Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Medical Bed

1. How could I make a secret lab subtly noticeable?

If they are keeping the supplies to the lab hidden, you could probably have the character notice that a ship has an unusually high waterline or maybe have some stevedores struggling when loading a crate that is labeled with something that wouldn't normally be very heavy


2. Why we can't jump without bending our knees?

To jump up by a height $h$ you legs need to perform work $Wmgh$. By flexing your legs and then stretching them you deliver $WFcdot s$. Making $s$ larger by flexing and stretching allows to do this with less force, so you can jump higher with the same musculature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Medical Bed 1


3. What approaches can I use with an 9-year-old who bed-wets and is a heavy sleeper?

Not sure where you are based, but I know some parents who have tried a bedwetting alarm, which is basically a humidity detector connected to an alarm, which either wakes the child, or wakes the parents who then have to go and wake the child. (I guess it also requires that the bedwetting starts with a drip or a dribble and not the full Niagara)


4. I was inspired to create a third (and not final) anagram puzzle

1.rider / drier (@jafe)2. urges / surge3. star / rats4.driven men / nevermind5.real bag / algebra (@Alzinos)6. funeral / fuel ran7. charming / marching8. night / thing9.Ring/ Grin(ned) (@Shahriar Mahmud Sajid)10. raft / fart :D11.snap / naps (@jafe)12.airmen / marine (@jafe)13.salesmen / nameless (@jafe)14.OMG most slayers / solar system15.foster / forest (@Shahriar Mahmud Sajid)16.parent(s)/trepan(ning) (@Hugh Meyers)17.boots / boost (@Shahriar Mahmud Sajid)18. earring / angrier19.I love / olive (@jafe)20. organ / groan


5. Am I liable for a health insurance bill? reopened.

This seems like a slam dunk That question most certainly should have been closed.Simply stated, the issue is not one of "Personal Finance and Money." As an acid test, ask yourself: "If I had this problem, would I go ask a Personal Finance and Money professional?" Certainly not. It's not a question about money; it's not a question about debt; it's not about whether the question is answerable. It is either a legal question or one asked of an insurance professional in either case, one in which the targeted professionals of this site are ill-equipped to answer authoritatively


6. Feasibility question: Is the following presented chemistry leading to very dilute H2O2 with fast created radicals, effective H2O2? closed

So, for bleaching, stain removal,..., is this a viable project to examine?You may recall that rust stains on clothes or surfaces are one of the worst stains in the world. It is very hard to remove them. It is impossible to use iron salts for bleaching purposes. Those who bleach clothes run away from iron and manganese ions in water like plague or in modern times corona.

Fenton's chemistry is great for environment purposes because iron is among the less harmful elements for the soil & water, and the final product of hydrolysis of iron salts is a great flocculant-great for removing colloidal junk in water. Instead of these random papers, I would suggest that you start from the very original, 1894, and see what he observed.Fenton "Oxidation of tartaric acid in presence of iron". J. Chem. Soc.

, Trans.

, 1894, 65 (65), 899911. It is a free access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Medical Bed 2


7. What, if any, are the benefits of tying health insurance to employment (as in the US) over other systems?

The U.S. federal government subsidizes healthcare benefits by making them tax-exempt. Firms can therefore offer higher overall compensation by shifting part of that compensation into health benefits. As you've identified, the system where health coverage is tied to employment, caused by this distortionary subsidy, is problematic. As such, economists are overwhelmingly in favor of removing this subsidy. Note: the question in the linked survey is not about how good or bad the distortion is, but many of the comments touch on that; to wit:


8. What is the earliest example of an eldritch abomination in human form turning to slime after death?

The end of Poes The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar (1845) anticipates this type of grisliness:As I rapidly made the mesmeric passes, amid ejaculations of "dead! dead!" absolutely bursting from the tongue and not from the lips of the sufferer, his whole frame at once -- within the space of a single minute, or even less, shrunk -- crumbled -- absolutely rotted away beneath my hands. Upon the bed, before that whole company, there lay a nearly liquid mass of loathsome -- of detestable putridity.

The character in question may or may not qualify as an eldritch horror: Valdemar is a normal (sickly) human whose death is delayed (or something) by hypnosis. When his trance ends, the natural processes of decay apparently carry themselves out in an accelerated fashion


9. Pressure to go back to work after heavy surgery

If you are in Belgium (as i'm lead to believe from one of the tags of your question), there are provisions for you to progressively get back to work. This could involve you working 50% (or even less) for a few weeks before returning to working full time. Ask your medical insurance about this. In this case however i would advise against this since it seems like your manager is likely to guilt trip you into working 100% from day one. Just remember that is not your fault nor your problem the team went from 8 to 3. Your manager would be better off using the time he's pressuring you to recruit replacements imo. Assuming you've sent him your doctor's note confirming you're unable to work, him calling you regularly is bordering on harrasment. Make sure your out of office reply is set and stop picking up his calls


10. How is related to these contexts?

Tang Ho has basically answered this already, Ill just give what I have. is the same as the English bedside as in bedside manner of doctors. is explained in A Chinese-English dictionary as:NOUNeastern bedson-in-law (from an anecdote about the celebrated calligrapher Wang Xizhi (321-379), who as a young man remained eating bare chested on the eastern bed when an official came to choose a son-in-law for the minister's daughter, and who was selected for his independence of mind over his well-behaved brothers)dngchungkuixa good son-in-lawSo, yes, as you said just means bed.


