Find the PKa of a Weak Acid Without PH Meter?

OK - you do not want to use a pH meter, but you have pH papers and pH indicators. So the lack of pH meter is not really a problem. I have read your question carefully. I have to assume that you have the basic laboratory skills to determine pH using pH paper = dip the paper into the acid and compare the colour developed against the standards given with the paper. And also that you are able to carry out an acid/base titration using phenolphthalein indicator. In my answer I am giving you the calculating data. What you are proposing(serial dilutions etc) is totally incorrect. This is in reality a fairly straightfdorward exercise. To calculate the Ka ( and pKA) of the weak acid you need to determine two things: 1) what is the pH of the acid. You do this using the pH paper covering 2-7 range. As above 2) You determine the molarity by titrating against the standard NaOH solution, Because it is a weak acid/ strong base titration you use phenolphthalein indicator. Now you can determine the Ka and pKa. How: ? This is a typical example of how you do the calculation, Let us assume that you have determined that the pH is 4.80 And the molarity of the monoprotic weak acid is 0.185M Assume that the acid is HA, which dissociates: HA H A- You determine the [H] from the equation: [H] = 10^-pH [H] = 10^-4.80 [H] = 1.58*10^-5 Because [H] = [A-], and [HA]>>>>>[H] [H] = [A-] = 1.58*10^-5 [HA] = 0.185 Equation for Ka : Ka = [H] * [A-] / [HA] Ka = [H]/[HA] Ka = ( 1.58*10^-5)/ 0.185 Ka = 2.51*10^-10/0.185 Ka = 1.36*10^-9 That is the answer for Ka value pKa = -log Ka pKa = -log (1.36*10^-9) pKa = 8.87

Find the PKa of a Weak Acid Without PH Meter? 1

1. Help with my 50 meter Butterfly?

Breathe every other stroke, never back to back. ON your dive dolphin kick underwater for several kicks. Same on your turn (assuming this is scm) You can do three kicks, then pull for the event. This is legal and will drop your time. Basically you have 2 positions. Your head and feet do the same thing at the same time. Head and feet are up (1) position, head and feet are down (2nd) position. Start on dryland, forget arms. Just motion. when head and feet are down, you are bent over in nearly a 90 degree bend of the back, legs are straight. In the water this is when hips are up, head and feet are beneath the surface. next change to 2nd position. head and feet are up. STand up, arch back, look at the sky, bend legs so knees are about 45degree angle. practice this. then add arms. when head and feet are down arms are out in front. When head and feet are up, arms are fully extended touching hips. things to work on to improve your time: kicking, dolphin kicking on back and on sides. Laps of it. Squats, lunges (dryland), wallsits arms-if you have access to a vasa trainer, that would be the best, but a rowing machine, rubber tubing (hooked to whatever) stand with arms out in front each hand holding an end of the tubing, and pull straight back passed the hips. A lat machine. FLY drills: single single double (do not breathe on the double) breathe do not breathe breathe 3 dolphin kicks underwater fly underwater recovery

2. Is there meter in this poem?

Meter= Rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration. As your stanzas are three lines long most are different in meter. Take your first stanza which sound like this- De dum, De dum de dum de dum De dum While your forth stanza sounds- De dum de dum de dum de dum De dum De dum de dum de dum It is good to have a meter as it makes more enjoyable reading to the reader, but sometimes the contents are of more worth. If you try this sounding each stanze like this you will see where changes have to be made.

Find the PKa of a Weak Acid Without PH Meter? 2

3. what is the law for tampering with the power meter in georgia?

It would be considered a theft. Theft of utility. It will be a fully prosecutable offense. If your mom knew it and did nothing, then she is an accomplice. She wo not be able to say, "he did it and I did not know". It's her account, it's her house, she knew the power came back on.

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