How Do I Determine (without an X-ray Machine) If I Have Broken Or Dislocated the Small Toe on My Rig

Even if it is broken, here is what would happen if you went to the hospital: A doctor would give you a special sandal to wear to keep it in the location in should be in. There's nothing else that can be done except (maybe) taking ibuprofen or another OTC drug for the swelling and pain.

How Do I Determine (without an X-ray Machine) If I Have Broken Or Dislocated the Small Toe on My Rig 1

1. My boyfriend got exposed to an x-ray he got done 6 years ago and they didn't cover his testicles.?

Depends entirely on the dosage and degree of exposure. You could get him tested for a sperm count.

2. Does leukemia manifest in the bone marrow or in blood? Are there visible differences without x-ray?

Leukemia starts in the bone marrow. Because the marrow makes the blood, it also simultaneously effects the blood. Xrays have nothing to do with leukemia. Its not a solid tumor. There are several different types of leukemia, but in general what happens is that the bone marrow goes crazy making deformed white blood cells that circulate in the peripheral blood. The only official way to diagnose leukemia is a bone marrow biopsy. Blood counts will show signs of leukemia, but it is not a diagnosis, and if the leukemia is the chronic type, it can be a while before the signs are strong enough to actually see a difference in the blood counts.

How Do I Determine (without an X-ray Machine) If I Have Broken Or Dislocated the Small Toe on My Rig 2

3. my daughter by accident passed through airport x-ray machine.?

How can that happen by accident? Not sure what the question is... but she will be fine

4. Just for dental professionals please, what kind of digital x-ray are the best option? including software?

There is direct or indirect digital xrays. Direct is better because you plug it right to a computer so when you take the radiograph it automatically appears on the computer screen. I hear the sensors are about 8 to 10,000 dollars a piece. Most dental places buy 1 or 2 Size 2s and 1 size 1 because of the price.

5. what does the x in x-ray stand for?

Nothing really. In most scientific terms, anything that is unknown or cannot be explained at the time gets the label of X. (An example - Pluto was once known as "Planet X" when it was first discovered) Why X? No one is sure when it started being used but it is thought that X stood for all things mysterious and unholy. X is also the one letter in the dictionary that has the fewest words, even less than Y or Z. How many x-words can you think of? Not many right?

6. Did an X-ray burst interrupt radio signals shortly after D-Day?

I am a little out of my comfort zone here, but I will give it a stab.Cosmic particles and X-Ray bursts are made of difference sorts of things, and both come from outer-space (as opposed to be created in the atmosphere). X-Ray bursts do not get through the atmosphere. So suggesting a X-ray burst (electromagnetic rays from outer space) caused a cosmic shower (particles from outer space) causing radio interference (electromagnetic noise) at the surface of the Earth (beneath the protection of the atmosphere) makes no sense

7. I was attacked and wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. What is the proper x-ray/medical procedure?

go to the dr/er immediately and get the documentation of the event started. they will order x-rays for you. you have to have the documentation to prove injury

8. Is teeth x-ray can affect your pregnancy?

I've had 5 babies, but at the beginning of my last pregnancy - before I knew I was pregnant - I found a lump in one of my breasts. I went in for a mammogram and then a couple weeks later found out I was pregnant. I am happy to report the lump was nothing and the baby I was pregnant with is now 15 mos old and perfectly normal. I am sure your fine. As for the wine - I think I probably had some alcohol with all my pregnancies before I knew I was pregnant. They are all fine! Good luck!

9. Single crystal x-ray diffraction experiment backwards: from CIF to genuine set of raw data without performing actual experiment

Structure determination by X-ray diffraction, regardless if powder diffraction, or single crystal diffraction analysis, is a spatial mapping of electron density. After solving a crystallographic structure (phase problem), the subsequent structure refinement includes steps to complete the crystallographic model, and to minimise the differences in the Fourier maps mapping observed electron density ($F_O$), with electron density predicted by your current model ($F_C$). This minimisation is done until this said difference is below a threshold value, and if the experimenter is satisfied with the result. For the later, this includes the complete and reasonable attribution of atoms (does this electron density belong to an atom of Carbon, or Nitrogen?), checking if bond distances and angles included in the model are consistent with the body of data determined in other experiments. Some of the critera applied are interdependent to others.If the crystallographic model is completed (in layman's terms, if there is a *. cif file), than it is easy to predict a theoretical powder diffraction pattern. Programs like CCDC Mercury just ask about the wavelength to consider and offer graphical and numerical output likeSuch a theoretrical diffractogram is then compared with an experimentally recorded one; for example to check the newly prepared sample's phase identity (polymorphism) and purity.In PXRD, spatial arrangement and conformations of subunits in the crystallographic model are optimised (refined) until yielding a model that chemically and mathematically is reasonable. This is the reason you see in publications a difference trace below the the superposition of experimental and predicted diffraction pattern:(source)For single crystal diffraction, the generation of a 3D diffraction model computationally might be more costly than for PXRD, on the other hand, as said, programs like ShelX routinely compare experimentally recorded $F_O$ with predicted / calculated diffraction intensities $F_C$ derived from the current set of atoms (their coordinates, occupancy, etc.) of the model. It is done internally. ShelX' *.lst listings for example include a section like:Hence I answer your question, if diffraction pattern may be simulated / faked with a "yes it is possible, provided there is a good data set about how the atoms / molecules are spatially arranged". Initiatives like the recurrent CSP blind tests to predict crystal structures and databases like PCOD may provide a foundation for this. Then how to spot an artifical and wrong diffraction model? Checkcif / Platon are tools to check for consistency and integrity of such models against the raw data (hkl-files), structure factors. The recent installation of checksums into *.cif files (currently under watch as Platon errors PLAT012, 013, and 014), may be seen as one element of protection if few entries were changed after completing the work described above. These bells probably remain silent if data were compromised very early on

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