Beds That Heal You

Beds are meant for sleep. Sleep is essential for healthy living. Healthy living is only possible if you keep healing the wear and tears life causes. That's a fact!Hospitals and their capacity to attend patients have a direct proportional relationship with the number of beds they accommodate. In the words of Groucho Marx- A hospital bed is a parked taxi, with the meter running!A hospital bed by name is meant for a patient.

The bed ensures comfort and well being.

Not only for the patients, but the hospital bed is also designed for the health care staff, so that they can perform their duties properly. Some common features are· Portability of the bed.· Adjustable height of the bed.· Side railings on the bed for safety of the patients.

· Buttons to operate the bed.

UsageBy name it is not only suited for the hospitals but also can be kept at other locations where an ailing has to be taken care of. These can be listed as nursing homes, domestic health care, old age home etc.The varietiesGone are the days when a hospital bed was manually operated by a pulley that was moved clock wise or anti clock wise in order to adjust the bed height.

Now we have fully and semi-automated beds that operate with push buttons or remote controls.Now the beds are further fragmented to operate on particular areas like the head the foot or the body. Manufacturers of hospital beds have flooded the market with variety that suits the purpose.

Some featuresWheels- Beds are attached with wheels so that they are movable. These wheels are blocked for safety reasons when not in use.Elevation-The beds are elevated for the ease of the patients.

Beds can be raised in the head section or the foot section or the entire body section depending on the need of the hour.Safety features-Despite the side railing these days the beds are fitted with exit alarms that raise an alarm the moment the bed gets empty. These alarms are meant for the older people who have a falling off tendency and people with memory impairment.


Is there is any side effects of not sleeping in a medicated bed?

I don't think so! if you are not a medical patient, you can sleep in any bed you feel comfortable with.

But for medical patients, it is necessary to sleep on a medicated because it has so many movable parts that offer comfort to them and for their treatment.

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