Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Sterilizer

1. What is a procedure of sterilization with the help of autoclave?

Instruments exposed to heated pressurized steam, heated up to 268-273ËšF about 131 - 134ËšC for 20 minutes, How Do Autoclaves Work?How Autoclaves WorkOnce you close the autoclave sterilizer chamber, a vacuum pump removes all the air from inside the device or it is forced out by pumping in steam. If done the first way, the sterilizer is pumped with high pressured steam to quickly raise the internal temperature. On every autoclave there is a thermometer that is waiting for the thermal sweet point, 268-273 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it starts its timer. During the sterilizing process, steam is continuously entering the autoclave to thoroughly kill all dangerous microorganisms. Once the required time of autoclave sterilization has the elapsed, the chamber will be exhausted of pressure and steam allowing the door to open for cooling and drying of the contents.This answer is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or (in the United States) 911 immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide responses to health-related questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service is a procedure of sterilization with the help of autoclave?


2. What kind of soil does aloe vera prefers?

You don't say where you are located in the world so it's hard to know what your soil is like. Succulents in general prefer a fast draining, open, low-organic potting media. Bagged brown potting soil or high-organic, clay soil is not the best choice. Anything with peat will make it very difficult (impossible) to re-wet once it dries out. There are several commercial cactus and succulent potting mixes available either in stores or online. Supplement that with pumice, pearlite or a calcined clay product to create open spaces and a reserve of moisture.

Any nonsense you read about putting succulents in tiny pots is just that; nonsense. The pot size needs to be appropriate for the size and mass of the plant. The growth habit of your plant will also help determine the best pot size. Is this a plant that offsets prolifically, like many Aloe do? You might need a larger pot.Depending on your climate you can use either terra cotta or plastic pots. I prefer lower profile pots, sometimes called "tulip" pots. Any pot should have at least one drain hole.Don't bury the plant too deep, the root/stem junction should be just small bit below the potting media level. You can cover the top of the potting media with fine gravel (3-6mm) generally referred to as top dressing, it's optional, but widely used by cactus and succulent growers. This keeps things neat and clean and keeps moisture away from the base of the plant.Now, you can pot your plant in a tiny pot with peat-based soil and it will probably survive, if you want it to thrive it needs a potting mix closer to habitat.Good luck!


3. How well do ultraviolet sterilizers work, and do they kill viruses?

They work brilliantly, we had one in the genetic labs where I worked many years ago as the UV will destroy any stray DNA that might have got stuck someplace in your equipment and might contaminate your samples.It was also plastered with every warning label in the book and had an opaque cover that you could not actually open when the thing is in operation. It was hazardous enough that it would fry your eyes and skin with remarkably short exposure. It was probably more dangerous that the radiolabelled nucleotides we used once in while.I understand that there are frauds out there who have been flogging ordinary weak UV lamps of the kind you might see in a nightclub, or that we used in the lab to show up flourescent dyes, and passing them off as UV sterilisers. Try not be fooled, those things are even weaker than the ones you get in sunbeds. They won't even cause enough minor skin damage to give you a tan, let alone be powerful enough to frazzle a virus.How well do ultraviolet sterilizers work, and do they kill viruses?


4. What's the photocatalytic medical air sterilizer working principle?

I used Mingtai photocatalytic medical air sterilizer before, its mainly refers to the activation of nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst through a certain level of light irradiation, resulting in highly oxidizable hydroxyl radicals, through the hydroxyl radical OH locking the air harmful ingredients, decomposition of harmful gases, bacteria and viruses, which effectively degrade toxic and harmful substances in the air and kill micro-organisms.What's the photocatalytic medical air sterilizer working principle?


5. Compared with other medical air sterilizer, what's the UV medical air sterilizer advantage?

According to my experience, I think is has below advantages:1. High efficiency sterilization: UV can reach 99% sterilization rate within 1 or 2 seconds for bacteria and virus2. No secondary pollution: Mingtai UV sterilization does not add any chemicals, so it will not produce secondary pollution to the surrounding environment, do not change any component of the air3. Safety: Traditional disinfection need disinfectant such as chloride or ozone, those disinfectant are highly toxic, flammable substances, but Mingtai UV disinfection system does not have such security riskCompared with other medical air sterilizer, what's the UV medical air sterilizer advantage?


6. How often should you sterilize baby bottles?

Sterilizing bottles typically requires high heat to kill any germs that are on the bottles. An easy option that doesn't require any special equipment is to boil the bottles and nipples. Place them in a pan of water that's deep enough to completely submerge the bottles and accessories. Bring the water to a boil, and simmer the bottles and accessories in the boiling water for 5 minutes.Another option available in most homes is to give the bottles and their accessories a trip through the dishwasher on a high heat setting. Set the wash cycle to "hot," and use a heated drying cycle. Some dishwashers have a specific setting for sanitizing.If you want to sterilize bottles regularly, consider investing in a bottle sterilizer. It uses steam to kill germs in the bottles. You can find freestanding electric sterilizers and units that go into the microwave. Use the manufacturer's instructions to place the individual parts into the sterilizer.How often should you sterilize baby bottles?.


