High-quality Portable Multi-parameter Meter;

On-demand log and automatic recording (up to 60,000 samples with date and time). Good laboratory practice functionality with a record of the last 5 calibrations. Peculiarities. Multiple functions suitable for high and low voltage applications can be used to measure voltage, current, resistance, conductance, transistor, capacitance, temperature and other problems in a project.

High-quality Portable Multi-parameter Meter; 1

The multi-parameter meter is housed in an IP67 waterproof case and can withstand immersion in water up to 1 m deep for up to 30 minutes. The IP67 waterproof meter means the meter can withstand immersion in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. Ideal for demanding applications, this meter features a robust, multi-function, quick-connect sensor and field-replaceable sensors.

The green backlit LCD display helps you to clearly see the measurement results under all circumstances. Automatic measurement, insert instant voice reports, digital display, voice adjustment, press the voice control button on the panel, the instrument can switch from alarm to mute during weighing.

Automatic Barometric Pressure Compensation - The meter has a built-in barometer with user-selectable units to compensate for dissolved oxygen pressure. Calibration can also be performed individually for measurement parameters using multiple calibration points. Sensor related data, including description, serial number, and calibration status, is automatically sent to the instrument. The probe transfers readings digitally to the instrument where the data points can be viewed and recorded.

The instrument also has two virtual virtual keys that guide the user through the configuration of each parameter, instrument setup and data logging. The instrument also has two virtual virtual keys that guide the user through the configuration of each parameter, instrument setup and data logging. The graphic display allows the use of virtual keys to provide an intuitive user interface.

High-quality Portable Multi-parameter Meter; 2

Digital Quick Connect Probe - The HI7698194 probe is equipped with a DIN quick connector that provides a waterproof connection to the meter. Durable Thermoformed Carrying Case - HI9829 Meter, Probe and all accessories come in a rugged carrying case designed for years of use. The HI7609829 (base) and HI7629829 (registration) are multi-parameter probes for use with the HI9829 handheld meter.

By default, the HI9829 and associated probe are shipped with pH / ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors. Both sensors can be retrofitted to measure turbidity with a turbidity / conductivity sensor. Simultaneous measurement of conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature The ConOx sensor is a combined probe that allows simultaneous measurement of conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature, as well as automatic salinity correction.

Measurements from this sensor can determine the absolute conductivity corrected for temperature, salinity, specific gravity and TDS. When connected, the sensors are automatically recognized by the probe and the instrument.

Any ports not used on the sensor will not display the parameter on the instrument. Any ports not used on the sensor will not display the parameter on the instrument.

The same probe can be used with different meters without the need to recalibrate the system. Each parameter is fully supported by the on-screen HELP context function active in both measurement and calibration modes. The measured parameter is set on the display using the "M" function key and can then be measured or saved.

These multivariable meters offer maximum measurement versatility by eliminating the need for multiple meters. The PH / Oxi 3400i for pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature and the pH / Cond 3400i for pH, conductivity and temperature are an alternative to single parameter instruments for multi-parameter applications. They can also measure temperature using immersion, penetration or Pt100 or Pt1000 contact probes. Intelligent digital sensors provide sophisticated electrochemical measurement systems in a single meter.

Its multi-sensor probe can measure key parameters including pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. After connecting, the probe and the instrument will automatically recognize the sensor. The simultaneous connection of pH/ORP electrodes and dissolved oxygen sensors or conductivity cells allows simultaneous measurement of up to three parameters (including temperature).

WTW GLP compliant handheld multivariable instruments are the epitome of precision multivariable measurement technology. ProQuatro together with Quatro cable allows 4 ports to measure temperature / conductivity, DO and any two ISEs between pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride or nitrate, creating an extremely powerful portable multi-parameter instrument.

Connect ProQuatro laptop to any professional series cables and optional sensors to select parameters including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, conductivity, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride And temperature. Cable options range from 1, 4, 10, 20, and 30 meters (only DO cable can reach 100 meters).

Combine 4 sensors on one cable for a complete sampling with multiple parameters for temperature / conductivity, DO, and any two ISE pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride or nitrate. Water tester: can measure the total dissolved solids / water hardness in water to test for contamination in household cleaning systems.

The WQC-24 Water Quality Checker is a handheld multi-parameter DKK-TOA field instrument and probe for measuring up to 11 of 17 simultaneous water quality parameters available. This battery-powered portable measuring and reference instrument measures relative humidity, temperature, absolute pressure, air velocity, volumetric flow, CO2 and water activity.

From multivariable systems that measure pH, temperature, conductivity, and ORP or dissolved oxygen, this analyzer allows you to make accurate measurements and manage the resulting data. YSI ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) is a portable multi-parameter water quality instrument used to measure several key parameters: dissolved oxygen (optical), total algae, turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, conductivity, salinity, TDS , Resistivity, TSS. , Ammonia, ammonia, chloride, nitrate, depth (optional), temperature and GPS coordinates. ProDSS is specially designed for surface water, groundwater, coastal areas/estuarines, aquaculture and wastewater applications. It is rugged and reliable, allowing you to measure water quality parameters using digital sensors. The ProOBOD optical probe can also be used to measure BOD in the laboratory.

In addition, we also produce high-quality pre-packaged reagents/kits that can be used with any brand of photometer/spectrophotometer or pre-programmed spectrophotometers from Hach, WTW, Merck, Lovibond, Thermo, Elico, etc.

A multi-probe that measures selected parameters, all integrated in one package, can provide data under the most challenging field conditions. IT is the ideal solution for on-site measurement of lakes, rivers and oceans. The HI 9828 multi-parameter handheld instrument is a comprehensive analysis instrument that can measure up to 13 key water quality parameters (6 measured values ​​and 7 calculated values), including pH, EC/TDS, ORP, DO, atmospheric pressure and temperature. HI98194 is a waterproof portable multi-parameter water quality meter that can monitor up to 12 different parameters.

The HI7698194 is a multi-parameter probe for use with the HI98194 handheld meter. It is equipped with a large screen dot matrix LCD and all parameters are displayed on one screen so that the user is clear at a glance. There are two sets of ON / OFF output, high and low point alarm output, and the hysteresis can be set arbitrarily, the high and low point alarm not only has an output function, but can also be intuitively displayed on the display screen.

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