Do Objects Scanned Through an X-ray Machine at an Airport Absorb and Emit Radiation If the Same Obje

Yes they do depending on what the object is. Some objects cannot be penetrated by radiation. for example your keys. No difference in how many times object is scanned or time frame.

Do Objects Scanned Through an X-ray Machine at an Airport Absorb and Emit Radiation If the Same Obje 1

1. If the TSA can't spot a loaded gun on an x-ray machine, what makes anyone think the body scans are effective?

Two different technologies, so I do not think the x-ray results are indicative of what will happen with the body scanners. 9/11 still wo not happen again, because everyone knows the game, the cockpit doors have been hardened and the pilots know better than to come out of the cockpit.

2. Are calcifications and kidney stones the same thing? I was told u201cOh no, stonesu201d after an X-ray found one and then I got a CT and he came back and said u201cOh, no stones, just an 8 mm calcification.u201d Why would he say this if itu2019s not the same?

Because they do not know what they are talking about. Remember some people try to fake their knowledge. My mother was very ill from kidney stones when I was young so, I learned everything I could about them which at the time was not much about them in the library back in 1970. But I did learn this a kidney stone can be made by salt, with is very painful even a small one that almost can not be seen by x-ray, because it is a crystal and x-rays go right through salt without seeing it. Then the other is calcification of minerals, the one ingredient most common is calcium oxalate. Which calcium is used by the body in bones, thous is stone bone. A calcification of minerals or anything is to make it stone.Do not worry what they call it it is a kidney stone. Tech's are not suppose to tell you anything a doctor will. If you understand what it is do not worry about what they think it is. I even had a doctor once tell me that I did not have a kidney stone I had nephro calcium and not a kidney stone. I was so mad because he told me in one breath I did not have a kidney stone but nephro calcium. I said " You just said I did not have a kidney stone but nephro calcuim, Nephro is kidney and calcuim is bone, stone. Kidney stone." I told him I needed a real doctor, and if he did not know what he was saying he needed to look it up before telling someone. I was the last person he should have said that too, I studied kidney stones since I was 10 years old.

Do Objects Scanned Through an X-ray Machine at an Airport Absorb and Emit Radiation If the Same Obje 2

3. what does the x mean in x-ray?

Roentgen got confused, i guess

4. What job makes more, paralegal or x-ray technician? Which one is more in demand?

I personally do not know any employers who will hire one. The ones that I know will only hire registered radiologic technologists

5. i think i may have given myself a fracture but i dont want to go to the hospital for an x ray?

Hi! You have to go to the Hospital whether you have a broken bone or not, no matter if you are 1 or 90 years old. First things first, if your father do not understand you, Honestly I would not like to have a father like him, neither I would be proud of. If you do not want to go through this anymore, you may think twice before hitting on something. Try a boxing bag or try not to get mad unless you are close to your mattress or your pillow and by the way, why to get mad? you are going to end up breaking all of your bones

6. Would an EXTERNAL Hard Drive's (with a plastic housing) data be safe to pass under an airport X-ray?

X-ray machines can not affect the data on a hard drive. The metal detectors and motors potentially COULD, but it's ridiculously unlikely, plus you would need to be close (within 1-2cm) to one with it. If you are still worried just ask them about it when you get there.

7. In religion and your part of the World, will the Halloweenies have to have mace, x-ray machines for the candy and drug-sniffing dogs ?

Halloween is a more important holiday that christmas, easter, thanksgiving, etc... The term "halloweenies" is just as offensive as n***** or any other taboo word that the masses find offensive in my opinion. I do however understand what you are trying to get at, the safety of the children correct? I fortunately live in an area where we do not have things like razor blades in candy, perverts stalking kids, etc. .. About 10 years ago there was an incident, but they caught the guy who happened to be just travelling through, or so he said. The older kids around here look after the younger kids, the parents and neighbors all get along for the most part, (we all have some differences after all), and the worst that has happened here since the incident 10 years ago is the kids going to the park and putting toilet paper in a tree. The police even get to go trick or treating here along with other adults, we all get to have fun.

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