Factors to Consider While Buying a Wheelchair

Nowadays different types of wheelchairs are available ranging from standard budget transport wheelchairs top heavy duty manual wheelchairs. When you are buying your wheelchair it is important to take into consideration a number of factors to choose the right one that will suit your purpose, otherwise your entire investment will become futile. Let us introduce you to the vital factors that you should keep in mind while buying a wheelchair.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Wheelchair 1

If the user wants to drive the wheelchair himself with the help of the push rims present on the outer side of the wheels, then it is best to opt for a self-propel wheelchair. These are special type of wheelchairs that have been designed specifically to be moved by the user himself without others help. However, many people who are not going to propel the chair themselves also choose this product simply due to the seamless mobility offered by the bigger diameter of the rear wheels.

However, if you are not physically capable enough to drive the chair yourself, then it is best to choose a transit chair. These are designed with wheels having smaller diameter, present at the rear of the chair. The rear wheels of smaller diameter make the wheelchair more controllable and easy to navigate.

Generally the chairs are designed with handles at the rear, so that the assistant can control it effectively. You can also load these chairs easily to the boot of a car. Weight of the wheelchairs differs from one to another.

Some of the products are steel made, while some are made from aluminum. Some specialist wheelchairs are also made from materials like carbon fiber or titanium. An important thing to bear in mind is that the lighter the chair, it is easy to navigate, to push or to load into a car.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Wheelchair 2

However, lightweight wheelchairs are a little expensive but worth to invest. The span of time that you are likely to spend on your wheelchair also plays a determining role in choosing the chair. If you are going to spend the entire day on the chair then it is essential to look for the one which offers utmost comfort.

You can also find lightweight transport wheelchairs that are simply used to transport the user from house to car etc. Standard wheelchairs come with a weight limit of approximately 18 stones. It is important not to exceed this weight; otherwise the chair may get damaged.

Moreover, if the maximum weight is exceeded, it may also make the warranty of the product invalidate. If the weight of the user is more than 18 stones, it is best to buy heavy duty wheelchairs. It is important to take into account the seat size while selecting a wheelchair.

Width of the wheelchairs that are commonly sold range from 16 and 18. The seat of a wheelchair with correct width will offer the user enough space to settle in a comfortable position. However, it should not be too wide, so that the user could not access the arm rests.

Again, seats having too narrow width will make the user feel uncomfortable. Too long seats often cause irritation at the back of the knees. Properly designed wheelchairs feature armrests positioned at the correct height to support the arms of the users in comfortable positions.

You will need to raise your shoulders, if the armrest is too high. Again too low armrest will make you slouch at one side or the other. You can look for specialist wheelchairs that are designed to alter the height of the arm rests.

There are many reputed of superior quality to suit different purpose. A range of cushions are available for wheelchairs in the market. The types include simple foam cushions, specially designed cushions that will help in relieving pressure sores and many others.

Patients who are highly susceptible to pressure sores should opt for air or gel based cushions. Consider these factors while choosing your wheelchair to buy the right one. About Steven: Steven Blake is familiar with several medical equipment suppliers for long.

Here he has highlighted some essential factors to consider while buying a wheelchair after collecting information from experienced

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