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Can I Safely Eat Whatever Goes Through the X-ray Machine?

This might be an odd question, but I often take a sandwich or fruit to eat while waiting for the airplane. This means that my food goes through the security x-ray machine. I don't understand much about radioactivity, so I was wondering: Is it safe to eat that food right after going through the security machine?

Can I Safely Eat Whatever Goes Through the X-ray Machine? 1

or suffer harmful mutations that can affect ones health? Can it keep some latent/cumulative radioactive effect? Bananas, by nature have a very low level of radioactivity.

Does it get increased, for example? Can I safely eat the food that goes through the x-ray machine after the security check? There is XRays are the second kind, ionizing radiation, meaning they may alter some molecules (i.

e. the arrangement of atoms), but will not affect the atoms themselves(so no radioactivity is created). The altering of molecules may also happen to the DNA molecule, which is why XRays are kept to a minimum.

So the apple sent through the machine might get a mutation, but the chance of that being a problem to the apple are remote, and the mutated apple being a problem to you is virtually nonexistent. Sending old school films through an old school XRay might be a problem for the film (film is coated with molecules that are easily altered, because detecting (visible)radiation is it's job, and old XRays used higher power sources).Your association of XRay machines with radioactivity might come from the hazard sign above, that is sometimes quite prominently displayed on Xray machines.

Can I Safely Eat Whatever Goes Through the X-ray Machine? 2

It simply warns of ionizing radiation, which can, as stated, damage your DNA, thereby giving you cancer, etc, depending on strength. It's popular meaning of "Danger! Radioactivity" came about because radioactive materials emit ionizing radiation (that's actually why it's called radioactive, the ionizing radiation messes with radio-equipment).

So Radioactive materials emit ionizing radiation, but ionizing radiation does not produce radioactivity. OTHER ANSWER: x-rays are a form of light, just a frequency that your eye cannot see.exposing food to xrays, in any amount, will not make the food radioactive, just like shining a very bright light on your food will not make it shine once you turn the light off.

Exposing food to fatal doses of EM radiation (like xrays) is how the US Department of Defense prepares its field rations. This technique has been extensively studied since the 60's by academia and the military alike, and no adverse effects have been found

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