile Use If you want to use spray tan machine at home or want to do mobile spray tanning business, here are top 4 spray tan equipment for home/mobile use. This Maxi-Mist spray tan machine provides beginners with everything they need to start spray tanning. This cohesive spray tan system includes a spray gun, an effective turbine-powered compressor, the hose, and the spray gun cups. It's also equipped for transport; it comes with a carry bag that doubles as a fabric tent! Powered by a 300-watt turbine, this system offers excellent fine mist atomization. It can handle 10 applications per day, which makes it a good choice for at-home tanners, spray tan professionals offering mobile services or you can use it as a backup unit. The handle is ergonomic and lightweight, which ensures that it's comfortable to hold. Thanks to the HVLP turbine motor, the compressor provides users with consistent, powerful air flow. The sounds of this powerful compressor are contained thanks to the sound dampening shell, which effectively reduces unwanted noise. Users can even control the pattern of the spray, as this Fascination FX design comes with vertical, horizontal, and round pattern options. This system also comes with several spray tan solutions and a pop-up tent. Most users will appreciate the bright pink/black design, but others may want their spray tan machine to be unobtrusive. The Venus Ultra kit is an efficient, heavy-duty spray tan system used by beginners and professionals alike. Each kit includes three tanning solutions: Medium Dark, Ultra Dark, and Rapid Develop. It also contains a metal spray gun, which offers precise spray control and long-term use. The compressor uses HVLP turbine technology to deliver consistent tanning results, which are further enhanced by the variable-speed and integrated control features. The system was also designed with aesthetics in mind; the high-gloss chrome finish makes this spray tan machine a welcome addition to any home or salon. Washable elements-like the removable air filters-make caring for this machine simple. The Fuji Mini M machine is small yet powerful, combining travel-ready equipment with potent turbine technology. The spray gun features a bled valve-style construction, and it comes with adjustable fluid control and adjustable spray pattern features. The powerful compressor is equipped with a 2-stage motor, and the resulting noise is dampened by rear slots, which cut off direct sound paths. This system is specifically designed for on-the-go tanning technicians, who will appreciate its precision and durable construction. The machine is equipped with a heat dissipation box, which keeps the motor running cooler for longer. This increases volume of use, which is essential for traveling tanning artists. The gun holder bracket gives mobile technicians a place to rest their spray gun, no matter where they are. This high volume spray tan system can perform more than 25 applications per day. While this volume of use makes it ideal for professionals, the streamlined, intuitive design makes it easy enough for beginners as well. The 570-watt dual stage HVLP turbine compressor offers precise, high-powered air flow. The system also comes with multiple screw top lids, a spray gun storage base, an easy flex hose, tanning solution, and a large pop-up tent. The Pro series spray gun has very smooth spray pattern and is best at contouring and detail work. It also has very less overspray! The myriad adjustability features make it a great choice for anyone, though; a quick twist of the spray gun adjusts spray pattern, and the adjustment knob controls spray flow. This MaxiMist system is designed for high-traffic spray tan salons and studios. The powerful turbine can handle over 40 plus tan applications per day, and the Whispertech technology ensures that it is not too loud for a salon setting. It's also equipped with a reusable filter, which prevents midday clogging. The spray gun comes with many great features, ranging from the ergonomic handle to the "blow dry" feature, which helps tanning solution dry faster. The spray gun has a non-stick needle, which prevents corrosion and buildup. The on/off switch is located on the spray gun, a must-have convenience for the technician doing 40 tans every day! The Aura Allure system has everything professionals need for fast, precise spray tan applications. The spray gun nozzle uses Satin technology to provide smooth, painless application, and the dial offers perfectly precise flow control. During application, technicians do not have to worry about freedom of movement; the 11.5-foot, flexible hose makes maneuvering easy. This kit is also stylish, with glossy black surfaces, which makes it perfect for upscale salon use. The kit comes with built-in storage and cable management features. The filtration system minimizes overspray by directing excess solution into the hidden filter. This high-powered spray tan kit offers professional technicians the volume, precision, and control they need on a daily basis. The specially balanced 2-stage motor can tackle dozens of spray jobs per day, and the professional grade applicator is equipped with multiple adjustability features. This system also features one of the quietest turbines on the market; running at only 56DBA, this near-silent machine will pass muster at any salon. Thanks to its exclusive design, maintenance and cleanup are easy. The 10-foot whip hose is lightweight and flexible, which allows technicians to move freely during the spray tan process. This high-value system will be a welcome addition to established spray tan salons, but it might not be a sensible investment for salons that just starting. "How can I airbrush tan someone?"This is a good overview of the process surrounding an airbrush tan. I like to think of it as a successful habit that keeps your problems down. "Video Guide to Spray Tanning for Beginners"This is an excellent video demonstration of how a spray tan should happen. It gives method to the madness. Can you tell that I am a fan of habits? Frequently Asked Questions about Airbrushing More questions that I had to answer all the time. Very helpful. I promise that I am not nearly as mean as I would like to think I am.
