Girl, Four, Is Left Brain-damaged After She Went to the DENTIST to Have Teeth Capped and Had a Seizu

A four-year-old girl can no longer walk, talk, eat or see after a trip to the dentist to have a tooth removed and now the girl's family is threatening to sue the dentist who botched the routine procedure.Nevaeh Hall, four, was a healthy little girl two months ago, when her parents took her to Diamond Dentistry in Houston, Texas to have a few teeth capped and pulled due to decay.While they waited in the waiting room for hours, their little girl started having seizures but her dentist, Dr Bethaniel Jefferson, didn't raise the alarm and decided to treat her herself instead of calling 911.Little Nevaeh ended up leaving the routine appointment in an ambulance, and has now been hospitalized for severe brain damage.Scroll down for videoAt a press conference on Thursday, Nevaeh's mother Courissa Clark said she was threatening to sue the practice and Dr Jefferson for the botched procedure which has left her daughter without the ability to walk, talk, eat or see. She also warned other parents against a restraint device the dentist used to keep her daughter from flailing about during the procedure.The device, called a papoose, covers small children like a cocoon so they can not move during a dental procedure.An attorney for the family revealed that Dr Jefferson administered five sedatives to the 30-pound child during the seven-hour procedure. Four hours of that procedure were spent in the papoose.About two hours into the procedure, Clark says she heard her daughter crying so she went into the room to see how she was doing. At that point she wasn't in the papoose yet, but she could see her flailing about in the dental chair.'When I went back there and saw her, my first question was: "OK, do we need to call the ambulance or are you all going to call the ambulance?"'And they said: "We're just going to try to get her to calm down. We're going to monitor her. We're going to watch her. You guys have nothing to worry about, but we do need you all to wait in the waiting room and let her rest so she can walk back out of here,"' Clark recalled.'The whole time they just assured us that everything was OK. The next time we were allowed to come in is when the paramedics were actually coming back.'Family attorney Jim Moriarity held up a chart at the press conference, showing little Nevaeh's vitals during the procedure. At one point the child's oxygen levels got down to 49 per cent and her heartbeat went up to a racing 196 beats per minute.'In essence what happened is this child was chemically and physically suffocated,' Jim Moriarty said. 'This child suffered massive brain damage during that time period and that didn't have to happen.'Since the botched procedure, the Texas State Board of Dentistry has suspended Dr Jefferson's medical license and it appears the practice has shut down.Dr Jefferson is scheduled to have a hearing later this month to determine whether to permanently revoke her license, but the final decision won't be handed down until summer.She has refused to speak with any news outlet about the incident.Nevaeh's parents are now threatening to sue the practice and Dr Jefferson, but they say no legal victory will reverse the damage Dr Jefferson has done.'At this point there's nothing else that can be done to get that same four year old back. It hurts to see her like that,' Clark said.Nevaeh's father Derrick Hall broke down in tears as be spoke about his brain-damaged daughter.'It's heartbreaking. It really is like...I never in a million years would have thought something like this would happen,' Hall told KTRK.The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of Nevaeh's medical bills.

Girl, Four, Is Left Brain-damaged After She Went to the DENTIST to Have Teeth Capped and Had a Seizu 1

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