Are you a Healthcare Service provider? Do you sell medical equipment or deal with pharmaceutical supplies? Are you on the look out to expand your market into medical & healthcare services?If your answer is yes, then it is most likely that you need to optimize your marketing to stay ahead of the huge competition that exists in the Healthcare Industry. Emails have become one of the most preferred means of communication for most b2b buyers with 44% of them strongly agreeing that email is core to their business. Hence, it is important to utilize email marketing to expand market reach in the case of the Healthcare Industry as well.

This industry compared to other industries still, lacks the networking skills that the latter specialize in. There is an urgent need to organize healthcare data, assure accuracy, and market better to leverage the immense potential that the healthcare industry segment offers.The average unique open rate of emails for the Healthcare segment is 26.

1%, indicating that email marketing plays an important role in reaching top officials in this segment. Reaching Top C- level Executives, Medical Officers, Physicians, Specialists, and Nursing Assistants etc. requires an accurate healthcare database that not only gives precise contact information but also provides an insight into the interests and journey of the target audience.

Although, the option of building your own healthcare data is always open yet it is a highly cumbersome task and may not yield the desired results immediately. To save time and minimize effort, the best option would be to purchase a well segmented, accurate, verified and validated Healthcare Email List that guarantees the best results. Purchasing a comprehensive healthcare database with specific contact data of top decision makers in the industry assures lead quality and fairly shortens the sales cycle.

Having said all this, let’s look into the benefits of purchasing a good healthcare email list.CONNECT WITH THE TARGET AUDIENCETime consumption is the major disadvantage of building your own email lists. Moreover, segregating data sets according to specific buyer persona is another challenge that is faced by most healthcare marketers.

Thus, purchasing customized email lists based on your specific requirements can significantly improve response rates by targeting the main decision makers in the healthcare segment.EXPAND MARKET REACHEmail & Mailing Lists offer an easy to access and cost effective means of reaching reputed healthcare experts across the globe. You may have a large database with detailed contact data but to keep it up to date and error free is a daunting task.

So the better option would be to purchase a verified, clean & authentic healthcare email list that improves market accessibility and helps broaden your healthcare business network.IMPROVE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKINGA well researched healthcare email list purchased from an expert email database vendor provides precise contact data including their social profile details. These details are crucial to a b2b marketer as they not only offer a means of contact with top healthcare professionals on social networks but also aid in establishing the brand in the social media world.

FOCUS ON SPECIAL DAYS & EVENTSReaching top healthcare professionals on important days such as International Aids Awareness Day can fairly improve the chances of lead acquisition and conversion. Moreover, attending healthcare events such as tradeshows, conferences etc. can help to develop a good business network.

So focus on special days & events in the healthcare sector and make the most of the opportunities by using customized healthcare email lists that not only offer immense healthcare professional data, but also help in targeting a particular section of the healthcare industry for better lead generation and sales.Now having understood the significance of purchased email lists for marketing in the healthcare industry, let’s observe how we can maximize the advantages of email marketing in the healthcare industry to improve sales.Read More…From this discussion, it is now evident that effective email marketing is crucial for the healthcare industry to boost sales and achieve better ROI.

So don’t lag behind, Purchase accurate targeted Healthcare Email Lists & Step up Your Business Growth!


What are the key performance indicators for a surgical instrument sales company?

Would depend on the company selling, but most likely a company selling such equipment would need to track:

Number of units sold

Revenue generated per month or quarter

MRR (monthly recurring revenues)

Tracking follow-up dates for re-stocks

Product rotation tracking (if items have an expiry date)

Quality assurance (both stock and transport)

Invoicing & payment tracking

And of course, all of the relevant data of their clients.

Perhaps worth contacting a hospital administrator and see if they can help you directly. Or indeed, another medical equipment supply company.

We have several medical equipment suppliers using our software and each have different metrics and KPI’s.

Hope this helps!


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