How Accurate Is an Ultrasound Scan for Determining Number of Pups Expected at 7.5 Weeks (53days) Pre

IF she is having a small litter you would be wise to have the x-ray done around day 58. Your vet has to measure those skulls vs the size of her pelvis, especially with a first litter. I am actually surprised that they would have opted for ultrasound at this stage.

How Accurate Is an Ultrasound Scan for Determining Number of Pups Expected at 7.5 Weeks (53days) Pre 1

1. Heat felt on skin during ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound uses sound waves rather than ionizing radiation cause by other imaging studies (and linked to cancer, etc). It is generally considered safe. And, yes, it causes the skin to elevated in temperature slightly and can induce a very mild inflammatory response. Most women would do not notice this, but some (like you) do. It might feel a bit warm, but definitely not "hot"...and is no harm to you or your baby. Not everybody in the world (i.e. medical orginazations) believe ultrasound to be completely safe, but it is currently considered safe enough to be standard of care in the U.S. because the benefits it brings FAR outweigh minimal (if any) risks (that is, for one dating ultrasound around 20 weeks). Having tons of ultrasounds during pregnancy is still probably safe, but not considered to be a very wise idea...especially if there is no medical reason for the ultrasound. But the warmth you felt is quite common and harmless. You can check out the link below, too...if you want more information... Hope this helps some...

2. If baby is positioned at back of uterus can it be missed on ultrasound scan in the second trimester?

No. Except in the first few weeks of pregnancy , the baby can never be missed on ultrasound . In the second trimester , no chance . The scan sees right up to the posterior end of the uterus . If in such doubt , rethink your diagnosis . Good luck !

How Accurate Is an Ultrasound Scan for Determining Number of Pups Expected at 7.5 Weeks (53days) Pre 2

3. hi ive been told in my ultrasound scan that im expecting a baby boy.they could see the testicles and penis?

i have 3 boys and with all the ultrasounds, we could clearly see both testicles and penis

4. How to convert a Voluson 4D ultrasound scan (.V00 file) to a video?

Assuming you've exported a Voluson file without compression enabled (Wavelet = 'Off') and with the Volume/Raw File selected... try using this script to see if your data is in third-party DICOM format. This does not reconstruct the data into a useable format but does show if you can access the element data.

5. What is the meaning of the following terms from an expecting mother's recent ultrasound scan report:?

I would call the hospital or your doctor for an explanation of what you do not understand from the ultrasound report, they have the experience and the expertise to tell you what this all means

6. 6 weeks ultrasound scan only sac shown???

Does not sound like a viable pregnancy but if you had the US I guess your doctor already told you this? Have you had your thyroid checked to see if it's out of whack? 14 MC's is way more than "normal", good luck. Get your thyroid checked

7. Does Ultrasound Scan result determine Due date?

yea ultrasound can determine your due date but is just an estimate and they can be actually off between a week or two from the weeks you actually are because of the measurements but you should not worry if its not more than 3 weeks less than what you are supposed to be

8. can a girl be mistaken for a boy in a ultrasound scan?

when my mum was pregnant with my sister the doctors thought she was a boy. oh but my mum had not been pregnant for 11 years, so i can not really help you there. : ]

9. can a girl be mistaken for a boy in a ultrasound scan?

yes a little girl can be mistaken for a boy, or vise versa. if there is not a clear shot of the baby between the legs. and if the baby does not want to cooperate. hopefully they did not make a mistake when i had my ultra sound, told me i was having a little girl at 30 weeks. she seemed to be cooperating at the time of the ultra sound

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