Dental Chair Viewing

Access provided by The JazMedia Personal Theatre is an innovative product that allows patients to watch TV or DVDs with surround sound from the comfort of the dental chair. JazMedia Personal Theatre provides a solution for keeping your patients relaxed during long procedures, or distracting and entertaining younger patients during surgery.The unit is lightweight, just 200 g and uses state-of-the-art macro-visual technology to project a virtual, 36-inch widescreen picture. Images can be delivered from a TV, DVD, VCR or camcorder, or alternatively you can connect it to a games console, guaranteed to keep even the most fidgety youngsters happy. Kent Express currently has two offers on the JazMedia player - the basic Personal Theatre package, for £249, or a complete wireless entertainment system for up to four surgeries within 100 m of the transmitter from £499. The wireless option includes a portable media player with the facility to record and playback TV shows, or movies stored on its hard drive, eliminating the need to keep DVDs in the surgery.

Dental Chair Viewing 1

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