7. Should I have a sterilizer for mushroom spawn production?

Should I have a sterilizer for mushroom spawn production? Probably, but it depends on what kind of mushrooms you are growing.There are mushrooms that are not sensitive to contamination / competition - like Trametes versicolor - Wikipedia. I've sometimes gotten mycelia by putting wild specimens into zip lock bags with moist cardboard or moist wood chips. I think Pleurotus ostreatus - Wikipedia isn't fussy about sterilization.Common button mushrooms (agarics), and all of the Psilocybe - Wikipedia will require good sterilization.At home one often uses a pressure cooker, and large ones can often be found used at reasonable prices. Should I have a sterilizer for mushroom spawn production?


8. What are the benefits of a menstrual cup sterilizer?

I personally prefer sirona menstrual cup sterilizer.It's very easy to use and compact, leaving your menstrual cup perfectly disinfected and ready to be stored for next cycle. Also it Comes with automatic power-off for complete safety. Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer is 100% BPA-Free, i.e., no harmful industrial chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the sterilizer. Also You can sterilize your cup easily without the hassle of boiling water or wasting your precious time. What are the benefits of a menstrual cup sterilizer?


9. Which infectious agent is the most resistant to sterilization?

Among the bacteria the most resistant are spore formers since many spores are not destroyed by "sterilizers" that use boiling water. The only way to destroy those bacteria is by temperature above the boiling point, which is why autoclaves that raise the temperature of water to the temperature creating steam are used to sterilize any substance that might contain pathogenic bacteria. But even in those instruments substances must be packed carefully to be sure the bacteria are exposed to the high temperature. When you are in a beauty salon, or other place that has those small containers marked "sterilizers" - they are not sterilizers, they "sanitize" substances that make most products safe, but if any of the materials they put in those and let them soak in hot water (frequently they do not even bring the water to boiling) happen to be spore forming bacteria, the materials they remove may have spores that can germinate to a form that causes infectious diseases. This is mostly a problem in dental and doctor's offices that rely on these so-called "sterilizers" but salons that do pedicures and other procedures that contaminate instruments can also spread some diseases because of this faulty procedure.Examples of the most serious spore forming pathogenic bacteria are those that cause anthrax, some forms of food poisoning, botulism, tetanus, and other severe disease. Which infectious agent is the most resistant to sterilization?


10. Where can I get the best UV light sterilizer?

Hello People,UV light is a reliable, well-studied antimicrobial technology. It works primarily by destroying the DNA inside bacteria, viruses, and fungi. With a good quality UV light sterilizer, you can easily kill the bacteria and disinfect various things like mobile, keys, earphones, masks, and more. It is highly recommended to use it safely with complete instructions.I would suggest you to get it from Landlite Philippines Corporation. It is an online store that provides high-quality UV light sterilization suitable for office, hospital, factory, and big shopping malls. The UV light sterilizer available at Landlite Philippines Corporation kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Also, it has various features like Remote control, adjustable timer, and more.Hope it helps!!Where can I get the best UV light sterilizer?.


11. What is plasma sterilizer?

Here I am sharing about the plasma sterilizer.Plasma sterilizes by a process called oxidation. Plasma is the fourth state of matter like solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma is created when a gas is heated in a strong electromagnetic field. It is an unstable form of matter in which either the number of electrons gets increased or decreased.Plasma is an ionized gas that is not stable either contains a negative or a positive charge. Some examples of naturally occurring plasma are fire, lighting, the stars, and the sun so on.Plasma Sterilizer is also used for software controlled dexterous door locking that means allows operator to release door using the touch screen panel only when it is safe to do.Plasma chamber produce by RF generator on time with specific fiquency. What is plasma sterilizer?.


12. What is the difference between sterilizer and sanitizer?

A sterilizer is a means to render all biological material 100% inactive. The use of an autoclave utilizes time, heat, and pressure to kill all biologicals inactive. UV radiation exposure given for an adequate time will sterilize surfaces and atomic radiation exposure for a sufficient amount of time will also sterilize materials. A sanitizer is typically only chemical application and will only provide a 99% kill rate to biological materials. There is a very significant difference between 99.99% kill rate versus 100% when there are many, many millions of biologicals present. What is the difference between sterilizer and sanitizer?


13. Using a baby bottle sterilizer for piercing equipment?

I'm not familiar with the specs of a baby bottle sterilizer. But instead of an autoclave, I know pressure cookers have been substituted. The better ones have pressure gauges, and start at about $80 and end at some pretty outrageous prices.

.....I just Googled "baby bottle sterilizer". Not sure that I would trust that any more than just boiling the instruments in water.

See: ------

14. What are the features of a menstrual cup sterilizer?

A menstrual cup is an excellent alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Not only that it can be worn for up to 10-12 consecutive hours, it is also reusable. Simply empty the content, wash the cup well, and just reinsert it back again. That's how convenient it is to have one.I use Sirona menstrual cup sterilizer to sterilize my menstrual cup.Following are its features :It should be convenient. Maintains pH balanceQuickBPA freeAutomatic switch offHassle free sterilizingEfficientWhat are the features of a menstrual cup sterilizer?

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