Do Objects Scanned Through an X-ray Machine at an Airport Absorb and Emit Radiation If the Same Obje
Do Objects Scanned Through an X-ray Machine at an Airport Absorb and Emit Radiation If the Same Obje
Yes they do depending on what the object is. Some objects cannot be penetrated by radiation. for example your keys. No difference in how many times object is scanned or time frame.1. If the TSA can't spot a loaded gun on an x-ray machine, what makes anyone think the body scans are effective?Two different technologies, so I do not think the x-ray results are indicative of what will happen with the body scanners. 9/11 still wo not happen again, because everyone knows the game, the cockpit doors have been hardened and the pilots know better than to come out of the cockpit.2. Are calcifications and kidney stones the same thing? I was told u201cOh no, stonesu201d after an X-ray found one and then I got a CT and he came back and said u201cOh, no stones, just an 8 mm calcification.u201d Why would he say this if itu2019s not the same?Because they do not know what they are talking about. Remember some people try to fake their knowledge. My mother was very ill from kidney stones when I was young so, I learned everything I could about them which at the time was not much about them in the library back in 1970. But I did learn this a kidney stone can be made by salt, with is very painful even a small one that almost can not be seen by x-ray, because it is a crystal and x-rays go right through salt without seeing it. Then the other is calcification of minerals, the one ingredient most common is calcium oxalate. Which calcium is used by the body in bones, thous is stone bone. A calcification of minerals or anything is to make it stone.Do not worry what they call it it is a kidney stone. Tech's are not suppose to tell you anything a doctor will. If you understand what it is do not worry about what they think it is. I even had a doctor once tell me that I did not have a kidney stone I had nephro calcium and not a kidney stone. I was so mad because he told me in one breath I did not have a kidney stone but nephro calcium. I said " You just said I did not have a kidney stone but nephro calcuim, Nephro is kidney and calcuim is bone, stone. Kidney stone." I told him I needed a real doctor, and if he did not know what he was saying he needed to look it up before telling someone. I was the last person he should have said that too, I studied kidney stones since I was 10 years old.3. what does the x mean in x-ray?Roentgen got confused, i guess4. What job makes more, paralegal or x-ray technician? Which one is more in demand?I personally do not know any employers who will hire one. The ones that I know will only hire registered radiologic technologists5. i think i may have given myself a fracture but i dont want to go to the hospital for an x ray?Hi! You have to go to the Hospital whether you have a broken bone or not, no matter if you are 1 or 90 years old. First things first, if your father do not understand you, Honestly I would not like to have a father like him, neither I would be proud of. If you do not want to go through this anymore, you may think twice before hitting on something. Try a boxing bag or try not to get mad unless you are close to your mattress or your pillow and by the way, why to get mad? you are going to end up breaking all of your bones6. Would an EXTERNAL Hard Drive's (with a plastic housing) data be safe to pass under an airport X-ray?X-ray machines can not affect the data on a hard drive. The metal detectors and motors potentially COULD, but it's ridiculously unlikely, plus you would need to be close (within 1-2cm) to one with it. If you are still worried just ask them about it when you get there.7. In religion and your part of the World, will the Halloweenies have to have mace, x-ray machines for the candy and drug-sniffing dogs ?Halloween is a more important holiday that christmas, easter, thanksgiving, etc... The term "halloweenies" is just as offensive as n***** or any other taboo word that the masses find offensive in my opinion. I do however understand what you are trying to get at, the safety of the children correct? I fortunately live in an area where we do not have things like razor blades in candy, perverts stalking kids, etc. .. About 10 years ago there was an incident, but they caught the guy who happened to be just travelling through, or so he said. The older kids around here look after the younger kids, the parents and neighbors all get along for the most part, (we all have some differences after all), and the worst that has happened here since the incident 10 years ago is the kids going to the park and putting toilet paper in a tree. The police even get to go trick or treating here along with other adults, we all get to have fun.
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