11. Avoiding HIPAA, will this work?

I would personally say contact a lawyer. From what I know of HIPAA I would say you could be treading dangerous grounds if you store their searches of symptoms in a way that is personally identifiable to the user. You don't want to all of a sudden have a database of potential medical details of an individual


12. Trying to save off-topic questions with a new less-broad question

The problem with questions about waking up is that either:Waking up isn't the problem. That alarm wakes them up and they're wanting help getting out of bed which is a psychological problem and off-topic.They're not waking up in response to loud stimuli which is a medical condition that should be taken care of by a doctor, or they've conditioned themselves to sleep through their alarm which is psychological. Both of these are off-topic.


13. What is the hospital medical bed manufacturer in China?

Thanks For invite to answer this question.Hi Thanks for invite answer this question.Though I am not the manufacturer from India. But we also have many hospital furniture business with India Market.Satcon Medical is the professional hospital bed manufacturer in China.First, Saton Medical has more than 10 years of experience in hospital bed production, and its products have passed CE and FDA certification. We have had many overseas winning bids and have a wealth of sales team to help you win medical equipment tenders.We have a complete product parts supply chain system, which can be customized for hospital beds of various specifications and styles.Our products have an excellent market share in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, we have an exclusive agent.If you are looking for a manufacturer of hospital beds, then Chinese suppliers are your best choice. Among Chinese suppliers, Satcon Medical must be the most professional. What is the hospital medical bed manufacturer in China?


14. Is co-sleeping (infant sleeps in bed with parents) safe?

I think it's worth providing an alternative viewpoint to this question.Outside of the Western, developed world co-sleeping is the standard way for parents to sleep with young children, not the exception.This article's fonts makes me want to burn my eyes out, but the final paragraph has a very interesting graphic created from NIMH data:In China, where I live, co-sleeping is so common as to be the assumed situation. To do otherwise is strange and discussion-worthy.This NYT article from 2007 says data is inconclusive.Another article mentions author Margot Sunderland quoting: In the UK, 500 children a year die of Sids, Sunderland writes. In China, where it co-sleeping is taken for granted, Sids is so rare it does not have a name.She seems to have decent credentials


15. Why won't this bed's feet touch the floor?

I had purchased a used bed before and had a similar issue. It turned out that the previous owner had used a different bed frame with the headboard. He kept the nicer one and sold the older more beat up frame with the headboard. The pieces of wood looks like they are slats to support he box springs, but with the cross piece already built into the frame, the slats are not necessary. I am guessing the slats are for a different frame that was originally used with this headboard


16. cat is suddenly peeing everywhere

Did the vet advise you to do more tests? I mean urinary test, ultrasound investigation?From my experience I can assume that your cat suffers from pain. Usually, if a cat's behavior changes suddenly, it means that cat is trying to show you something, as they can't speak. Your cat has already had problems with peeing. Peeing with little drops could be because of cystitis or urine calculus/renal gravel. If she pees on you, it definitely means she has problems. You just need to find out what kind of problem. Take her to a vet. Do more tests, check her health. The sooner the better. Good luck!.


17. By what mechanism do quantum effects become observable in normal life at the macroscopic level?

One of the most obvious quantum "effects" which are observable at the macroscopic scale is the Pauli exclusion principle for fermions: if it didn't exist matter would collapse as nothing would prevent electrons to radiate and fall into the nucleus.Typically quantum effects become observable at the macroscopic level when they affect coherently (i.e. in the same way) a large number of quantum particles.


18. Was there an expressionless woman admitted to Cedar Senai hospital in LA in 1972?

No, this story is a good example of how an urban legend can spread and get reported as true. While there is the interesting coincidence that the Cedar Senai hospital in the story is similar Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, the actual story itself is fictional and reported as such by the author Ivysir:I write a lot of mediocore sic CreepyPasta, best known (so far) for "The Expressionless" which has since gone viral on several forums, which i'm sic eternally grateful for.The original story can be found to contain the code "OC" which indicates "Original Content."


19. How important is tamping coffee for an espresso machine

Tamping is one of three key controls you have over the espresso brewing process; The others are dose (the amount of coffee used) and grind coarseness. Together, they allow the coffee machine operator to produce a puck of the correct density and consistency through which the pressurized water can be pushed through.While techniques vary, the "rule of thumb" is to apply roughly thirty pounds of force evenly across the puck; however, the key is consistency. Keep your variables the consistent and you'll be able to dial in the best end-product.I've been able to pull great shots using anything from just the weight of the tamper itself to my full weight pushed onto a puck, keeping all of the other factors where they needed to be to create the correct puck density.See this video below for more detail: What is the Right Way to Tamp?.

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